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رﺧﻵا فﻠﻣﻟا ﻊﻣ ًﺎﯾﺑﻌﺷﺗ ﺔطﺑﺗرﻣ ﻩﺎﻧدأ ﻲﻓ بﺗﻛﻟا نأ ﺔظﺣﻼﻣ ﻊﻣ بﺗ
: ﻛﻟا نﯾوﺎﻧﻋ لﯾﻟد
1. 100 Beautiful Trees of India 2. 4th Conference on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of South-East European 3. A Contemplation Upon Flowers 4. A Dictionary of Plant Sciences Oxford Paperback Reference 5. A Field Guide to Eastern Forests, North America Peterson Field Guide Series ; 6. A Field Guide to Medicinal Plants Eastern and Central North America 7. A Field Guide to Southwestern and Texas Wildflowers Peterson Field Guide 8. A Guide To Medicinal Plants of Appalachia 9. A Guide to Microsofl Excel 2002 for Scientists and Engineers 10. A Guide to Native Plants of the New York City Region 11. A Guide to Natures Medicine Chest 12. A Numerical Taxonomy of Islamic Medical Systems and Their Antecedants 13. A Pattern Garden the Essential Elements of Garden Making 14. A Selected and Annotated Bibliography of Pitch Pine 15. A Taste for Gardening Classed and Gendered Practices 16. Advances in Botanical Research Volume 20 17. Advances in Plant Ethylene Research 18. African Medicinal Plants 19. Agapanthus 20. Agricultural System Models in Field Research and Technology Transfer 21. Agrobacterium Protocols 22. Alkaloids Chemical and Biological Perspectives 23. Allium Crop Science Recent Advances 24. Alternative Crops for the Columbia Basin 25. An Herbal Cultivation Guide 26. An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Clematis 27. Anatomy of A Rose 28. Anatomy of Flowering Plants 29. Annual Plant Reviews Volume 34 Molecular Aspects of Plant Disease 30. Annual Plant Reviews Volume 40 Biochemistry of Plant Secondary 31. Anthocyanins 32. Applied Principles of Horticultural Science 33. Arbuscular Mycorrhizas: Physiology and Function 34. Atlas of Microscopy 35. Atlas of Woody Plant Stems Evolution, Structure, and Environmental 36. Basics of Horticulture 37. Being a Family Hand-Book of Botanic Treatment 38. Bioactive Molecules and Medicinal Plants 39. Bioactivity of Essential Oils of Selected Temperate Aromatic Plants 40. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Plant Hormones 41. Biosaline Agriculture and High Salinity Tolerance 42. Biotechnology and Plant Disease Management 43. Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry 44. Biotechnology Procedures and Experiments Handbook 45. Book One: Aromatics 46. Botany for Gardeners an Introduction Guide 47. Botany Handbook for Florida 48. Botany Illustrated 49. Bromeliaceae Profile of an Adaptive Radiation 50. Bulbs of North America 51. C++ 52. Calendula an Herb Society of America Guide 53. Cell and tissue culture : laboratory procedures in biotechnology 54. Cell Cycle Control and Plant Development 55. Chemistry of Spices 56. Chemotyped Essential Oils and Their Synergies 57. Citrus 58. City of Brampton Planning, Design and Development Department 59. Cold Hardiness in Plants Molecular Genetics, Cell Biology and Physiology 60. Collins Photo Guide Tropical Plants 61. Commercial Greenhouse Production in Alberta 62. Companies’ Catalogue Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Mushrooms Wild 63. Composting for Dummies 64. Concise Encyclopedia of Plant Pathology 65. Concise Encyclopedia of Temperate Tree Fruit 66. Conservation and cultivation of medicinal plants in Ghana 67. Conservation and Sustainable Use of Medicinal Plants in Ghana 68. Container Gardening for Dummies 69. Control of Primary Metabolism in Plants 70. Controlling Weeds in Nursery and Landscape Plantings 71. Creating a Climate for Growth 72. Creating Your Eco-Friendly Garden 73. Crop Fertilization Based on North Carolina Soil Tests 74. Culture of Cells for Tissue Engineering 75. Cut Flowers and Greenery Import Manual 76. Cut Flowers and Greens 77. Dangerous Harvest Drug Plants and the Transformation of Indigenous 78. Description of Selected Waste Management Problems, Options and Strategies 79. Desert Plants Biology and Biotechnology 80. Design for Gardens 81. Developing Guidelines on Henna A Geographical Approach 82. Dictionary of Plant Breeding 83. Dictionary of Plant Lore 84. Dormancy in Plants 85. Draft Report Biological Characteristics Mesopotamian Marshlands of Southern 86. Ecological Methods in Forest Pest Management 87. Economically Important Plant Families 88. Electronic Communication 89. Endogenous Plant Rhythms 90. Environmental Guidelines for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Landfills and Wastewater Treatment Facilities 91. Environmental Physiology of Plants 92. Ericaceae in Malesia: Vicariance Biogeography, Terrane Tectonics and 93. Essential Oil Booklet 94. Essential Oils and Their Synergies 95. Ethylene Action in Plants 96. Fenugreek The genus Trigonella 97. Fern Ecology 98. Field Guide for Erosion and Sediment Control on Construction Sites in 100. Flora of Great Britain and Ireland 101. Flora Plants and Trees of the North Woods and Boundary Waters 102. Flower and Plant Care 103. Flower Seeds Biology and Technology 104. Flowering and its Manipulation 105. Flowering Bulbs for Tennessee Gardens 106. Flowering Plants, Magnolias to Pitcher Plants Illustrated Flora of Illinois 107. Flowering Pot Plants All Year Round 108. Flowers of the Southwest Deserts 109. Food and Agricultural Wastewater Utilization and Treatment 110. For Shade and For Comfort 111. Forensic Botany Principles and Applications to Criminal Casework 112. Forest Health 113. Forest Nursery Manual: Production of Bareroot Seedlings 114. Forest Trees of Maine 115. Fresh Cut Flowers 116. Fruit Crops 117. Fuchsias 118. Garden Botanika 119. Gardening Basics for Canadians for Dummies 120. Gardening Basics For Dummies 121. Gardening with Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest 122. Gardening With Native Wild Flowers 123. Gardening with Perennials Month by Month 124. Gardening with the Goddess 125. Gardening with Woodland Plants 126. Gardens an Essay on the Human Condition 127. Gene Cloning 128. Genetically Modified Crops Their Development Use and Risks 129. Ginseng Dreams 130. GIS Applications in Agriculture 131. Gladiolus in Tropical Africa Systematics Biology & Evolution 132. Grafting & Budding 133. Grasslands Ecology Management and Restoration 134. Green book 2006 135. Grow Organic 136. Growth Control in Woody Plants 137. Handbook of Industrial Cell Culture 138. Handbook of Photosynthesis 139. Handbook of Plant and Crop Physiology 140. Handbook of Plant Nutrition 141. Handbook of reference methods for plant analysis 142. Handbook of Seed and Planting Material Testing Manuals 143. Handbook of Soil Acidity 144. Herbs in Bloom A Guide to Growing Herbs as Ornamental Plants 145. Historic Cemeteries Preservation Guide 146. Homes and Gardens 147. Horticultural Reviews Volume 21 148. Horticultural Reviews Volume 27 149. Horticultural Reviews Volume 29 Wild Apple and Fruit Trees of Central Asia 150. Horticultural Reviews Volume 31 151. Horticultural Reviews Volume 32 152. Horticulture 153. Horticulture Handbook 154. How to Hydroponics 155. How-To Hydroponics 156. Hydroponics for the Home Gardener 157. Idaho’s Noxious Weeds 158. Identification of Knapweeds and Starthistles in the Pacific Northwest 159. Insect–Plant Biology 160. International Review of Cytology A Survey of Cell Biology 161. International Trade in Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Ch11 162. Introducing Environment 163. Introduction to Cell and Tissue Culture 164. Introduction to Plant Pathology 165. Invasive Forest Insects, Introduced Forest Trees, 166. Islamic Medicine in Context 167. Japanese Maples 168. Jute and Kenaf 169. Laboratory Manual for Applied Botany 170. Light and Plant Development 171. Liquid Culture Systems for In vitro Plant Propagation 172. Major Types of Chemical Compounds in Plants & Animals 173. Manual of Gardening 174. Manual-on-Horticulture 175. Marketing Manual and Web Directory for Organic Spices Herbs and Essential 176. Medicinal Natural Products: A Biosynthetic Approach 177. Medicinal Plant Biotechnology 178. Medicinal Plant Markets and Trade in Maputo, Mozambique 179. Medicinal Plants and Conservation Issues and Approaches 180. Medicinal Plants of Asia and the Pacific 181. Medicinal Plants of Jamaica. Parts 1 & 11. 182. Methods in Molecular Biology Vol. 44 Agrobactenum Protocols 183. Methods in Molecular Biology Volume 6 Plant Cell and Tissue Culture 184. Mint The Genus Mentha 185. Mistletoe The Genus Viscum 186. Modern Methods in Orchid Conservation the Role of Physiology Ecology and 187. Monitoring and Predicting Agricultural Drought: A Global Study 188. Monographs Extracted From The Eclectic Materia Medica, Pharmacology and 189. Mother's Remedies 190. Multiproduct Plants 191. Narcissus and Daffodil : The Genus Narcissus Medicinal and Aromatic Plants- 192. Natural Product Research 193. Natural Products from Plants 194. Natural Scientific Remedies 195. Neem The Divine Tree Azadirachta indica 196. New High Quality Oil Seed Crops for Temperate and Tropical Australia 197. New York City’s Central Park 198. Nitric Oxide in Plant Physiology 199. NIU Biology Dept. Plant List (By Family) 200. Nursery Management 201. Oranges are Not the Only Fruit 202. Organic Crop Production – Ambitions and Limitations 203. Organic Fruit Growing 204. Organic Plant Breeding and Propagation: Concept and Strategies 205. Ornamental Plants Propagation in the Tropics 206. Ornamental Wall Painting in the Art of the Assyrian Empire 207. Ornamental, Turf, and Greenhouse Pest Management 208. Penstemons 209. Petunia 210. PGPR Biocontrol and Biofertilization 211. Pharmacopoeial Wild Medicinal Plants in Egypt 212. Phenolic Compound Biochemistry 213. Photoperiodism in Plants 214. Physicochemical and Environmental Plant Physiology 215. Physiology of Quality Change Modeling 216. Physiology of Woody Plants 217. Phytoplasmas Genomes Plant Hosts and Vectors 218. Phytotron 219. Plant Growth and Development Hormones and Environment 220. Plant Alkaloids A Guide to Their Discovery and Distribution 221. Plant Architecture and its Manipulation 222. Plant Biochemistry 223. Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Markers 224. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture 225. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture - A Tool in Biotechnology 226. Plant Cell Culture 227. Plant Cell Culture Medium 228. Plant Cell Culture Protocols 229. Plant Cell Death Processes 230. Plant Cytogenetics 231. Plant Ecology 232. Plant Epigenetics 233. Plant Genetics and Genomics: Crops and Models 234. Plant Growth and Climate Change 235. Plant Growth Regulators 236. Plant Growth Signaling 237. Plant identification terminology 238. Plant Microbiology 239. Plant Micronutrients 240. Plant Nutrition 241. Plant Nutrition of Greenhouse Crops 242. Plant Physiology 3rd 243. Plant Pigments and their Manipulation 244. Plant Propagation by Tissue Culture 3rd Edition 245. Plant Proteomics 246. Plant Roots Growth Activity and Interaction with Soils 247. Plant Seed Pull Weed Nurturing the Garden of Your Life 248. Plant Stems Physiology and Functional Morphology 249. Plant Tissue Culture Theory and Practice, a Revised Edition 250. Plantation Technology in Tropical Forest Science 251. Planting Wet lands and Dams 252. Plants and Temperature 253. Plants for Houston and the Gulf Coast 254. Plants for Life Medicinal Plant Conservation and Botanic Gardens 255. Plants from Test Tubes 256. Plants Propagation 257. Plants That Merit Attention. Vol. 1, Trees 258. Plants Under Stress 259. Pomegranates Ancient Roots to Modern Medicine 260. Postharvest Handling and Physiology of Horticultural Crops 261. Postharvest Management of Fruit and Vegetables in the Asia-Pacific Region 262. Postharvest O 263. Post-harvest Technology of Horticultural Crops 264. Potato Biology and Biotechnology 265. Powerful and Unusual Herbs from the Amazon and China 266. Practical Science F O R Gardeners 267. Pre- Feasibility Study for Floriculture Farming Production Processing and 268. Principles of Horticulture 269. Principles of Plant Science Environmental Factors and Technology in Growing 270. Principles of Soil and Plant Water Relations 271. Production of Pot Roses Growers Handbook Series ; V. 7 272. Propagation of Pacific Northwest Native Plants 273. Proteaceous Ornamentals 274. Protocols for Micropropagation of Woody Trees and Fruits 275. Pruning for Flowers and Fruit 276. Pueraria The genus Pueraria 277. Quality control methods for medicinal plant materials World Health 278. Reactive Oxygen Species and Antioxidants in Higher Plants 279. Reference Guide to Local Plants and Trees 280. Rhododendrons in the Landscape 281. Right Word Wrong Word 282. Rock Garden Plants 283. Roses for Canadians for Dummies 284. Rutaceae yun xiang ke 285. Saffron Crocus sativus L. 286. Science and the Garden The Scientific Basis of Horticultural Practice 287. Secretory Structures of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants 288. Seed Development and Germination Books in Soils Plants and the 289. Seed Development, Dormancy and Germination 290. Seed Storage of Horticultural Crops 291. Seed Treatment 292. Seeds Handbook : Biology, Production, Processing, and Storage Books in 293. Selected Topics in the Chemistry of Natural Products 294. Senescence Processes in Plants 295. Shrubs of the Great Basin : A Natural History 296. Silvics Manual Volume 1 297. Small-Scale Postharvest Handling Practices: A Manual for Horticultural Crops 298. Soilless Culture Theory and Practice 299. Some Special Aspects of Plant Growth and Development 300. Stevia The genus Stevia 301. Sulfur in Plants An Ecological Perspective 302. Supplements 303. Sustainable Agriculture Certification Standard for Cut Flowers and Ornamental 304. Sustainable Gardening in Moonee Valley 305. Sustainable Horticultural Production in the Tropics 3rd to 6th Oct. 2001 306. Sustainable Horticultural Production in the Tropics 6th to 9th August 2002 307. Sustainable Horticultural Production in the Tropics Nov. 24th – 27 th 2004 308. Sustainable Horticultural Production in THE TROPICS November, 24th - 309. Sustainable Management of Soil Organic Matter 310. Taiwanese Native Medicinal Plants Phytopharmacology and Therapeutic 311. Taxus 312. Tea Tree The Genus melaleuca 313. THE ALKALOIDS Chemistry and Physiology 314. The Alkaloids Chemistry and Physiology Volume XVII 315. The Alkaloids: Chemistry and Biology 316. The Australian Botanic guide 317. The Babylonian World 318. The Book of Photography 319. The Book of Weeds 320. The Bountiful Solar Greenhouse 321. The Color Encyclopedia of Hostas 322. The Complete Book of Cut Flower Care 323. The Complete Book of Hair Loss Answers 324. The Conservation Status of Echinacea Species 325. The Dynamic Landscape 326. The Ecology of Trees in the Tropical Rain Forest 327. The Evolution of Plant Physiology 328. The Flowering Plants of Rye Harbour 329. The Functional Role of Anthocyanins in Leaves 330. The Garden of Life 331. The Gardener's Handbook 332. The Green World Horticulture 333. The Himalayan Garden Growing Plants from the Roof of the World 334. The New Orleans Garden 335. The Physiology of Flowering Plants 336. The Physiology Of Higher Plants An Outline 337. The Plant Cell Wall 338. The Rock and water Garden Expert 339. The Sandy Mush Herb Nursery Handbook 340. The Soybean Botany, Production and Uses 341. The Year in Trees : Superb Woody Plants for Four-season Gardens 342. Tips & Traps for Growing and Maintaining the Perfect Lawn 343. Tomato Plant Culture in the Field Greenhouse and Home Garden 344. Top Ten Plants that have influenced Humankind 345. Transgenic Plants and Crops 346. Transgenic Plants Methods and Protocols 347. Trees 348. Trees Don't Freeze, A Book about Adaptation 349. Trees, Truffles, and Beasts 350. Trees: Their Natural History 351. Trichoderma and Gliocladium. Volume 1, Basic Biology, Taxonomy and 352. Trichoderma and Gliocladium. Volume 2, Enzymes, Biological Control, and 353. Trigonella 354. Tropical Flowering Plants 355. Tropical Forest Insect Pests 356. Understanding Environmental Pollution 357. Understanding Flowers and Flowering an Integrated Approach 358. Units, Symbol, and Terminology for Plant Physiology 359. Units, Symbol, and Terminology for Plant Physiology 360. Urban Forest Acoustics 361. Urban Forest Guidelines 362. Useful Herbs of the CSA Garden 363. Using Herbs in the Landscape 364. Vegetative Tree Propagation in Agroforestry Training Guidelines and 365. Vetiveria The Genus Vetiveria 366. Vitamin C Function and Biochemistry in Animals and Plants 367. Water wise House & Garden Allan Windust A Guide For Sustainable Living 368. Weed Appendix 369. Weed Manual 370. WHO Guidelines on Good Agricultural and Collection Practices GACP for 371. Wild Flowers 372. Woody Ornamentals for Deep South Gardens 373. Your Garden 374. آرﻘﻟا ﻲﻓ تﺎﺑﻧﻟا مﻟﺎﻋ تﺎﺑﻧﻟا ﺎ ﯾﺟوﻟوﯾﺳﻓ


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Conservation of Wetlands- A pilot study on the effect of pollution of the river Kuroor Thodu, Kothamangalam, Kerala Dr. Selven S., Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology Mar Athanasius College, Kothamangalam, Kerala The present study investigated the extent of pollution in terms of bacteriological and physicochemical parameters in a fresh water stream, at Kothamangalam municip

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