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MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET SAWYER’S PERMETHRIN TICK REPELLENT ODORLESS FORMULA CLOTHING TREATMENT ONLY DO NOT APPLY TO SKIN I. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION UN NUMBER: 1950, Aerosols, Non-Flammable, N.O.S. Class 2 II. HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS Inert Ingredients (Proprietary mixture of solvents, surfactants, preservatives, and propellents) *(3-phenoxyphenyl)methyl (+/-)


Material Safety Data Sheet HILTI DX CARTRIDGES Not classified as hazardous according to criteria of NOHSC 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE MATERIAL AND SUPPLIER Product Name Product Type This product consists of a metal case with rimfire initiation and a charge of deflagrating explosive. Within the cartridges the explosive ingredients (gun Powder and priming composition) are hermetically


Checklists to Reduce Diagnostic Errors John W. Ely, MD, Mark L. Graber, MD, and Pat Croskerry, MD, PhD evaluation. The purpose of this article isoften be traced to physicians’ cognitiveto argue for the further investigation anddescribes three types of checklists: (1) arevision of these initial attempts to applygeneral checklist that prompts physicianschecklists to the diagnostic proce

In vitro effects of 2-methoxyestradiol on cell numbers, morphology, cell cycle progression, and apoptosis induction in oesophageal carcinoma cells

Cell Biochem Funct 2009; 27: 205–210. Published online 2 April 2009 in Wiley InterScience(www.interscience.wiley.com) DOI: 10.1002/cbf.1557In vitro effects of 2-methoxyestradiol on cell numbers, morphology,cell cycle progression, and apoptosis induction in oesophagealcarcinoma cellsVeneesha Thaver 1,2, Mona-Liza Lottering 2, Dirk van Papendorp 2 and Annie Joubert 2*1Department of Physiology,

Publikationen (englisch / peer review)

PUBLIKATIONEN PD DR. WOLFGANG KAMIN Stand Februar 2012 A Publikationen (englisch / peer review) 1. Kamin WES as a member of the International RSV Study Group in: Behrendt CE, Decker MD, Burch DJ, Watson PH for the International RSV Study Group. International variation in the management of infants hospitalized with respiratory syncytial virus. Eur J Pediatr 1998; 157: 2. Rose DM, Fleck B

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2012 EZ INVITATIONAL 1315AG FIGURE RESULTS HAMDEN CONNECTICUT MARCH 24-25, 2012 Created 03-26-2012 at 21:19 Using 2009 U. S. RULES *** FINAL FINISH ORDER - FIGURES *** PLACE NAME CLUB SCORE 50% DRAW 1. Jessica Alvarado ANA Synchro 61.022 30.511 8 2. Monica Alvarado ANA Synchro 60.337 30.169 9 3. Katie Farrell New Canaan Y Aquianas 59.734 29.867 20 4. Teresa Salamone New Canaan Y Aquianas 58.026 2


What's in season FARM FRESH EGGS Story Tools Eggs from Fickle Creek Farms in Efland, the ones used at The Refectory, are never more than a week old when they are sold, said Noah Ranells, farm partner with Ben Bergmann. More Lifestyles Although the farm is not certified organic, the farmers follow organic practices. The chickens are free-range, roosting at night i


A European perspective on intravascular catheter-related infections: reporton the microbiology workload, aetiology and antimicrobial susceptibility(ESGNI-005 Study)E. Bouza1, R. San Juan1, P. Mun˜oz1, J. Pascau2, A. Voss3 and M. Desco2 on behalf of the CooperativeGroup of the European Study Group on Nosocomial Infections (ESGNI)1Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and 2Experimental Med

Bmj2008 ca supplementation

Vascular events in healthy older women receiving calcium supplementation: randomised controlled trial Mark J Bolland, P Alan Barber, Robert N Doughty, Barbara Mason, AnneHorne, Ruth Ames, Gregory D Gamble, Andrew Grey and Ian R Reid BMJ 2008;336;262-266; originally published online 15 Jan 2008; doi:10.1136/bmj.39440.525752.BEUpdated information and services can be found at: http://bmj.

Mass administration of the antimalarial drug mefloquine to guantnamo detainees: a critical analysis

Tropical Medicine and International Healthvolume 17 no 10 pp 1281–1288 october 2012Mass administration of the antimalarial drug mefloquine toGuanta´namo detainees: a critical analysisDepartment of Preventive Medicine, Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital, Ft. Polk, LA, USARecently, evidence has emerged from an unusual form of mass drug administration practised amongdetainees held at US Naval


Disclaimer: The following is a non-binding translation of the original Hebrew document. It is provided by Hamoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual for information purposes only. The original Hebrew prevails in any case of discrepancy. While every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy, HaMoked is not liable for the proper and complete translation nor does it accept any liabil

Efs missionsförening i hammarbykyrkan styrelse

EFS Missionsförening i Hammarbykyrkan Nytt från Styrelsen 2013-06-04 EFS-föreningens styrelse har haft två sammanträ- den (2/5 och 4/6) sedan du fick det förra numret av Nytt från Styrelsen. Bägge mötena har varit extremt långa, vilket förstås speglar att styrelsen haft massor av frågor att ta tag i nu när Skarp- näcks församling per den 1/7 överger det forme

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Final Draft of the original manuscript: Jung, F.; Franke, R.-P.: Extreme reduction of the capillary lumen in segments of the venular legs of human cutaneous capillaries In: Microvascular Research (2009) Elsevier DOI: 10.1016/j.mvr.2009.02.010 Extreme reduction of the capillary lumen in segments of the venular legs of human cutaneous capillaries F. Jung1*, R.P. Franke1 1 GK


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas 2012 Drug Guide Updates 2nd Quarter 2012 Effective date of changes: January 1, 2012 or the group’s anniversary date This document is provided to help members and providers understand the 2012 Preferred Drug Guide Updates. The list includes possible generic and/or preferred brand alternative medications. Similar or related medications may be included i


D. Rothenbacher1 G. Rüter2 Versorgung von Patienten mit Typ-2-Diabetes Ergebnisse aus 12 Hausarztpraxen H. Brenner1 Management of patients with type 2 diabetes: results in 12 practices of general practitioners Hintergrund und Fragestellung: Die Versorgung von Patienten Background and objective: The care of patients with type 2 di- mit Diabetes mellitus (DM) Typ 2 i

Understanding medical and technical terms

UNDERSTANDING MEDICAL AND TECHNICAL TERMS ACALCULIA Inability to perform simple problems of arithmetic. Partial or total loss of the sense of taste. Failure to recognise familiar objects and know the AGRAPHIA AMBLYOPIA Partial or total loss of the ability to remember things which have been done or experiences. (See post-traumatic amnesia and retrograde amnesia). AN


CHAMBER TM C ollaborations for H e A lth I M provements in HER2 B reast Canc ER Effective Therapy for a Premenopausal Woman withER/PR Positive, HER2-Overexpressing Metastatic Breast CancerDiagnosis: Hormone receptor positive, HER2-overexpressing, metastatic breast cancerHistory of Present Illness: This is a 36-year-old premenopausal woman who presented initially in 2002 with a 5-month

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WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ATRIAL FIBRILLATIONAtrial fibrillation (a fib) is an irregularly irregular heart rhythm. Normally the heart hastwo areas of specialized tissue called the Sino-atrial(SA) and Atrio-ventricular(AV) nodes. TheSA node is responsible for “sparking” the heart to beat at a regular rate. The SA node is sensitiveto chemicals, hormones, and nervous stimulation. This node i


2009 H1N1 FLU VACCINE ADMINISTRATION RECORD The confidentiality of shared information is protected under state and/or federal law. Health Department records are subject to Wisconsin State Statutes, including but not limited to, Wisconsin State Stats 146.81-83, 51.30, 146.025. Since information in the Health Department records is protected under these statutes, only information that is permis


CDC Telebriefing Transcript Update on Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) DR. GERBERDING: [In progress] 109 case of SARS internationally that meet the probable case definition, plus 39 cases in the US that meet the probable case definition. WHO is also reporting a total of 229 deaths and a case fatality rate of 5.9 percent. Looking at SARS from the international perspective we remai


Breast Cancer Drugs and Their Interactions Drug Name Lab Effects/Interference Drug Interactions Warfarin: increased INR, monitor and adjust dose prnPhenytoin: monitor phenytoin serum level closely and adjust prnLeucovorin: synergy and increased toxicity; monitor closelyCisplatin: combination may cause increasedMyelosuppresive drugs: combination may cause increased bone marrow depress


FTD.de - Pharma: Wie Fusionen die Branche retten sollen - Gesundheitswirtschaft Wie Fusionen die Branche retten sollen Mit dem Milliardenkauf des Konkurrenten Wyeth brach Pfizer den Damm für eine Flut von Zusammenschlüssen: Merck & Co. ziehen nach. Auch andere Konzerne sehen in Übernahmen ein Allheilmittel - FTD.de zeigt, wer wen schlucken will. Die aktuellen Übernahme- und Fusio

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to determine the effectiveness of botanically derived inhibitors of 5-α-reductase in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia

THE JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE Volume 8, Number 2, 2002, pp. 143–152 © Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trialto Determine the Effectiveness of Botanically Derived Inhibitors of 5- a -Reductase in the Treatment ofNELSON PRAGER, Ph.D.,1 KAREN BICKETT, R.N.,1 NITA FRENCH, Ph.D.,2 ABSTRACT Background: Androgenetic alopecia (AGA)


Espacio global y larga duración; sobre algunas nuevas corrientes. / Josep Fontana / 237 historia Global space and the lonG term; on some new currents in historical research Universidad Pompeu Fabra. Barcelona, España. Este artículo indaga sobre una serie de movimientos de renova-ción de la historia que tratan de adaptarse a las perspectivas de la sociedad actual, en cuyos trabajos colabora


Potentially Dangerous Drug Interactions Missed By Prescribers Research led by The University of Arizona College of Pharmacy has found that medication prescribers correctly identified fewer than half of drug pairs with potentially dangerous drug-drug interactions. These findings raise concern because of the high number of drugs Americans take: an average of 2.3 medications is prescribed duri

Shoichi 2012_driving_napping_coffee

Contents lists available at SciVerse ScienceDirectj o u r n a l h o m e p a g e : w w w . e l s e v i e r . c o m / l o c a t e / s l e e pThe factors associated with preferences for napping and drinking coffee ascountermeasures for sleepiness at the wheel among Japanese driversShoichi Asaoka, Takashi Abe, Yoko Komada, Yuichi Inoue ⇑ Department of Somnology, Tokyo Medical University, 6-7


Hospiz Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Niedersachsen e.V. *Alle Charakterisierungen gelten genauso in der weiblichen Form, und Ausnahmen bestätigen wie immer die Regel. J Stichwort „Palliative Care“: Laut Definition (von 1990) der WHO (World Health Organization –Weltgesundheitsorganisation- gegründet 1948) bedeutet „Palliative Care“: „Die wirksame, ganzheitliche „care“ (Sorge, Obhut,

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my asthma North Kensington, London, on to a saucer to form a cone, which was then lit at 'After each 1927-1934 the top. The pungent smoke from this spittingI was told that I developed asthma after anVesuvius had to be inhaled deeply. Its beneficial hospital visit attack of measles when I was three years old. effects were short lived - the inhalation provided we went to a O

032901 preventing recurrent upper gastrointestinal bleeding




Occupational hazards of war depleted uranium: all the questions about du and gulf war syndrome are not yet answered rosalie be

International Journal of Health Services, Volume 36, Number 3, Pages 503– 520, 2006 © 2006, Baywood Publishing Co., Inc. Occupational Hazards of War DEPLETED URANIUM: ALL THE QUESTIONS ABOUT DU AND GULF WAR SYNDROME ARE NOT YET ANSWERED Rosalie Bertell For 15 years, the debate about depleted uranium (DU) and its detrimental effects on the health of veterans of the Gulf War of 1991, on t

Flu fever cold

Sneezing, watery nose, sore throat, body ache, fever? Swine Flu? Almost all of us, at least once or twice a year, with season change, get this common ailment with varying degree of severity, some times lasting for 48 hours, gradually with waning of symptoms as the days go by. Some times we go to Doctor or more often than not, we self medicate, some taking happily over the counter “Cold

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The Vine: [Matthew 13:1-9] This parable is talking about four different kinds of Christians: The ones who hear the word of the Kingdom of the heavens, but they do not understand the message of the Kingdom, so the wicked one snatched it away; the ones who received the Word of the Kingdom with joy, but did not endure when tribulations popped up; the ones who hear the message of the Kingdom, but


• hcsp FACT sheet • Hepatitis C Support Project • www.hcvadvocate.org western medicine due to the lack of evidence-based research tosupport safety and efficacy. Couple this with the potential harmthese substances can inflict and it is easy to see why physiciansare reluctant to endorse herb use. Some patients are interestedin alternative methods to use with or instead of the treatmentt

A holistic approach to tmj

A Holistic Approach to TMJ Utilizing Advanced Therapeutic Massage Techniques Nutritional Therapy, and Emotional Release Processes Understanding that TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint) pain and associated problems make it difficult if not impossible to identify the exact nature of the cause of the problem. We have approached TMJ with the attitude that we cannot fix everyone, but can contribut

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COURSE TITLE: PERU: CULTURE, HISTORY & WILDLIFE NO. OF CREDITS: 5 QTR CREDITS CONTACT HRS: WA CLOCK HRS: INSTRUCTORS: CHRIS WEBER, M.S. MICHAEL THIBODEAU (ASSISTANT) 1826 SE 54TH AVE 503/232-7737 PORTLAND OR, 97215 chriscarlweber@earthlink.net COURSE DESCRIPTION: During a 19-day stay in Peru, we will study both the ruins, history, and


+(3$7,7,6: a general term meaning inflammation of the liver . • Alcohol• Drugs• Chemicals• Toxins• Autoimmunity (your immune system attacks your own body)• Viral infections (hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, G). − The viruses were named in order of their discovery. − Hepatitis C is a very small RNA virus. − Hepatitis C enters the bloodstream, goes into liver cells and reproduces (r


Iranian Biomedical Journal 2 (2): 49-57 (April 1998) Transcriptional Coactivator CBP Facilitates Transcription Initiation and Reinitiation of HTLV-I and Cyclin D2 Promoter LRBGE, Division of Basic Sciences, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Building 41, Room B403, ABSTRACT HTLV-I is the etiologic agent for adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma (ATL) and HTLV-I- assoc

Shanghai expo - travel tips2

Shanghai EXPO – Travel Tips From Jimmy Lo (June, 2010) With our 2.5 days in Shanghai Expo 9-11 June and experience of our "past 60" members, some observations and suggestions We ate in ALL the restaurants and queued/visited most of the pavilions mentioned in 1. Country Pavilions in Zone A, B & C 1.1 Avoid any country pavilion that has queuing time of over 2 hour. Not

Savonet renova ceram.pub (lecture seule)

5) Mesure de lutte contre l'incendie 12) Information Écologiques Le produit ne brûle pas. Ne pas respirer les fumées. Fiche de données de Sécurité Moyen d'extinction à choisir en fonction des incendies environnants. Biodégradable à plus de 90 %. (suivant les normes des matières premières utilisées) Effets écotoxicologiques: non classé dangereux pour l'environnement (

11.045m ff 2010

Power Tools LXT Sets Makita 18.0V 6 piece LXT set • Features: 18.0V Lithium-ion batteries. Charging time 22 minute charge timewith the air cooled Makstar Optimum Charging System B Makita 18.0V 6 piece LXT set Lithium-ion batteries have greater life spans than their Ni-MH or • Features: Ni-Cad counterparts, giving 430% greater run timeLithium-ion’s 40% weight saving means

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Head-Flicking/Shaking Now this is a difficult one. Something, the most likely candidate being a neuro-toxin, causes damage to the trigeminal nerve. This is a major facial nerve which goes from behind the eye down the face and branches out to the nostrils and mouth areas. Once it is damaged, increased blood supply, such as on exercise, triggers ‘electrical’ sensations down the nerve,


FIVE MINUTES WITH . JOHN T. WARD JR. Kentucky Derby-winning trainer John T. WardJr. assumed his new duties as executive direc-Ward, a central Kentucky native and a graduate oftor of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commissionthe University of Kentucky, grew up immersed in thethis spring with an overflowing agenda of is-horse industry as his father, grandfather, and uncle allsues facing the regu

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MEDICATIONS & DOSAGES FOR HEDGEHOGS  formulated by Caroline Gould & Tim Partridge B.V.Sc., M.R.C.V.S.  & used by Vale Wildlife Hospital & Rehabilitation Centre.  DRUG BRAND Dose rate: 75mg/kg bodyweight daily for 7 days. Therefore: Ampicillin Antibiotic 250mg/ml injectable = 0.3mls/kg daily i/m or s/c, injectable & oral preparati

Ecp28_3 inside_ecp28_3 inside

Living psychology: The ‘emotional warmth’ dimension of professional childcare Children and young people in public care are arguably the most vulnerable group in our society and, despiteconsiderable support and financial expenditure, the outcomes for these children have remained stubbornlypoor. While the worthy intentions of government initiatives over recent years are not in question, it i

Tabelle 2: antiretrovirale stoffklassen, substanzen und dosierung

Antiretrovirale Medikamente Stand März 2011 Was ist neu? Zerit (Stavudin): Die Herstellerfirma BMS schränkt im März 2011 in einem „Rote Hand Brief“ an Ärzte und Apotheker das Anwendungsgebiet für Zerit® (Stavudin) aufgrund potenziell schwerer Nebenwirkungen ein. Stavudin soll nur noch dann verordnet werden, wenn keine andere Therapiemöglichkeit besteht . In Stu- die

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Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate for Injection USP Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate (meth-il pred-NIS-o-lone sode-ium SUX-in-ate) Consumer Medicine Information What is in this leaflet Before you are given Methylprednisolone Injection Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are breast-feeding or plan to When you must not be breast-feed.

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MASS PROPHYLAXIS Capability Definition Mass Prophylaxis is the capability to protect the health of the population through the administration of critical interventions in response to a public health emergency in order to prevent the development of disease among those who are exposed or are potentially exposed to public health threats. This capability includes the provision of appropriate


PROGRAM VOUCHER To obtain reimbursement (up to $50.00) for attending a smoking cessation class, call HNE to obtain a log number, fill out this form, cut along the dotted line and bring it to class with you. Mail the completed form to: Your Member ID Number: _______________________________________ Call HNE Your Log Number: 413-787-4000 or 800-842-4464 __________________

Caffeine and migraine - american headache society committee for headache education

Caffeine and Migraine Robert E. Shapiro, M.D., Ph.D. and Robert Cowan, MD Key Points 1. Caffeine affects pain. 2. Acute treatment of headaches with caffeine is sometimes effective, but should be limited to not more than two days per week. 3. For people who experience migraine, caffeine taken 3 or more days per week, for whatever reason, may lead to dependency and increased migrai

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Gordelroos en Post Herpes Neuralgie De door u gezochte pagina over Gordelroos en de napijnen na gordelroos (Post HerpesNeuralgie) zijn niet meer direct bereikbaar. De reden is, dat intussen duidelijk is gewordendat het toedienen van antivirale middelen vooraf en/of direct na aanvang van gordelroos opoudere leeftijd (+70 jaar) niet tot aanwijsbare verbetering van de patiënt leidt. De arts ka


NOTES FOR USE REMOTE CONTROL - This product is NOT user-serviceable . The product is welded shut in the factory and cannot be easily opened for battery replacement. If you wish to have the batteries LONG RANGE 173MHz PENDANT TRANSMITTERS replaced in an expired transmitter, please contact Martin Electronics and arrange for battery replacement which can be done at a nominal

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Hjärups byalag är en ideell förening för att tillvarata Hjärupsbornas intressen Kommunstyrelsen Staffanstorps Kommun 245 80 Staffanstorp Hjärups Byalags synpunkter på ”förslag till fördjupad översiktsplan Hjärup-06 reviderad upplaga 2007-06-12” Inledning I den reviderade upplagan av FÖP-en (2007-06-02) kan vi med tillfredsställelse konstatera att flera av de synpunkter som Byala


STAGIONE 2014 | TKC TEATRO DELLA GIOVENTUʼ Fino al 16 febbraio LA CENA DEI CRETINI di Francis Veber regia di Massimo Chiesa con Marco Zanutto, Fabrizio Careddu, Giovanni Prosperi, Carlo Zanotti, Marisa Grimaldo, Carolina Leporatti e Ivano La Rosa. Dal 22 febbraio al 17 aprile LE CONQUISTE DI NORMAN una trilogia comica di Alan Ayckbourn (IN SALA DA PRANZO, IN SALOTTO, I


Shorea robusta Shala As pain reliever Active components: tannic principles Mode of action in pain: it is astringent in taste. It balances pitta and kapha and also vata. Any kind of pain in the body is mainly related to imbalance of vata along with other doshas. Hence once the vata is balanced it also helps in reduction of the pain. It has the action on nervous system also and thus helps in pa


Rehazentrum Bad Dürrheim – Klinik Hüttenbühl der Vortrag zum Thema: Psychopharmaka Allgemeines zu Thema Psychopharmaka Antidepressiva (AD) machen nicht abhängig AD machen nur selten Gewichtsprobleme, die durch vorherige Aufklärung AD verkürzen nachweislich die depressiven Phasen und verringern damit die AD verringern bei wiederkehrenden Depressionen sehr deutlich das

Hill’s® client information series

Client Information Heartworms Heartworms Diagnostic Plan History Physical examination Heartworm check Chest X-rays Blood work Urinalysis Therapeutic Plan Drugs to kill the adult worms Aspirin Corticosteroids Restricted exercise Drugs to kill larvae in the Nutritional Plan Nutrition with controlled levels Heartworms Heartworms cause a serious and sometim


DOCTOR’S TESTIMONIALS (Ärtzliche Kommentaren) Dr. Aaron Flickstein, D.C.—September 2003 I have been ordering jiaogulan pills since July 2000. Jiaogulan makes great sense for our busy, stressed-out practice’s members. With 4 times the kick and great ease of administration, plus its adaptogenic role…it’s a big winner. Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D.—Arizona, January 2002 Jiaogula



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Study Blasts TV Drug Ads MONDAY, Jan. 29 (HealthDay News) -- In strong criticism of the pharmaceutical industry's marketing practices, new research claims that televised ads for prescription drugs are riddled with emotional appeals and lack helpful information on the disease itself. "The ads really use emotion instead of information to promote drugs," said the study's lead author,


Safety Data Sheet -WISMAR- EUROSTRAND® OSB 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE PRODUCT AND OF THE COMPANY Product Name / Synonyms: EUROSTRAND® OSB/2, OSB/3, OSB/4 TOP, OSB/3 T (termite treatment) EGGER Holzwerkstoffe Wismar GmbH & Co. KG Health = 0 Flammability = 1 Reactivity = 0 Personal Protection = E 2. INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS Softwood : app. 3,5%, CAS-No.: 25212-25-3 (

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THE INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH GROUP ON WOOD PRESERVATION Section 2 Test methodology and Assessment A comparison of rates of decay and loss in stiffness of radiata pine and Douglas fir framing lumber Mick Hedley, Dave Page and Jackie van der Waals Scion Wood Processing, Private Bag 3020, Rotorua, New Zealand IRG SECRETARIAT SE-114 86 Stockholm www.irg-wp.com A compariso

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Dell™ Latitude™ 131L Innovative Design: Designed with usability in mind • UltraSharp™, wide-aspect LCD for increased Smart, affordable technology for business • Freedom to work longer, with 9-cell extended life• Dual Core processor option to help boost• Easy to customise with Dell QuickSet™ software• Windows® VistaTM Capable1: support for Microsoft’snext-gene


Ballybrown Equine Clinic, Ballybrown, Clarina, Co. Limerick, Ireland. Tel: +353 (0)61 353296 Fax: +353 (0)61 353352 Email: info@horsevet.ie Web: horsevet.ie EXPECTANT MARE Assuring the Health and Well-Being of the Pregnant Mare We often think of pregnancy as a delicate and fragile condition. When it comes to horses, this perception is perhaps due to the mare’s relatively poor reprodu


Hepatitis C: managing treatment side effects Side effects of treatment can vary from person to person. Information in this section discusses the more common side effects related to treatment. Some of the treatment side effects are similar to the symptoms of hepatitis C and the same approaches may be used to control both. For more information download the Hepatitis C: managing symptoms facts


perspectives on pain a d d r e s s i n g p a t i e n t n e e d s Mixing up the medicine cabinet How to combine prescription, over-the-counter and herbal meds logically and safely why you may want to offer your pain patients treatments that are alternative or complementary to prescription drugs. First of all, and there may be issues of quality and other pathologies. Quite

Stallion contract

Honahlee, PC MARE CONTRACT Name of Owner: ________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Email: ________________________________________________________________________ Contact Person: ________________________

Dr g’s medisense

Mandated Asthma Inhalers Reduce Global Warming by Ann Gerhardt, MD Bottom Line at the Top: CFCs contribute to global warming so they can’t be used in asthma inhalers any longer. The new HFA inhalers feel less forceful, but actually deliver more medication into the lungs. Asthmatics who use albuterol more than once a week should consider adding preventive medication. At times

uefa euro 2008tm

UEFA EURO 2008TM La UEFA EURO 2008™ se llevará a cabo del 7 al 29 de junio de 2008 en Austria y Suiza. 16 equipos de toda Europa participarán para determinar, en el marco de 31 partidos, quien será el Campeón de Europa de Fútbol 2008. Los partidos se realizarán en las siguientes ocho ciudades: Viena, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Salzburgo, Berna, Basilea, Ginebra, Zurich . El torneo se

Hairdx - version 2.0

CLINICAL VALIDITY AND UTILITY OF THE HAIRDX GENETIC TEST FOR ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA This document discusses the clinical validity and utility of the HairDX genetic test for androgenetic alopecia. INTRODUCTION: CLINICAL VALIDITY OF GENETIC SCREENING The goal of genetic screening is to identify subjects for preventive treatment or extended surveillance prior to onset of symptoms; therefore

Bisphosphonates in bone disease: from the laboratory to the patient, 2000, 212 pages, herbert fleisch, academic press, 2000, ebook

Bisphosphonates in Bone Disease: From the Laboratory to the Patient, Herbert Fleisch, Academic Press, 2000,0122603702, 9780122603709, 212 pages. This book is an essential handbook on bisphosphonates, the mostwidely used new class of drugs for osteoporosis therapy. It reviews basic physiology in addition to theindications and adverse reactions of these drugs. Bisphosphonates in Bone Disease, 4E,


Chemie-Arbeitsblatt _ _ Klasse _ _ _ Name:__________________________ Datum:_ _._ _._ _ Herstellung von Acetylsalicylsäure HAS (I) Verfahren I: In einen 100-ml-Erlenmeyerkolben werden 10 g Salicylsäure* , 10 ml Essigsäureanhydrid* und 2 Tropfen konzentrierte Schwefelsäure* gegeben. Das Gemisch wird auf dem Magnetrührer unter Umrühren im Wasserbad ca. 15 min auf 60 °C erwärm

Teens and antidepressants: did warnings go too far?

MSNBC.com Teens and Antidepressants: Did Warnings Go Too Far? Did an effort to reduce teen suicides backfire? By Tony Dokoupil Newsweek July 16, 2007 issue - Seventeen-year-old Michael didn't want to end up crazed and suicidal like the Columbine killers. The Massachusetts teen had read that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were taking antidepressants when they rampaged murderously

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Neuro Review Cerebral metabolisma. Average adult brain is 1500 gb. CMRO2 = 50 ml/min or 3.5 ml/100g/min1. Hypocampus and cerebellum most sensitiveCerebral blood flowa. Parallels metabolic activityiv. Flows below 10 ml/100g/min associated with hypoxic injuryi. PaCO2 linear correlation with CBF between 20 – 80ii. PaCO2 < 20 associated with ischemia1. Hyperoxia causes little change2. Hy


Hepa Plus®Comprehensive liver support formula that promotes and balances the The liver is the body’s second largest organ and its largest gland. It manufactures many important blood RECOMMENDED USE: FOR SUPPORT OF HEALTHY LIVER FUNCTION. / USAGE RECOMMANDÉ : POUR FAVORISER LE BON FONCTIONNEMENT DU FOIE. proteins; assists in the conversion of fats, amino acids, vitamins, and mineral


Nebraska High School Rodeo Association STATE ASSOCIATION SECRETARY Becky Dailey PO Box 10, Arnold, NE 69120 PHONE: 308-539-6543 FAX: 308-848-2544 2011-2012 Membership Application PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY OR TYPE—Sign ALL Forms Address: School Attending School Address Rookie (1st Year) Renewing E-Mail Address: Name of Parent(s)/Guardian(s): Memb

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Bijlage 2. horende bij artikel 2.5, tweede en derde lid, van de Regeling zorgverzekering (15 maart 2011) 1. Polymere, oligomere, monomere en modulaire dieetpreparaten uitsluitend voor een verzekerde die niet kan uitkomen met aangepaste normale voeding en andere producten van bijzondere voeding en die: a. lijdt aan een stofwisselingsstoornis, d. lijdt aan een, via een gevalideerd scree

Candida questionnaire and score sheet for adults

CANDIDA QUESTIONNAIRE AND SCORE SHEET FOR ADULTS This questionnaire is designed for adults. It lists factors in your medical history which promote the growth of the common yeast, Candida albicans (section A), and symptoms commonly found in individuals with yeast-connected illness (sections B and C). For each “Yes” answer in Section A, circle the point score in that section. Then move on

Microsoft word - diabeticphysicianorders.doc

Diabetes Medical Management Plan School District : ___________________ School : __________________ School Year : ___________ Grade :_______ Student Name:____________________________________________ Provider Name: ______________________ Office Ph # _________________ Blood Glucose Monitoring at School Blood Glucose Target Range: _______ - _______ mg/dl Monitoring Schedule: □ Befor


Schweizerische KopfwehgesellschaftSociété Suisse pour l’étude des céphaléesSocietà Svizzera per lo studio delle cefaleeSocietad svizra per il studi del mal il tgauCet e brochure constitue une révision et une actualisa-tion des recommandations thérapeutiques de la Société Suisse pour l’étude des céphalées, recommandations qui ont fait leur preuve depuis de nombreuses années dans

Microsoft word - the hipoc charter.doc

Hydrogen Industry Panel on Codes Statement of Charter, Purpose & Objectives Article I. Background The global economy is engaged in a transition to hydrogen and other alternative fuel sources for automotive, distributed generation and other applications. The storage, dispensing, use and handling of hydrogen in and around fixed facilities differ in many ways from gasoline, di

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Managing Greenhouse-grown Peppers in a Saline Environment Indian River Research and Education Center Keywords: Capsicum annuum , transplant depth, irrigation, physiological disorder, soilless culture, stem rot, Fusarium Abstract Under certain conditions, greenhouse-grown pepper plants from various areas of the world, including the Mediterranean and North America, exhibi

Med adminpolicy

Hinchliffe Mill Junior and Infant School Medicines Administration Policy Rationale Children occasionally need medicine doses on the school day. It could be important to the effectiveness of the treatment that the doses should be administrated on a regular basis. It would be unreasonable to expect a parent to visit school to administer medication. Some medications are administered


HEART FAILURE About Heart Failure The term "heart failure" makes it sound like the heart is no longer working at all and there's nothing that can be done. Actually, heart failure means that the heart isn't pumping as well as it should be. Your body depends on the heart's pumping action to deliver oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to the body's cells. When the cells are nourish


The HTR2 [KM] Screen – Version 8 Aug 07 The [KM] screen was designed with a greater emphasis on pure data and statistics to facilitate fast analysis of live longshots and tournament plays. It is a more advanced screen than the [Prgm] with considerably more information. Click the [KM] button at the top of the main screen to view a race. If you wish to return to the program screen, click

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THIS INFORMATION IS FOR OUR PATIENTS ONLY The Center for reproduction & Women's Health Care Robert B. McWilliams, M.D. Osteopenia Osteopenia is defined as a bone density that is somewhat low. The World Health Organization formed a committee in 1994 to define osteoporosis. That committee created four diagnostic categories: Normal, Osteopenia, Osteoporosis, and Established osteo

Mitex neu v4 stand 09.201

Flüssiges Spezialkonzentrat Neue Rezeptur mit einem hohen Anteil an Permethrin und Zusatz von natürlichem Pyrethrum Die neue Rezeptur von Mitex enthält den natürlichem Stoff der Pyrethrum-Pflanze welche das hochwirksame Pyrethrin liefert, sowie Insektizide mit einem besonders synergistischen Effekt. Diese Kombination bewirkt eine lang anhaltende Dauerwirkung. Mitex NEU ve

Use of doppler ultrasonography to predict the outcome of therapy for renal-artery stenosis


Microsoft word - managing your warfarin therapy-12-08.doc

Managing Your Warfarin (Coumadin®) A Patient’s Guide A Message To You The goal of anticoagulation therapy with warfarin (Coumadin®) is to decrease the clotting ability of your blood so that blood clots are prevented. The most important aspect of warfarin therapy is to keep your levels within a therapeutic range. If your level goes too low, you are at risk for blood clots

Forsmark 1 & 2 bwr stability benchmark,nea/nsc/doc(99)9

For Official Use NEA/NSC/DOC(99)9 Organisation de Coopération et de Développement Economiques 18-May-1999 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 21-May-1999 __________________________________________________________________________________________ English text only For Official Use NEA/NSC/DOC(99)9 NUCLEAR ENERGY AGENCY NUCLEAR SCIENCE COMMITTEE FORSMAR


Babies often get a good head start on growing,well before most women learn that they arepregnant. The food choices you make beforeand during pregnancy affect how well a babyforms and grows. Those choices also help avitamins, minerals and fibre, especially If you are eating a healthy diet and are takinggrains you have not tried before like buckwheat,a multivitamin with folic acid befo

Microsoft word - 21_1.- medidas tecnologicas.horacio fernandez delpech.doc

“MEDIDAS TECNOLÓGICAS DE PROTECCIÓN DE LA PROPIEDAD INTELECTUAL EN INTERNET - LOS ACTOS ELUSIVOS - LA PROTECCIÓN JURÍDICA CONTRA LA ELUSIÓN” Texto completo del trabajo presentado en el Congreso MERCOSUR de Derecho Informático celebrado en Córdoba, Argentina entre el 9 y 11 de Agosto de 2006 AUTOR: HORACIO FERNANDEZ DELPECH hfernandez@hfernandezdelpech.com.ar


THE SCHEDULE [see section 2(10)] In the Customs Act, 1969 (IV of 1969), in the First Schedule, for thecorresponding entries against “PCT Code”, "Description" and "CD%" specified incolumns (1), (2), (3) and (4) appearing in chapter 1 to 99, the following correspondingentries relating to “PCT Code”, "Description" and "CD%"- Chloramphenicol and its de


from Justin Cronin’s The Twelve Bernard Kittridge, known to the world as ‘Last Stand in Denver,’ knew it was time to leave the day the power went out. He wondered what had taken so long. You couldn’t keep a municipal electrical grid running without people to man it, and as far as Kittridge could tell from the 26th floor, not a single soul was left alive in the city of Denver. Which w

Herbal constituent’s and drug interactions involving cytochrome p450

Bioinformation by Biomedical Informatics Publishing Group open access www.bioinformation.net Current Trends _____________________________________________________________________________________  Pharmacovigilance: Effects of herbal components on human drugs interactions involving Cytochrome P450 Akansha Saxena, Kumar Parijat Tripathi, Sudeep Roy, Feroz Khan, Ashok Sharma

Mein anamnesebogen

Querstraße 2, 25451 Quickborn, Tel.: 04106/6470570 Bitte füllen Sie diesen Fragebogen genau aus. Bei den Beispielen genügt es zu unterstreichen sofern diese zutreffen; ansonsten bitte mit eigenen Worten beantworten. Bitte nehmen Sie sich genug Zeit. Alle Ihre Angaben unterliegen der Schweigepflicht. Gewicht _________ Größe _______ Temperatur_______ Blutdruck________ Puls__________(Temper


Recommended Papers and Information from Dr. Antoine Makhlouf. “The following is a list of some of the urology papers that I have authored or collaborated on. Note that these articles are intended to be read by other urologists, and are too technical for most patients. Summaries for some are available at pubmed.org by following the links. The full text cannot be included online as the c

Microsoft word - natural beauty whos who trade and national

P R E S S R E L E A S E PLANT EXPERT VOTED IN AT NO. 3 IN UK’S BEAUTY WHO’S Co-directors of Herbfarmacy Organic Skincare, Paul Richards – doctor in botany and plant physiology - and his wife Carol have been voted in the Top 3 of natural beauty leaders in the country. The double act has entered the prestigious Top 20 Who’s Who of natural beauty personalities at the number 3 slo

Microsoft word - asian2004-4_303-306, zhang zp_.doc

Asian Journal of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Copyright by Hong Kong Medical Publisher ISSN 1608-2281 2004; 4(4): 303-306 Biochemical mechanism of comparison studies of clozapine and quetiapine by metabonomic method in rats Zong-Peng Zhang, Ya Su, Nan Yue, Yi-Gui Zhao Tianjin State Key Laboratory of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, Tianjin Institute of Pha

Vv surgery pis web

Surgery for Varicose Veins What are varicose veins? Veins are the blood vessels that carry blood back to the heart. Varicose veins are abnormally enlarged and tortuous veins that are visible just below the surface of the skin. Smaller veins in the skin itself are sometimes called "thread veins" or "spider veins". Although these may be unsightly they are not the same a

C2ccd#060460 1.7

J_ID: Z7V Customer A_ID: 06-0418 Cadmus Art: CCI 21093 Date: 5-JANUARY-07Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions 69:000–000 (2007)Late Stent Thrombosis: Considerations and PracticalAdvice for the Use of Drug-Eluting Stents:A Report From the Society for Cardiovascular Angiographyand Interventions Drug-eluting Stent Task ForceJohn McB. Hodgson,1 * MD, FSCAI, Gregg W. Stone,2 MD, FS

Discuss hospice and palliative care with cancer patients

PALLIATIVE MEDICINE M A Y 2 0 0 9 • H O S P I T A L I S T N E W S Expert Sizes Up Palliative Care Medications B Y P AT R I C E W E N D L I N G a PPI if the patient is on a steroid or non-tients, especially women, and in those re-ications relevant to palliative care haveǠ Sancuso is a transdermal patch de- Propoxyphene is far from benign, Dr. dive dyskinesia, Dr. McPherson said.


SURGICAL OFFICE SKILLS (SOS) - LOCAL ANAESTHETICS LOCAL ANAESTHETICS PRELIMINARY READING Local Anaesthesia is an extremely useful tool in general practice. It can be used for a wide range of limited surgical procedures such as: Excision of skin lesions, repair of wounds, drainage of abscess, removal of foreign bodies, excision of cysts and wedge resection and other procedures on the n

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CULTURAL DIRECTIVES TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Planting in northern and southern Planting distance Indoor cultivation Outdoor cultivation fertilizing material Pinching Harvesting Diseases cultural directives ‘Diamond’‐series CULTURAL DIRECTION ‘DIAMOND’‐SERIES Introduction Limonium sinensis 'Diamon

Emergency compounding of an oral suspension from tamiflu capsules

Texas Guidelines for Clinicians –Emergency Compounding of an Oral Suspension 4-29-09 From Tamiflu Capsules TEXAS GUIDELINES FOR CLINICIANS Emergency Compounding of an Oral Suspension from TAMIFLU Capsules April 29, 2009 These Guidelines will be continually updated as situation evolves. Extemporaneous Preparation Directions for the Emergency Compounding of an Oral Suspension


Treatment Of Experimental Frostbite With Pentoxifylline & Aloe Vera Cream Miller MB; Koltai PJ Division Of Otolaryngology, Albany Medical College Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 121(6):678-80 1995 Jun OBJECTIVE: To compare the therapeutic effects of systemic pentoxifylline and topical Aloe vera cream in the treatment of frostbite. DESIGN: The frostbitten ears of 10 New Zealand white

Bula - fluconazol med genérico rev 03

fluconazol medicamento genérico - lei nº 9.787, de 1.999 SISTEMA FECHADO Formas farmacêuticas e apresentações: Solução para infusão intravenosa: Embalagem contendo 01 bolsa plástica com 100 mL (2 mg/mL). USO ADULTO E PEDIÁTRICO Solução para infusão intravenosa: USO INTRAVENOSO. Composição: Cada mL de Fluconazol genérico infusão intravenosa contém 2 mg de flu

This is a problem

HEALERS WHO SHARE JUNE, 2009 RESEARCH Drugs, legal or illegal, have powerful effects and side effects on bodies. Those effects have more effects, SUMMARY OF REMEDIES usually not so good. Helping people to detoxify has many (with range of mega bottles needed) Addiction Alcohol Addiction We often think of illegal, “recreational” drugs as the Astrocyte Nucleus pr


2012 FEBRUARY BMT Protocol Description Population Brain Protocol Description Population Breast Protocol Description Population A Phase II Clinical Trial Comparing Trastuzumab Given Concurrently with Radiation Therapy and Radiation Therapy Alone for Women with HER2-Positive Ductal Carcinoma in Situ resected by LumpectomyA randomized, phase II

Patienteninformation faltenbehandlung botox

Patienteninformation zur Faltenbehandlung mit BOTOX® (Wirkstoff Botulinumtoxin) Was ist BOTOX® ? BOTOX® ist der Name eines Arzneimittels mit dem Wirkstoff Botulinumtoxin. Mit diesem Wirkstoff behandeln wir in unserer Praxis erfolgreich Gesichtsfalten und übermäßiges Schwitzen. Die Faltenbehandlung führt unser speziel ausgebildeter Arzt durch. Dabei wird das Arzneimittel in


Fleas Ctenocephalides species and others; Family: Pulicidae (and others) Description and Injury Fleas are small insects, about ¼ inch in length, laterally flattened, and brown to black or gray in color. They are wingless, and have long hind legs for jumping. Fleas have sucking mouthparts, and as adults, feed on the blood of mammals or birds. Many species are very annoying b

(microsoft word - renault et lehideux, 1e liste sn d\222arrestation des industriels, ao\373t 1944, an, f7 14966.doc)

RENAULT ET LEHIDEUX, 1E LISTE SN D’ARRESTATION DES INDUSTRIELS, AOÛT 1944, AN, F7 14966 Transcription d’Annie Lacroix-Riz. Fonds Archives nationales sous dérogation générale. Fautes de frappe corrigées. Commentaires et notes infra-paginales, Annie Lacroix-Riz. Surligné par moi. RENAULT ET LEHIDEUX SUR LA PREMIÈRE LISTE D’ARRESTATIONS VISANT LES INDUSTRIELS ÉTABLIE PAR LA S


THE DEA’S GENE HAISLIP ’60, B.C.L. ’63from the U.S. Drug EnforcementAgency (DEA) nearly 15 years ago,but he’s never really left the job. “I wake upin the morning and my wife asks me, ‘Whatdid you do at the office last night?’” Haislipsays with a laugh, Gene Haislip ’60, B.C.L. ’63 in May 1985 announcing the DEA’s ban on the drug MDMA, commonly known as “Ecstas

Adquisiciones informe internet segundo trimestre 2007 1.xls


Mr scott hepburn mb chb bsc(hons)medsci mrcsed(surg) diplmc fcem

Mr Scott R. Hepburn MB, ChB, BSc(Hons)MedSci, FRCSEd(A&E), FCEM, FIMC, RCSEd, DipFMS Consultant in Emergency Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine Western Infirmary Dumbarton Road Telephone: 0141-211 2731 Fax: 0141-211 6303 (secretary) REPORT FRONT SHEET MB, ChB, BSc(Hons)MedSci, FRCSEd(A&E), FCEM, FIMC, RCSEd, DipFMS Consultant in Emergency Medicin

Ftalatos em produtos mÉdicos em pvc de 12 paÍses

Greenpeace Brasil FTALATOS EM PRODUTOS MÉDICOS DE PVC DE 12 PAÍSES Dr. Joseph Di Gangi, Greenpeace, EUA Outubro, 19-out-1999 Uma pesquisa do Greenpeace revelou a presença amplamente disseminada de DEHP1 -substância plastificante à base de ftalato tóxico - em uma amostra de 46 produtos médicosem PVC comercializados em 12 países. Da mesma forma que em brinquedos, produtosmédi

Patient questionnaire and history



Academic Qualifications Memberships of Scientific Societies 1. Member European Association for Study of Liver 2. Fellow of the American College of Gastroenterology3. International Advisory Board Member for Journal of Gastroenterology and4. Member, American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine5. Life Member, Indian Association for Study of Liver6. Life Member, Indian Society of Gastroent


Special section : Obstetrics & Gynaecology - Long term consequences ofSPECIAL SECTION: OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGYGovernment Medical Col ege, Alappuzha, Kerala, IndiaCorrespondence to: drsangeethamenon@hotmail.comPolycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is emerging as a common problem among adolescents today. Its immediate problems range from oligomenorrhoea, hirsutism, acne, seborrhea and obe

Asthma protocol

PROTOCOL Recognition of Committee Members: The following are thanked for their dedication and expertise in developing the Halton Asthma Protocol for the Public and Catholic elementary and secondary schools in the Halton Region. Co-Chairs: Bob Soroko, Halton Catholic District School Board Jacki Oxley, Halton District School Board Rebecca Lewis, Public Health School Asthma Project, Hal

Microsoft powerpoint - 08-243_sevinsky_icaac_poster.ppt

Effect of Efavirenz on the Pharmacokinetics of Ethinyl Estradiol and Norgestimate in Healthy Female Subjects H. Sevinsky, T. Eley, B. He, A. Persson, D. Garner, C. Yones, R. Nettles, R. Bertz and J. Zhang Bristol-Myers Squibb Research and Development, Princeton, NJ USA Introducti Introducti on Results (Cont’d) Results (Cont’d) Results (Cont’d) „ Efavirenz (EFV) is

Microsoft word - asthma policy

Holland Park Child Care Centre Asthma Policy Reviewed by Management/Staff and Families Jan 2011 Link to CCQA Principles Quality Practices Draft (2007) – Standard 13 Quality Improvement and Accreditation System (QIAS) Policy statement As of the 15th January 2007 children with asthma will need to have an Asthma Record Card and First Aid plan. Parents/guardians will need to

Microsoft word - marketing pharmacy news pt update 1110 _3_

For Release December 2010 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama’s Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P & T) Committee recently approved updates to the Prescription Drug Guide and made clinical program changes to select medications. All information is accessible online at www.bcbsal.com .The P & T Committee consisting of doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare pro

Microsoft word - managing your warfarin therapy-12-08.doc

Managing Your Warfarin (Coumadin®) A Patient’s Guide A Message To You The goal of anticoagulation therapy with warfarin (Coumadin®) is to decrease the clotting ability of your blood so that blood clots are prevented. The most important aspect of warfarin therapy is to keep your levels within a therapeutic range. If your level goes too low, you are at risk for blood clots


Complete Summary GUIDELINE TITLE The management of persistent pain in older persons. BIBLIOGRAPHIC SOURCE(S) AGS Panel on Persistent Pain in Older Persons. The management of persistent pain in older persons. J Am Geriatr Soc 2002 Jun;50(6 Suppl):S205-24. [126 references] GUIDELINE STATUS This is the current release of the guideline. This guideline updates a previously released

Microsoft word - cyclosporine case study

For more information please contact: Dr Roley Davis, Business Development Director Case Study – Metabolites of Cyclosporin A Introduction: . Cyclosporin A (Csp A; Sandimmune®) is a natural product produced by the fermentation of the fungus Tolypocladium inflatum and is used extensively as an immunosuppressant. Its primary route of metabolism is via hepatic cytochrome P45

Pone.0005699 1.7

Twelve Years’ Experience with Direct-to-ConsumerAdvertising of Prescription Drugs in Canada: ACautionary TaleBarbara Mintzes1*, Steve Morgan2, James M. Wright31 Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, 2 School of Population and Public Health andCentre for Health Services and Policy Research, University of British Columb

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R E A D I N G G R O U P One Pill Makes You Smaller by Lisa Dierbeck A New York Times Notable Book of the Year ISBN: 0-312- 42286-5 About this Guide Eleven-year-old Alice Duncan has a problem: growing at a breathtaking pace, her body has taken on a life of its own. Heads turn whenever Alice leaves the house. Men everywhere are mesmerized by the two huge globes that

1999; 84-

scientific correspondence Diminished A␥T fetal globin levels in Sardinian haplo-type II ␤0-thalassaemia patients are associated with afour base pair deletion in the A␥T promoter. Br JHaematol 1991; 78:105-7. 9. Pistidda P, Frogheri L, Oggiano L, et al. Fetal hemo-globin expression in compound heterozygotes for -117(G→A) A␥ HPFH and ␤0 nonsense thalassemia. Am J10. Pistidda P, F

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HEART FOR AFRICA PACKING LIST Packing for your trip to Africa can be an intimidating task. To help you out, Heart for Africa has prepared a recommended packing list. Please use this list to help you pack for your trip. AIRPLANE: • Neck pil ow • Earplugs • Warm socks • Sleep Aids/ ALL needed Medication • Books/journal/Magazines • CD player, headphones, playing cards, etc.


Light therapy is not for everyone. Specific medications or conditions can cause a person to develop sensitivity to light. The fol owing questions are intended to help determine if light therapy is the best choice of treatment for you. Please read the fol owing questions and circle YES OR NO. Have you ever had any of the fol owing conditions: Acute or Cutaneous Porphyria Y


IMPORTANT FAQ’s 1. What time will my surgery be? • The time of your surgery will be determined the business day prior to your surgery (if your surgery is scheduled for Monday, you can expect a call on Friday). At that time, you will be told what time to arrive at the hospital on the 2. How long will I have to take Coumadin following my surgery? • All questions


up-to-date, evidence-based treatment protocols Hazelden’s response to opioid dependence We at Hazelden will support you every step of the way. Our COR-12 programming offers you the best opportunity for lifelong recovery. Marvin D. Seppala, MD Chief Medical Officer Hazelden Foundation hazelden.org/cor12 800-257-7800 We invite you to call us with questions. We are av

For the first 5000 years of civilization, humans relied on foods and herbs for medicine

For the first 5000 years of civilization, humans relied on foods and herbs for medicine. Only in the past 50 years have we forgotten our medicinal "roots" in favor of patent medicines. While pharmaceuticals have their value, we should not forget the well-documented, non-toxic and inexpensive healing properties of whole foods. The following list is but a sampling of the health ben

Uasr18.3.-17972 295.299

Arid Land Research and Management 18: 295–299, 2004Copyright # Taylor & FrancisISSN: 1532-4982 print/1532-4990 onlineDOI: 10.1080/15324980490451483Research Note: Spatial Variation of AM FungalSpore Numbers under Canopies of Acacia raddianaFaculty of Life SciencesNorthwest Science and TechnologyUniversity of Agriculture and ForestryShaanxi, P.R. China and Faculty of Life SciencesBar-Il

Microsoft word - october_2013_press.docx

Appel to Wou-Ki: International Art Flexes its Strength at Heffel’s October Online Auction William Scott ~ Still Life with Jug Thursday afternoon brought a flurry of energized bidding that resulted in an exciting close to Heffel’s October online auction of International art. Heffel is proud to announce that the sale totalled $647,000 (all prices are in Canadian dollars and include a

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HIDDEN DANGER People allergic to soy protein face danger 24/7. Hidden soy exists in thousands of everyday foods, cosmetics and industrial products such as inks, cardboards, paints, cars, and mattresses. Four fatalities documented in a major Swedish study are the best known of thousands of reported cases of people who experienced severe allergic reactions to tiny amounts of soy after inadverte

Praxis für klassische homöopathie * naturheilverfahren * tomatis-therapie

Praxis für Klassische Homöopathie * Naturheilverfahren * Tomatis-Therapie Akademische Lehrpraxis für Allgemeinmedizin der Universität zu Köln Theresienstraße29 50931 Köln Lindenthal  0221 / 940 49 60  02 21 / 940 49 62 Kinder- und Jugendanamnesebogen zu Schwangerschaft, Geburt und Kindheit Schilderung der Hauptbeschwerden: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


J. Mol. Microbiol. Biotechnol. (2001) 3(2): 237-246. Multifunctionality of Tetracycline Efflux Functions 237 JMMB Symposium Functions of Tetracycline Efflux Proteins that Do Not Involve Tetracycline Terry A. Krulwich*, Jie Jin, Arthur A. Guffanti, and David transmembrane segments (TMS) and are encoded in the H. Bechhofer chromosome or on plasmids found predominantly in Gram-positive p


PARTNERSHIP FOR EDUCATION AND RESEARCH ABOUT RESPONSIBLE LIVING INSTITUTO BRASILEIRO DE DEFESA DO CONSUMIDOR MAPEO EDUCACIÓN Y CONSUMO SUSTENTABLE: propuesta de São Paulo, Brasil 1 APROXIMACIÓN CONCEPTUAL AL CONSUMO SUSTENTABLE “Sin una producción más limpia y un consumo más responsable, es imposible avanzar en dirección a una economia de bajo carbono, en direcc


List of slang terms for drugs A-bomb: combination of marijuana with heroinAtom Bomb: see A-bombAcapulco Gold: marijuanaAcid: LSDAdam: MDA, MDE, MDMA, MMDAAlley juice: nonbeverage isopropyl and methyl alcoholAmytal: amobarbitalAngel Dust: PCPBabtists Communion: flunitrazepam (Rohypnol)Base: cocaine free baseBash: HashBarbs: barbituratesBennies: amphetamines/speedBeverage: alcoholBhang: marijuana


SISC 90 A $20 Anthem Classic PPO PPO In addition to dollar and percentage copays, members are responsible for deductibles, as described below. Please review the B deductible information to know if a deductible applies to a specific covered service. Certain Covered Services have maximum visit e and/or day limits per year. The number of visits and/or days allowed for these se

Hatf menu 130813 copy

beverages: coffee hot chocolate - koko deluxe chocolate iced chocolate - koko deluxe chocolate served w/ a scoop of house made ice-cream iced coffee - latte over ice served w/ a scoop of house made ice-cream chai - calmer sutra chai pot of tease tea english breakfast, earl grey, green sencha, rose-lavendar lemongrass & ginger, pure peppermint, pure chamomile, liqu


Revista HISTEDBR On-line Artigo LA EDUCACION: ESTRATEGIA DE RESISTENCIA Y RECONSTRUCCIÓN ORGANIZACIONAL CAMPESINA COOPERATIVA.1 Doctor en Educaçao pela Universidade Estadual de Campinas Profesor do Departamento de Educaçao da Universidad De La Frontera, Temuco, Chile . RESUMO: El Articulo Analiza la funcion de los Procesos Educacionales en la Resistencia y Reorganizac

01 dvd thr complications information sheet 2006 final

RISKS AND COMPLICATIONS TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT RISKS AND COMPLICATIONS - TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT INTRODCUTION (1) ANAESTHETIC AND MEDICAL: (2) BLOOD TRANSFUSION: (3) INFECTION: 1. Superficial Wound Infection 2. Deep Infection (4) WOUND AND LEG PROBLEMS: 1. Wound Haematoma: 2. Tender Scar and Trochanteric Bursitis: 3. Leg Swelling: 4. Groin Aches: 6. Leg Leng

Microsoft word - wember collection _1_

A New Look At Old Remedies David Wember, M.D., D.Ht. (March 92) Excerpted from a presentation given at the Ohio/Southern/Michigan/Pennsylvania Homeopathic Medical Societies' Meeting in Dayton, Ohio, October 1991. ABSTRACT: Several small and unusual remedies prescribed for various clinical conditions are hghlighted. Covered are such conditions as nausea of pregnancy, colds and allergic rhinnitis, e


«“√ “√°“√·æ∑¬å·ºπ‰∑¬·≈–°“√·æ∑¬å∑“߇≈◊Õ° ªï∑’Ë ˆ ©∫—∫∑’Ë Ú æƒ…¿“§¡- ‘ßÀ“§¡ (©∫—∫‡ √‘¡) ÚııÒ In vivo anti-inflammatory of the 7 Lanna medicinal plant recipes selected from the Thai/Lanna Medicinal Plant Recipe Database (T/LMPRD) , Suda Saowakhon , Rattanapon Chantip , Ji

Tableaux de charactères pour le standard unicode, version 5.0

Le standard Unicode, version 5.0Ce fichier comprend un extrait des tableaux de caractères et de la liste des noms de caractère duStandard Unicode, version 5.0. Ce fichier ne sera pas mis à jour pour des corrections ou lorsque des caractères seront ajoutés au standard Unicode. On AvertissementCes tableaux servent de référence en ligne pratique aux caractères inclus dans la version 5.0 du s


BAKGRUNN Nasjonalt Kompetansesenter for Søvnsykdommer (SOVno) ble etablert i september 2004, og er lokalisert til Psykiatrisk Klinikk på Haukeland Universitetssykehus. Det er Helsedepartementet som fatter vedtak om etablering av Nasjonale kompetansesentra. SOVno skal sikre nasjonal kompetanseoppbygging og kompetansespredning innenfor søvn. Viktige oppgaver er (se for øvrig http://www.dep.no/

Microsoft word - knee arthritis. non-operative treatments

Dr C S Waller MB BS FRCS(Ed) FRACS FA(Orth)A Specialist Hip and Knee Surgeon NON-SURGICAL TREATMENTS FOR OSTEOARTHRITIS of the KNEE The knee is the largest joint in the body, and is also the joint most commonly affected by osteoarthritis. There are many factors that contribute to the development of osteoarthritis. Such factors include family history, injury, obesity, overuse, malalignme


Top 10 Human Medications Poisonous To Pets Tips from Pet Poison Helpline to Help Keep Your Pet Safe! By Ahna Brutlag, DVM, Assistant Director of Veterinary Services Pet owners who are serious about pet-proofing their home should start with their own medicine cabinet. Pet Poison Helpline™ is a 24-hour service available throughout North America for pet owners and veterinary professi

Microsoft word - info package

- Any other personal documentation required, - Please note that it is advisable to leave photocopies of important documents at 2) Spending money: - currency: South African Rand, - NO ATM facility on site, - bring cash. 3) Large travel backpack or suitcase as well as a small day backpack - Shampoo and conditioner (if necessary), - Sanitary products for ladies (if necessary), - Insect/tick r

Publication list of the last 5 years, dr

Publication list of the last 5 years, Dr. Gerhard Laux Schlee M, Schuhmacher M, Hölzel M, Laux G and Bornkamm G W. c-MYC Impairs Immunogenicity of Human B Cells Adv. Cancer Res. 97: 167-188, 2007. Schlee M, Hölzel M, Bernard S, Mailhammer R, Schuhmacher M, Reschke J, Eick D, Marinkovic D, Wirth T, Rosenwald A, Staudt L M, Eilers M, Baran- Marszak F, Fagard R, Feuillard J, Laux G and B

Nursing professional development department

UMass Memorial Medical Center Nursing Professional Development Department Medication Administration Assessment Study Guide The Nursing Department at UMMMC requires successful completion of a medication administration test by all nurses beginning employment at UMMMC prior to medication administration in the clinical area. This study guide should help you prepare for the test


Protección contra la violencia de genero Lo que tú puedes hacer sPaans Protección contra la violencia de genero La violencia surge en todas partes: en el hogar, en el trabajo y en la calle. La violencia se presenta en todas las culturas. Tanto mujeres como hombres y niños pueden verse afectados por la violencia como víctimas o como testigos. La mayoría de los casos

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Ninemsn TRADE LOTTERY template conditions Voltaren Rapid Entry Instructions To enter visit www.ninemsn.com.au/voltaren or www.voltarenrapid.com.au and play the Rapid Response Game. After completing the game, an entry form will appear where consumers will need to correctly answer in one word the competition question and complete their name and address details to receive


Nonprescription Availability of Emergency Contraceptionin the United States: Current Status, Controversies, andFrom the Department of Emergency Medicine, Brown Medical School, Providence, RI. In October 2004, the American College of Emergency Physicians Council joined more than 60 otherhealth professional organizations in supporting the nonprescription availability of emergencycontraception. Th

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