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My Health Story by Sheila B. I grew up in WV-was a country girl from the start in the 1950's. We grew our own meat--pig and cow. Ate farm eggs and fresh whole milk from a cow. I always wanted to be a nurse from the age of 9 years old so that was my goal throughout elementary and high school. We got all the childhood disease, chickenpox, measles, mumps, had tonsillitis and scarlet tina a few times. I remember getting penicillin shots in my behind a couple times at the ER when I was little. I out grew many diseases and wasn't sick much at all after I got a certain age. After I graduated high school, I attended nursing school. Never knew that there was any alternative to medicine or nursing. After nursing school I did find a book by Adele Davis about healthy eating. I started eating whole grains and lower fat foods, not fried etc. I ate more salads and fruits but was still immersed in the medical world. I believed everything they told us about medications, treatments and why people got sick. After staying home for 25 years when I was having children I was out of the loop in the medical and nursing world. I missed nursing so much because I loved hospital nursing and that was where I started and thought I would retire from. I started working part time about 8 yrs. ago and was amazed at the changes in the nursing world. People weighed so much that it created all kinds of health issues for them. Also, people were on so much medication I couldn't believe it! I didn't take anything except ibuprophen and thyroid medication. I knew the side effects from drugs and all of the drug interactions couldn't be good for anyone. Sometimes I was having some joint problems and felt achy so I took Advil or ibuprophen fairly often. After I had a tubal ligation in my early 40's I was depressed for a couple years and then when I turned 50 I felt thyroid nodules. Fortunately, the doc I saw at a university center was an old school guy and didn't do a biopsy and said even if it was cancer I would out last it. The newer docs love to do surgery and that is what would have happened to me just like several people I know today. I took Levoxyl for over 5 years and stopped several years ago. Reading on the internet about thyroid problems became my new hobby and I learned about a whole new world! I couldn't believe it. All of this information and I didn't know about it. I read and read and read some more. Then somehow I stumbled upon some of MH's info on cure zone. I ordered all the books he had for sale and started experimenting with different plant based products. At the same time one of my brothers got prostate cancer and had surgery. Then my s-i-l got melanoma and after 12 operations and 2 years of the doctors experimenting on her she died a horrible death at age 48. That was the last straw for me trusting the medical world. I remember eating some apple dumpling shortly after my s-i-l died and something told me "Either change your eating habits and lifestyle or else you will die like your s-i-l." Then I got serious about changing my lifestyle. I had started using LBB from MH. I never realized that being chronically constipated created so many health issues. As I learned more about the true causes of disease and ate the right things and went to the bathroom more I felt better and better. I didn't need to take ibuprophen as much. My joints didn't ache or hurt. I felt good. At the same time my hands shook a little bit when I held them out in front of me and I was developing a slight facial tic. In my reading I discovered that all of my 8 mercury silver fillings (from the time I was 19 years old ) may be causing this problem. And that the mercury fillings were not good for you since they were a heavy metal. I had them replaced and that was a long procedure but immediately, I could see that my hands didn't shake any more and the facial tic went away. I started using green powder mixing my own combinations, taking many of MH's syrups and tinctures. One morning I used de-wormer and then a half hour later took 1 tsp or 2 of cayenne powder in water. About 30 minutes later I thought I would die-was sweaty, shaky and wanted to die but didn't. I must have had a big die-off internally. I never had that sensation again thank heaven's! I have used so many of MH's products over the years. I like all of them and think he has a gift and a passion to heal people--if they want to be healed. I knew I had crossed over the line from believing in allopathic medicine to trusting that I was doing the right thing now when one morning I got vision problems. I had a lot of floaters and I got scared. I decided that maybe I needed to see a doctor after all. But I remembered what MH said about worms dying off and believed that it would pass and it did. That was a turning point for me personally. To trust in my own instincts and gut feelings. But each person has to make that decision for themselves-no one else can make it for them. About 3 yrs. ago I attended a weekend seminar at MH's with Amish folks and a few others. I could have stayed a week just learning and soaking up a lot of knowledge. I saw what limestone rock did to a body. We live in limestone territory here in WV --I remember scraping out the coffee pot when I was a kid at my parent's home. Our hot water heater at my house used to get clogged up with limestone before we got a water softener system. Another thing that has helped me to be a lot healthier than most people my age is that I drank so much water over the past 30 years. Water dilutes everything in our bodies and the toxins are diminished. MH doesn't think reverse osmosis water is as good as distilled water and maybe it's not-but that is what I have drank for over 25 years. My joints don't hurt at all and my bones are fine. Since I taught myself to drink water 30 years ago it has kept my skin looking good for my age and since I never smoked and do not take any medicine that helps too. I stopped taking the Levoxyl over 4 years ago and my thyroid nodules are shrinking down now as my hormones return to becoming balanced. I make my own facial lotions and toothpaste. Regular toothpaste tastes nasty to me. I could not drink a coke or Pepsi for anything because all I can taste is the sugar and chemicals. All of this is a process and a motto I remember every day is "Slow and steady wins the race." I read every day about how I can improve my health. I try to eat healthy every day . I think the less you eat the better off you are. I used to crave sugar-candy, cookies etc. Now I eat very little or no sugar. I do drink out of the maple syrup bottle some times though. I drink a lot of fruit smoothies, green drinks and soups I make. As I have gotten healthier I look at my tongue and it looks red and healthy now. A few years ago it was grey and dead looking. To me as a nurse that would be a sign of unhealthy organs internally. We can't see what our liver or stomach looks like but we can look at our tongue. My husband has to buy ibuprophen now if he wants it. I haven't taken any over the past 3 years. I use spray 1 every day for something. Take LBB every day and anything else I have a notion to when I look into my cabinet of MH's products. Every day is different so I adjust accordingly. I am amazed at how simple having good health is. Sheila B. February 24, 2012 This picture was taken last summer, with my husband Jim, at a winery in Temecula, California. One of our daughters and her family lives there.


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WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ATRIAL FIBRILLATIONAtrial fibrillation (a fib) is an irregularly irregular heart rhythm. Normally the heart hastwo areas of specialized tissue called the Sino-atrial(SA) and Atrio-ventricular(AV) nodes. TheSA node is responsible for “sparking” the heart to beat at a regular rate. The SA node is sensitiveto chemicals, hormones, and nervous stimulation. This node i

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