Position: Professor
Qualification: M.Sc., PhD.
Areas of Research: Cytogenetics, Genetic Toxicology
Papers published in national/international journals:
1. Vinblastine-induced cytogenotoxicity in spermatogonia and its transmission in germinal cells of swiss mice. Journal of Environmental Pathology, Toxicology and
(U.S.A.), 2011, In press
2. Cytosine arabinoside-induced cytogenotoxicity in bone marrow and spermatogonial cells of mice and its potential transmission through the male germ line. Mutation Res.
673: 29-36, 2009.
3. Chromosomes of some Indian Lymnaeid snails and the karyotypic evolution in the family Lymnaeidae (Branchiopulmonata): Basommatophora. Anusandhan. J. of Sci.,
Berhampur University.
XVI: 93-111, 2008.
4. Vitamin C Modulation of Cisplatin-induced Cytogenotoxicity in Bone Marrow, Spermatogonia and its Transmission in the Male Germline of Swiss Mice. Journal of
Chemotherapy (Italy), 18(2), 182-187, 2006.
5. Modulation of methotrexate-induced cytogenotoxicity in mouse spermatogonia and its transmission in the male germline by caffeine. Environmental Toxicology and
Pharmacology (The Netherlands)
, 21: 254-259, 2006.
6. Etoposide-induced Cytogenotoxicity in mouse spermatogonia and its potential transmission. Journal of Applied Toxicology (USA), 25: 94-100, 2005.
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9. Modulatory effects of caffeine on methotrexate-induced cytogenotoxicity in mouse bone marrow. Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology (The Netherlands),
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13.Induction and transmission of cytogenetic toxic effects of 5-fluorouracil in male germline cells of Swiss mice. Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research
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19.Cytogenetic Toxicity of Cisplatin in Bone Marrow Cells of Swiss mice. Journal of
Chemotherapy (Italy), 12 (2): 173-182, 2000.
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28.Karyomorphology of four caragids from the Indian Ocean (Carangidae: Perciformes).
La Kromosomo (Japan), 69: 2329-2335, 1993.
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39.Chromosomes of six species of marine fishes. Caryologia (Italy), 32 (1): 15-21, 1979.
1. Dr. P. K. Baliarsingh Zooplankton as a model bioassay system 1992 for pollution studies of some inland water 2. Dr. R. K. Pandit A study on the mitotic and meiotic 1996 chromosomes of some Indian gastropods.
3. Dr. Sunil Misra Antimutagenic efficacy of L-Ascorbic acid 1999 on the genotoxic potential of certain anti- neoplastic drugs in the somatic and male germline cells of Swiss mice in vivo. 4. Dr. Manoj B. Jagdale Influence of Vitamin E on the genotoxic 2000 effects of certain antineoplastic drugs in the somatic and male germline cells of 5. Dr. Anil Kumar Palo Genotoxic effects of certain antineoplastic 2004 drugs in somatic and male germline cells of Swiss mice in vivo and their protection or


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