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Strawberry is rich in vitamin C so it stimulates Well Matched Ingredients: Bluberry, orange, watermelon, banana,
and dairy products such as milk.
Grapefruit that has almost no sugar but rich fiber is a fruit suitable for weight control and it contains 1,000 mg of vitamin C.  Well matched ingredients: Tangerine and sweet tropical fruits. 
Grapes are alkaline foods that have effect of blood formation and particularly they contain vitamins A, B, C and D evenly that help skin care. Organic acids, vitamins and citric acid etc. discharge waste from body and help detoxification, kidney disease and physical constitution improvement.
Purple flavonoids may help prevent arteriosclerosis.
Well matched ingredients: Pear.
Pineapple is containing proteolytic enzymes, bromelin that helps the digestion of meat and allows decay of intestinal putrefaction making it good for digestive disorders such as indigestion and diarrhea. Also it is rich in vitamin B1 that's good for fatigue and heat stroke.
Well matched ingredients: Peach, lemon and mango.
Since it has rich vitamin C, an orange plays excellent antioxidant action and helps enhance immune function. The flavone compounds in orange reduce cholesterol helping to lower the blood pressure.
Well matched ingredients: Spinach, mango, grapefruits and strawberry.
Since it is composed of water more than 90%, it is excellent in diuretic action. Also, it cools the body by its nature. So, it's the fruit suitable for the summer. Watermelon In addition, it contains component like citrin that helps kidney disease, high blood pressure and swelling during Well matched ingredients: Fruits such as strawberry and lime. 
Peach is divided into white peach and yellow peach depending on the color of the pulp. It is an alkaline fruit that is rich in malic and citric acid that helps relieving from fatigue and increasing appetite. In addition, it is good for those who smoke a lot with detoxification Well matched ingredients: orange, pineapple and lemon.
Kiwi has rich vitamin C that suppresses the reactive oxygen species and improves the immune system. Particularly, it is rich in fiber that has effect on constipation and it is also good for fatigue and skin problems. It also contains the proteolytic enzyme components, actinidine that helps Well matched ingredients: Pear, melon, green grapes and spinach.
The main ingredient is sugar and 90% is malic acid. Apple contains powerful antioxidants such as quercetin, vitamin C and phenolic acids that help prevent cell and tissue damage and adult diseases. In addition, since an apple has much pectin and vitamin C in its peel, eating unpeeled is good for bowel movements.
Well matched ingredients: Vegetables and nuts such as carrot,
tomato, lemon, cabbage and fresh ginseng.
Rubus Coreanus Miquel contains a lot of anthocyan that is superior in antioxidant ability. They are also rich in various minerals including vitamins A, C making Well matched ingredients: Dairy products particularly such as milk
and plain yogurt.
It contains rich vitamin A (carotene) and C that has effect in fatigue and preventing cold. In particular, the tannin that has astringent flavor is good for hangover.
Well matched ingredients: Milk. In case of astringent persimmon,
it goes well with sweet fruits.
Mango, what is called king of tropical fruits, contains rich vitamin A, C and D. Mango is divided into apple mango and green mango depending on their skin color. In particular, red mango (apple mango) is rich in carotene Well matched ingredients: Lemon, orange and pineapple.
Pear is composed primarily of fructose and contains a lot of digestive enzymes that helps digestion. In addition, it helps stop cough and asthma and relieve fever and thirst.
Well matched ingredients: Grapes, kiwi, spinach, AK,
cucumber, red cabbage and beet.
Melon is effective in preventing blood clots and helps prevent heart disease and stroke. Particularly, it is high in sugar and contains much iron and vitamins. In addition, the fact that it is juicy and good for diuresis makes it suitable for people who easily get swelling. The pulp is rich in beta carotene that may help prevent lung cancer.
Well matched ingredients: Carrot, cucumber and sweet
and sour fruits. 
Banana is rich in minerals such as calcium and iron, and contains much carbohydrates making it good energy source. In particular, it contains oligosaccharides that increase intestinal bifidobacteria and is good for preventing constipation. Additionally, because it has cooling effect, it is also used as a fever reducer.
Well matched ingredients: fig, strawberry, nuts, milk and soymilk.
Redder the color is, richer in lycopene that has anticancer Particularly, it is a representative vegetable that relieves fatigue and contains glucose, fructose and various vitamins. Because it has effect to strengthen the blood vessels and to lower blood pressure, it is good for arterial sclerosis Well matched ingredients: Apple and celerey.
Carrot is rich in carotene usually found in green and yellow vegetables. It can meet daily dose of vitamin A only eating the half and is rich in calcium and dietary fiber, too. Especially carotene contained in carrots is effective in pancreatic and lung cancer as well as cancer and Well matched ingredients: Apple and cabbage.
Cabbage contains a large amount of vitamin U that is effective in gastric ulcer as well as amino acids, glucose and vitamin C. Particularly calcium contained in cabbage is easily absorbed in the body, so having it as a juice at each meal prevent gastric cancer.
Well matched ingredients: Angelica keiskei, apple, pear and kale.
Yam is rich in fiber and minerals, iron, vitamins that are good for diabetes and strengthen spleen and lungs. It also has an excellent effect to improve digestive function.
Well matched ingredients: Milk, yogurt and nuts.
Spinach contains a large amount of carotene that has superior effects in preventing cancer and arteriosclerosis.
Especially, manganese good for bone formation is contained in the red part of the roots. So, it's a good idea to eat the root together.
Well matched ingredients: Celery, cucumber, kiwi and other fruits.
The mixed drink matches good in flavor and fragrance.
Cucumber composed of water 90% has cooling effect. Since it also has effect to eliminate potassium and waste from the body, it's good for swelling and skin care. However, it has enzymes that destroys vitamin C and should avoid taking with other vegetables. Though, the numbers are very small.
Well matched ingredients: celery, aloe, Angelica Keiskei
and green pepper. 
Angelica keiskei contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals that keep the body balanced. Also, the organic germanium contained has effects of blood purification and detoxification as well as control the speed of cancer evolution.
Well matched ingredients: Juicy fruits, cucumber and pear.
Kale contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C and calcium 400 times more than other vegetables and fruits. So, it is reported Also, it has two times more carotene than spinach and has an excel ent effect in preventing cancer and atherosclerosis and in improving physical constitution.
Well matched ingredients: Apple and celerey.
Broccoli contains vitamin C 7 times than that of potatoes and double than lemon. And it is rich in potassium, calcium, carotene, etc. Particularly, the carotene contained in broccoli improves immunity against lung cancer. If taken regularly, it has effect to lower gastric cancer, prostate cancer, oral cancer, and so on.
Well matched ingredients: Beans, corn and milk.
Paprika contains vitamin C five times than tomatoes, two times than lemon and is high in sugar. In particular, the orange paprika contains sugar double than tomatoes.
In addition, it's rich in vitamin A, E, carotene, fiber, iron, calcium, potassium and etc. It has effects of antioxidants, enhancement of immunity, prevention of osteoporosis, prevention of colorectal cancer, anti-cancer effect, brain Well matched ingredients: Pineapple and tomato.
Green pepper is rich in vitamins A and C. Particularly, since it contains the amount of vitamin C next to the lemon, it vitalizes cells and boosts metabolism.
Those who easily get tired in the heat and have weak body can get refreshed by continuous intake.
Well matched ingredients: Tomato and apple.
Radish, referred to as ginseng grown in the field, has superior effects. In particular, it contains the starch breakdown enzymes, diastase that has effect in promoting digestion and is rich in fiber that eliminate wastes in the intestines. Radish also has superior effect in fever removal, cough and sore throat. Bitten more than 2 times the vitamin C in the shel , so many Well matched ingredients: Pear.
Dropwort is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, calcium and magnesium, iron, and fiber and particularly has superior effect of detoxification. Dropwort has cooling effect and cleans blood. It also helps stop bleeding.
Well matched ingredients: Apple, carrot and yogurt.
Potato contains vitamin B1 and C that relieve stress and improve immune system making it effective in preventing colds. Especially the potassium contained in potato plays the important role of eliminating sodium making it superior in prevention and treatment of hypertension. In addition, it's good for swelling due to ulcers and kidney Well matched ingredients: Cucumber and beans.
Terpene component stimulates blood vessel promoting blood circulation and reduces active oxygen. Pine needles has effect to improve immune systems for those who apt to get gastric and intestinal trouble. Tannin contained in pine needles promotes the formation of the sap relieving thirst and fatigue. In addition, it helps prevention of hair loss. Vitamin C and iron is effective in anemia.
Particularly, glycogen component is effective in diabetes Well matched ingredients: Yogurt.
Fresh ginseng increases energy by promoting metabolism, relieves fatigue and help refreshment.
Fresh ginseng breakdowns body fat and helps absorption and digestion of nutrients. Especial y, it's good for people Well matched ingredients: Apple, milk and honey.
Red beans are rich in dietary fiber that's good for The saponin component contained in the skin helps hypertension by lowering cholesterol.
Particularly, red beans are effective in diuresis and edema and help relieving hangover by eliminating alcohol quickly.
Well matched ingredients: Beans and grains.
Sesame is rich in linolenic acid and vitamin E that keep t he skin moist. Particularly, it prevents dryness of the skin Well matched ingredients: Beans and milk.
Black sesame is rich in keratin that helps hair shine and elasticity. It also improves kidney function so that it helps It's good for kidney protection and may help anti-aging Well matched ingredients: Beans, milk and yogurt.
Pine nuts are rich in vitamins A and E that have effect to They are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that have effect in vasodilating activity and brain cel s activity and help to Well matched ingredients: Beans and milk.
Black soybeans are rich in anthocyanin that neutralizes Particularly, siseuten component has effect in preventing Also they contain isoflavones that's similar with women's Well matched ingredients: Nuts and banana.   
Walnuts are rich in essential fatty acid, linoleic acid and vitamin E that have effect in preventing arteriosclerosis. Vitamin B1 has effect in relieving and raising concentration.
Well matched ingredients: Grapes, green grapes, nuts, grains and milk.
Corns contain ingredients like proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals and vitamins and have effect in preventing skin dryness, anti-aging, relieving eczema. Particularly, they are rich in vitamin E that has effect on physical strength and kidney disease. In addition, they have effects of improving constipation, digestion and atherosclerosis and helping diuresis.
Well matched ingredients: Beans.
Jujubes are rich in proteins and sugars, organic acids, vitamins and calcium. They have effects of refreshment, preventing cold, improving digestive function and anti-aging. Particularly, they are cal ed as vitamin activator because Well matched ingredients: Milk and nuts.
Peas contain lots of protein and sugar, as well as potassium and phosphorus. They also contain lysine They can help heart disease by lowering blood Well matched ingredients: Broccoli, cauliflower and milk.
Almonds are rich in vitamin E, potassium, calcium and phosphorus and have effect to eliminate phlegm and cough from the body. Also, they can help improve diabetes, heart disease, lethargy and obesity.
Well matched ingredients: Apple, yellow peach, pineapple, pear,
mixed grains, beans and bananas.
Squash is a greenish yellow vegetable that has green bark and yellow content. It is rich in carotene that eliminates active oxygen with antioxidant effects resulting in cancer suppression and immunity improvement.
Well matched ingredients: Almonds, pine nuts and apple.


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24 Hour Esophageal pH Monitoring Purpose : This test measures the amount of acid in your esophagus (that is, the swallowing tube) over a 24 - hour period. It will show how often stomach contents back up, or reflux, into your esophagus. If you are taking medicine for acid reflux, it will help determine how well the medicine is working. It will help the doctor decide on the best treatment f

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