Emma visits the salon at least once a month for teeth whitening service, Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and most cost effective procedures you can undergo to improve your appearance. It is not painful (aside from sensitivity, in some cases, which can last 24 hours) and will not harm your teeth or gums. Nearly everybody with good general and dental health is suitable for teeth whitening. Everyone wants beautiful white teeth and laser whitening can lighten teeth between five to twelve shades. The effect of the treatment lasts for up to three years, depending on your lifestyle, and the cost of the treatment includes a take home kit worth £55 to enable you to get your teeth to their optimum level of whiteness and maintain your new whiter smile. Treatment begins with a medical and consent form being filled out. If both the clinician and the client are happy to go ahead the process can begin. This involves applying a barrier to the gums to protect them before applying 3-4 applications of whitening gel. Each application is ‘lasered’ for ten minutes before being suctioned off and the next being applied. (Please be aware this is not a laser, it is a blue light, and is used to speed up the whitening process). The whole treatment takes roughly an hour.
It is important to understand that our clinician is NOT a dentist or dental nurse but a technician who specializes in the cosmetic practice of teeth whitening. Arcana Group Of Salons have worked with Teethwhite technicians for a number of years and are fully confident in their training, effectively ‘share’ an appointment slot; professional standards and aftercare support.
this is perfect pre wedding for a bride and groom or groups of bridesmaids All certification, insurance documents and client testimonials are available upon request and a number of Arcana staff have enjoyed the procedure and will be more than happy to show you the results and discuss their Teethwhite consultations are available during scheduled clinic visits at zero cost. However if you are keen to have the treatment as soon as possible we suggest asking for a ‘call back’ and Emma can answer any questions that you may have and then get you booked in following payment of the non refundable £50 deposit. Only if you are considered unsuitable for treatment will you be offered a refund on your deposit.
50 Lennon DriveCrownhillMilton Keynes MK8 0AS frequently Asked Questions (page 1 of 3)TEETH WHITENING Although the kit will last for approximately 15 months the whiteness will last a lot longer. Top up packs of gel Tooth whitening is a highly effective way of lightening are also available for once the gel in the kit is used up.
the natural colour of your teeth without adversely affecting any of each tooth’s surfaces. It can make a huge There are significant improvements after just one clinic session; you will see the results in a measured way; the clinician will decide with you before and after treatment There are a number of reasons why you might wish to the shades that match your teeth so that you can see how get your teeth whitened. Everyone is different; and just much they have changed immediately after your session. as our hair and skin colour vary, so do our teeth. Very few The desired overall level of whitening is often reached people have brilliant-white teeth, and our teeth can also within 7-10 days of treatment by using the homecare become more discoloured as we get older.
maintenance kit. That said, individual characteristics and lifestyle will ultimately determine the speed of results.
your teeth can also be stained on the surface through food and drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine and blackcurrant. Smoking can also stain teeth.
The system is most effective on healthy unrestored Tartar can also affect the colour of teeth. Some people teeth. Continued use will achieve the desired results and may have staining under the surface, which can be where bad staining has occurred the teeth can lighten caused by certain antibiotics such as Tetracycline as much as eight shades. Although surface stain removal will occur on most artificial dental products (ie crowns bridges etc) they will not lighten any more than their Teeth White’s whitening gel will remove most stains with a gentle sustained release action which oxidises (bleaches) stains within your teeth. Throughout the process the tooth structure remains unchanged. The Over a decade of clinical research in the uSA indicates active ingredient penetrates the enamel and acts on that teeth whitening is completely safe, however, Teeth the dentine inside to break down organic deposits into White recommends that pregnant women, nursing smaller lighter particles which lighten the overall colour mothers and anyone taking any form of medication consult their GP prior to whitening their teeth The effect of most whitening treatments will last for at least 6 months. Depending on lifestyle, it could last for up to 2 years. Teethwhite’s home maintenance kits contain enough whitening gel to last most users 15 months (if used as directed). Around 50% of the gel contained in each kit will allow users to reach the desired level of whiteness and this usually occurs within the first two weeks. The other 50% is available for top up applications to maintain the whiteness. Individual characteristics and lifestyles will determine the required frequency of top up applications although Teethwhite has found that wearing the mouthpiece overnight once a month is enough.
frequently Asked Questions (page 2 of 3)TEETH WHITENING WHAT ARE THE ALTERNATIVES TO THE TEETHWHITE IS THE GEL yOu OffER THE SAME AS THAT WHICH I Apart from whitening toothpastes, which have poor Exactly the same. Many dentists only offer one gel results and can be abrasive, the alternatives are laser strength whereas Teethwhite offers three - Regular, whitening, dentist whitening and over-the-counter systems. Although laser whitening produces instant results it is not accessible to everyone, due mainly to CAN I WEAR My HOMECARE MAINTENANCE MOuTHPIECE OVERNIGHT? the cost, which is usually between £600 and £3000. Resuming normal lifestyle habits, ie. drinking coffee, Teethwhite actually recommends that you wear your red wine, smoking etc. means that the results quickly mouthpiece over night as less saliva is produced whilst diminish. With the teeth white system you are able to top up the whiteness when necessary. Dentist whitening HOW MANy APPLICATIONS SHOuLD I GET OuT Of is exactly the same process as the teeth white system but with charges anywhere from £250 to £700, you are paying the dentists for their time, despite the fact that you should be able to dispense 6 treatments (3 upper the whitening is done by you at home.
and 3 lower) from each gel cartridge.
CAN My SON OR DAuGHTER HAVE THE PROCEDuRE The over-the-counter systems produce poor results as they contain low levels of the active ingredient needed to whiten teeth. The mouthpieces also tend to be bulky It depends on their age. We advise persons under 16 yrs and don’t conform to the exact shape of your teeth. old not to whiten their teeth unless they are under the This results in dilution and ingestion of the already weak whitening agent and can lead to uneven results and ‘spotting’ on the teeth. These systems cost between £15 IS IT NORMAL TO ExPERIENCE TOOTH SENSITIVITy Temporary sensitivity is quite common. As your teeth WHAT IS THE DIffERENCE BETWEEN uSING THE TEETHWHITE SySTEM AND HAVING My TEETH become accustomed to the gel you will notice less sensitivity. you can treat sensitivity by placing a small The only difference is the cost. Dentists tend to charge amount of desensitising toothpaste, such as Sensodyne, between £250 and £700 for the exact same process and into your mouthpiece and wearing it for around 15 All sensitivity should cease when you are not whitening TREATMENTS AND THEy HAVE NOT WORKED, WHy IS TEETHWHITE ANy DIffERENT? The active ingredient in Teethwhite is Carbamide Peroxide which is a bleaching agent. Most over-the-counter treatments contain little or no bleaching agents and therefore they have poor results. Some over-the-counter treatement can be abrasive and therefore damaging to teeth.
frequently Asked Questions (page 3 of 3)TEETH WHITENING ASIDE fROM SENSITIVITy ARE THERE ANy OTHER CAN I HAVE TREATMENT ON A TOOTH THAT HAS There have been reports of discomfort in the gums, a yes. Many dead teeth discolour after a root filling. If the sore throat or even white patches on the gum line but tooth has been root treated, the canal (which previously these are all very rare. These symptoms are temporary contained the nerve) may be reopened. The whitening and should disappear within a few days of ceasing product is applied working from the inside to whiten the tooth. Consult your dentist for further details of this treatment.
If any of these symptoms continue you should consult your dentist.
We would always recommend that prior to any teeth WHAT IS THE DIffERENCE BETWEEN TEETHWHITE AND LASER TOOTH WHITENING? whitening services you visit your dentist and ask his/her opinion. The general dental council advise that all Laser whitening or ‘power whitening’ is an extremely clients should infact seek a dentists ‘prescription’ ideally effective (but costly) method of whitening teeth which before embarking upon teeth whitening.
involves a rubber dam being placed over your gums to protect them before a high concentration of whitening If you have regular dental check ups and have normal gel (usually 35% carbamide peroxide) is painted on to healthy teeth and gums we see no reason why your dentist would discourage this procedure (they may even offer it themselves at a higher cost!). It is advisable to A light or laser is applied to the teeth as a catalyst to have recently had a ‘scale and polish’ at the dentists to speed up the chemical reaction and so the whitening maximize the effect of the teethwhite system.
process is complete in about an hour. Laser whitening can make teeth up to five or six shades lighter. Studies have shown that 40 hours of cumulative whitening with the Teethwhite system (16% carbamide peroxide) produces the same results as laser whitening in 78% of cases and in some cases better results than laser whitening.
The main drawback to laser whitening is the cost. We have identified Laser whitening charges ranging from £600 to £3,000 whereas the same treatment with Teethwhite would be £139 for the Laboratory Regular system Stain removal may occur on artificial dental products but they will not whiten any more than their original colour. As the other teeth lighten gradually you can choose to cease whitening or you can continue whitening and have your crown replaced to match your new whiter smile


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