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Jamie Lustberg – FILMOGRAPHY

Jamie Lustberg is a multi award winning filmmaker. She has won three Emmy Awards, two
Webby Awrds, a Cine Golden Eagle and a Gracie Allen award. From 1996 - 2002, she was the lead
visual arts producer for the Peabody Award winning PBS series ʻEgg The Arts Showʼ as well as
for WNETʼs City Arts. Other clients include Mattel, the Disney Channel, HBO, Sundance channel
and Discovery. She is a partner at Benjamin Productions Inc., which won a Peabody Award in
2010 for itʼs television Series “Brick City.”

Selected Director/Producer projects:

Gilead/ Dramatic Health, “Speak from the Heart”,
Web Campaign (Webby Award Winner – Best
Pharmaceutical site, Audience Choice Award) Real patients with Angina.
Novartis/ Dramatic Health, “Caregivers”, Web Campaign for caregivers of people with Alzheimerʼs (not
released yet)
Brick City Season two, Consulting producer, The Sundance Channel
Philip Pearlstein: Naked Vision, Producer/Story editor, indie film on painter Philip Pearlstein. (Official
selection fro the Durango film fest, Sebastopol Film fest, SENE Film Fest (WINNER), Albuquerque film fest, and the Sight Unseen Duluth Film Fest.) 2010
Brick City Season one
, Consulting producer, The Sundance Channel
UJA Federation of NY Annual Campaign Film, “Reach Out”, Benjamin Productions
UJA Federation of NY, ʻKeepers of the Flameʼ Honoree and historical video. Benjamin Productions
“I Can Be a Songwriter”,
for Mattel Entertainment. Benjamin Productions
UJA Annual Campaign Film, “Iʼll Be There”
Filmed in Moscow, Israel and NY, Benjamin Productions
Astra Zeneca/Dramatic Health, Nexium campaign for the Internet, “Patient Stories”
Novartis/ Dramatic Health, Reclast Internet Spots, Barbʼs story, Ariadneʼs Story, Karenʼs Story, 3
women with osteoporosis talk about their experiences with their treatment.
Novartis/Dramatic Health, Diovan, ʻReal patient Storiesʼ.
Novartis/Dramatic Health, Exforge, ʻPatient Success Storiesʼ.
Novartis/Dramatic Health, BP Success Zone, “In the Zone”
Novartis/Dramatic Health, “Asthma comes Home”, Internet webisodes about a young girl with asthma
“Team Type I – Driven”, Sanofi Aventis/EURO
, Internet webisodes that feature Team Type 1, a
collection of cyclist racers who are all afflicted with Type 1 diabetes. Sanofi Aventis/EURO “Hope in a Box,” Sanofi Aventis/EURO, Video for parents of children with Diabetes.
UJC Annual Campaign Films, ʻIf not for the Childrenʼ
Israel, the FSU and USA. Benjamin Prod.
UJA Fed. Of NY Annual Campaign Film, “Put A Little Love in Your Heart” Benjamin Productions
712 Broadway #8, NY, NY 10003 T:212-254-5285 C: 917-710-2528 2007
ʻUJC Annual Campaign Filmsʼ,
3 short films on Poverty, the Elderly and Jewish Responsibility.
Filmed in Israel, The Former Soviet Union and The United States. Benjamin Productions ʻHannah Montana – Learn to be a Pop Starʼ a half hour film for The Disney Channel. Benjamin Productions
ʻLearn to Be a Princess” a half hour film for Mattel Entertainment. Benjamin Productions
ʻMeet Lorethaʼ – National TV Campaign for Insulin use. Sanofi Aventis/EURO
ʻMark, Julie and Prostate Cancerʼ – A coupleʼs experience with the disease. Dramatic Health.

ʻChanging Livesʼ
– a half hour intimate look at the interaction between four doctors and their patients.
ʻSisters By Choiceʼ – Relationships forged through Philanthropy. UJC. Benjamin Productions
ʻThe Making of The 12 Dancing Princessesʼ- Behind the scenes look at the animated film
with the New York City Ballet. Benjamin Productions ʻLearn to Dance Like a Princess” a half hour dance film for Mattel Entertainment. Benjamin Productions
Sanofi/Aventis. ʻGo Insulinʼ Webisodes on the lives of two people with type 2 diabetes.
ʻMystery Diagnosisʼ
– Three one-hour episodes on the journey people take to proper diagnosis.

ʻWhy a Womanʼs Giftʼ
A feminist look at womenʼs Philanthropy. The UJC. Benjamin Productions
ʻPhilip Pearlstein – Work in Progressʼ A half-hour Hi-Def film on the artist, Philip Pearlstein. Gallery HD
ʻBabyʼs Dayʼ, ʻMusical Babyʼ, ʻNature Babyʼ, and ʻBaby Moves.ʼ
Four half-hour child development
films for Mattel/Fisher-Price. Benjamin Productions ʻGoing Home,ʼ Women face the challenge of mothering from behind bars. HBO/Cinemax
ʻArt and Outrageʼ A historical look at Censorship in the Arts. Trio Network
ʻCory McAbeeʼ Musician/Artist segment for Sonic Cinema, The Sundance Channel.
Egg The Arts Show – segments: ʻThe History of Food in Art,ʼ ʻShirin Neshat,ʼ ʻPaint by Numbers,ʼ ʻMary
ʻSchool's In.ʼ A one hour documentary special on six teachers across America. The Disney Channel.

Additional Languages:
Additional Skills: Movie Magic Budgeting, AICP Budgeting, Final Cut Express, Avid, Photoshop
712 Broadway #8, NY, NY 10003 T:212-254-5285 C: 917-710-2528



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