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A C Petfoods (2007) Ltd
2014 Bobby Calf Collection
Welcome to AC Petfoods Calf Collection Service. We look forward to working with you this season. We require the following forms to be completed once to cover your farm for the year. Calf payments are made by the 10th of the month for the previous month’s collection. AC Petfoods runs a Cash for Schools Programme. If you would like the proceeds of your calves to go to a school of your choice, please state which school you would like to nominate. Calves DO NOT require any TAGS (Including NAIT Tags)
Please ensure the following conditions are met so there is no delay in collection:  Calves must have dry and withered naval.  Calves hooves must be firm and worn flat – not rounded with unworn, soft tissue  Calves must be strong enough for transport (at least 4 days old).  Calves must be fed before pick up and stomach must not be concave (sunken).  Collection will be any time from 7:30am onwards  For casual collection requests, all calves must be phoned in by 1pm Calf pen must be clearly marked (We will give you a sign for the pen on your first pick up). Any calves not intended for AC Petfoods must be removed from collection pen.  The pen must be easily accessible for the driver and their vehicle  We will collect calves within meat withholding periods, (including penicillin milk).
Any calf sent within the meat withholding period or that has had animal treatment
must be spray painted with a dot on its head. This does not effect your payment or

Please refer to our website for pricing. Note: We try to avoid price schedule changes, however, if a change does occur throughout the season, it will take place on the 1st day of the month and will be communicated via our website. Have a great season James and Anna Hicks Locally Owned & Operated A C Petfoods (2007) Ltd
Calf Supplier Pick up and Payment Details Form

Pick Up Details
Dairy Number __________________________________________
Pick up Address __________________________________________ Contact Name ___________________________________________ Contact Number ___________________________________________
Payment Details
Name/ Company/ Trust __________________________________________
Postal Address __________________________________________ Contact Name __________________________________________ Contact Number __________________________________________ GST Number __________________________________________ Bank Account Number _______________________________________________
□ I would my payment to be donated to the following school. ………………………………………….
□ I would like my monthly Tax Invoice emailed to me. Email address …………………………………
I declare the above information to be correct.
Signed:________________________________ Position:_______________________
Name:_________________________________ Date:_________________________
Please return this form to:
A C Petfoods OR FAX 07 843 9039
3789 Ohaupo Road OR EMAILRD2 Ohaupo 3882
Ph 07 843 9036 or 0800 DOWNCOW
Website www.acpetfoods.co.nz
A C Petfoods (2007) Ltd
Bobby Calf (Direct to Petfood Slaughter) Status Declaration 2014
Farm Trading Name__________________________ Contact Name_____________________ Contact Phone ____________________________ Pick up Address_____________________________________________________________ A) any bobby calf I send for petfood slaughter is not within the meat withholding period of any animal remedy or treatment: - administered to that calf (note 1) - given to the dam before the birth of that calf (note 2) - given to any cow that has been used to supply milk to that calf (note 3) or B) when any bobby calf I send for petfood slaughter is within the meat withholding period, outlined in A) above, I will advise the petfood operator of the animal treatment by way of a spray dot on the head of the affected calf.
I will ensure that any bobby calf I send for petfood slaughter has not been fed with any Ruminant Protein
as defined in the Biosecurity (Ruminant Protein) Regulations 1999 (note 4)
As part of this agreement I undertake to ensure that all who work with these animals are instructed on
the need to comply with these requirements
If I become aware of any calf that has been inadvertently sent for petfood slaughter while not meeting
any of these conditions, I shall immediately inform the slaughter facility

I declare that as a supplier of calves intended for petfood, this Bobby Calf Status Declaration is
true and accurate, and that I have read, understand and agree that I must abide by the
requirements set out.
Unless I advise AC Petfoods Ltd of any change prior, this declaration remains valid until 31st
December 2014.

Owner/ Manager Signature (note 5) __________________________ Date _______________
Note 1 This includes calves treated directly with any microbial agent (eg antibiotic or sulpha drugs). This
does not include treatment with an approved electrolyte which is clearly labelled to indicate there is no withholding period is permitted. Note 2 This is where a pregnant cow has been treated with any animal remedy. The calf's meat withholding period is the same as that of the cow. Note 3 Calves may be indirectly exposed to chemical residues if they are fed milk from a treated cow. The calf's meat withholding period is the same as the meat withholding period of the cow providing milk. Note 4 The Biosecurity (Ruminant Protein) Regulations 1999 makes it an offence to feed any ruminant animal ruminant protein. Any calf that has been fed ruminant protein (such as a supplement containing meat and bone meal) is not eligible for use for petfood. Note 5 The person signing this declaration must be the person with specific responsibility for the calves

Source: http://www.acpetfoods.co.nz/CalfForms.pdf

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