Penicillinase - product information, 04-2009

Penicillinase Solution
Composition and concentration
The Penicillinase solution contains
Storage and use by date
The Penicillinase solution can be stored at 6 – 10 °C, until the mentioned date on the
packing (for at least 6 weeks). In the case of contamination the solution may be rendered
unusable or may lead to incorrect results. The solution must therefore always be kept
clean and carried out with care.
Instructions for use
The Penicillinase solution can be used for the identification of penicillinase-unstable
penicillins. The Penicillinase solution is delivered ready for use and can be used as
1. Pipette 10 µl of the Penicillinase solution into one of the wells. 2. Add 0.1 ml of the positive test sample. 3. Incubate by the described manner. If the milk sample has been contaminated by Penicillinase-unstable penicillins, the well will show a negative reaction after incubation. In the presence of other inhibitors, it will show a positive reaction. Mechanism of action
ß-lactam-antibiotics, like penicillins and cefalosporines can be inactivated by enzymes, the
so-called ß-lactamases, to which also penicillinase belongs. ß-lactamases hydrolyse the
lactam ring of the antibiotics, responsible for their activity. This ring can be protected by
side chains against the ß-lactamases, as a result, the various ß-lactam-antibiotics have
different stability.
With the addition of penicillinase to a sample contaminated with penicillins the antibiotics
are deactivated. So, during the test (BRT) the growth of the test germ Geobac.
var. calidolactis C953 (before B. stearothermophilus) is not inhibited
any more and the test result is negative yellow cavity.
Penicillinase - Product Information, 04-2009.doc Stability of selected beta-lactamase antibiotics against beta-lactamase

Beta-lactamase does not inactivate other antiinfectives as e.g. tetracyclines, sulfonamides, makrolides or amino-glykosides Further information
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BRT – Product Information
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BRT – The Visual Evaluation
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Standards, lyophilisated – Product Information
Penicillinase Product Information
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