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1) Disposal by Lok Adalat/ Special Lok Adalat/ Mega Lok Adalat/ Pension Lok Adalat / Labour Lok Adalat
Awareness Programme / Persons Benefitted by Legal Aid / Legal Aid Provided
Special Lok
Pension Lok
Labour Lok
Legal Aid
Benefited by
Legal Aid /

2) Details of Disposal & Legal Awareness Programme by Mobile Lok Adalat
Number of Cases disposed
No of Legal Awareness conducted by
No. of Persons benefited during Mobile Lok
Mobile Lok
Adalat work
Dec, 2005-
Year 2006

Year 2007

Year 2008

Year 2009

Year 2010-

Year 2011

Year 2012

Year 2013
( Till Aug,2013
Grand Total
3) Chart showing details of Mediation Activities by the Bihar State Legal Services Authority
Number of Mediation Training Centre
Total Number of Mediators who have undergone 40 Hrs Mediation Training
Number of Advocates trained as Mediators
Number of Judicial Officers trained as Mediators
Number of Patna High Court Advocates trained as Mediators
Number of 40 hrs Intensive Mediation Training Programme
Number of Referral Judges Training Programme
N Number of Judicial Officers attended in the One Day
Referral Judges Mediation Awareness Programme
9 Number of Mediation Awareness Programme held In DLSA (Last Saturday of every month )
Year No of Cases referred For Mediation
Number of cases settled
By Civil Courts of different 2010
By the Patna High Court Legal
Services Committee
4) Key Challenges faced in the Implementation and accomplishment Mediation and how they met theses
challenges or their failures
1) Lack of Commitment for reference by the Judicial officers
2) Want of Awareness Programme amongst Litigants
3) Non Payment of substantive Unit to the Judicial Officers
4) Non Payment of Fee to the Mediators by the State
5) Lack of Spirit to help system ( Mediation Process ) by the Bar

Future Plan of Action to implement the mediation Process in the Year 2013-14
1) Sensitization programme through Seminar on ADR Mechanism. BSLSA has prepared
2) Decision to pay at High Court level ( i.e. Rs. 3000/-) and at District Court level ( i.e. Rs
1500/-) per cases mediation.
3) All new Civil Cases on Institution be routed through Mediation Process except those
require adjudication by Court and in non compoundable Criminal Cases and also
and Pre Litigation matter be routed through Mediation Process
4) All India Mediation Rules is required to be framed.
5) At the interval of 3 months State level Special Workshop on Mediation for Judicial
Officers in the Judgeship and for the Advocates and Litigants separate workshops are
required to be organised /held . BSLSA has prepared schedule
6) Regular Training and Orientation Programme is required to be arranged.
7) Regular Sensitization Programme on ADR Mechanism with the help of Judicial Academy
is also required to be organised for which BSLSA has prepared schedule.

5) Details of Establishment of ADR Centre in the State of Bihar
Allotment made by the Law Department, Govt. of Bihar in 10 Judgeships ( Patna , Gaya, Bhojpur at Ara, Bhagalpur, Motihari,
Purnia, Saran at Chapra, Muzaffarpur, Saharsa & Darbhanga ) for Construction of ADR Centre. Construction is under

Allotment made under the 13th Finance Commission by the Bihar State Authority In 6 Judgeships ( Sitamarhi, Siwan,
Samastipur, Khagaria, Jamui , Nalanda at Biharsharif ) for construction of ADR Centres. Construction is under process.

In one District Namely Katihar the ADR Centre has already been constructed and inaugurated.

6) Details of Empanelled Lawyers for Juvenile Justice Board, For Protection of Women from
Domestic Violence and for Civil, Criminal , Revenu & Empanelment of Lawyers for Help Desk &
Empanelment of Lawyers for Sensitization Programme
Number of Lawyers
Panel Advocates for Mobile Lok Adalat
500 and above
Panel Advocates in 11 District
Retainer Lawyers in 11 District
Training & Sensitization Programme of Panel Lawyers of
DLSA as per guidelines of NALSA
organising, training and sensitization programme
under A2J project

2) Empanelment of Panel Lawyers & Para Legal
Volunteers for establishment of Help Desk for
Law Students
Women & Children
empanelled as Para
Legal Volunteers
7) Details of Para Legal Volunteers Trained under the directions of NALSA and deputation of the Para
No. of Trained Para Legal
Legal Volunteers
As per old Schemes of NALSA no. of Para Legal Volunteers
As per fresh directions of the NALSA in all the Judgeships trained Para Legal Volunteers
are available as per fresh guidelines received and Training of 50 Para Legal Volunteers at
DLSA Headquarter and 25 Para Legal Volunteers at Sub- Divisions has already been

Para Legal Volunteers deputed in Police Station as per direction of Supreme Court of
Indian in WP @ No. 75/2012 titled Bachpan Bachao Andolan Vs. Union of India & Ors.
8) Details of Legal- Aid- Cum- Conciliation Centre established
Number of Legal Aid
Establishment of Legal –Aid- Cum-Conciliation centre in Three
Cum Conciliation Centre
Judgeships namely Gopalganj, Jamui and Kaimur at Bhabua are under
In 27 Judgeships Legal-Aid-cum-Conciliation
Centre has been established.
9) Details of Legal Aid Clinics / Legal Literacy Clubs & Scrutiny Committee

Total no. of Legal Aid Clinics established - 274.
Total No. Front office inaugurated- 18
Total No. of Establishment of Legal Aid Clinics in Jails - 09
Total No. of Establishment of Legal Aid Clinics in Law University / Colleges – 03

Total No. of Setting up of Legal Literacy Clubs in High School- 36
Scrutiny & Evaluation Committee- in 17 Districts
Monitoring Committee – in 8 districts
10) Details of Zonal Meet
Name of the Districts
Date of Zonal Meet & Place
Patna , Bhojpur at Ara, Buxar, Nawadah, Nalanda, jamui
20.10.2013 at Patna
Bhabua, Sasaram, Aurangabad, Jehanabad , Gaya
27.10.2013 at Gaya
Gopalganj, Siwan, Hajipur, Saran at Chapra, Begusarai, Samastipur
24.11.13 at Chapra
Muzaffarpur , Motihari, Bettiah, Darbhanga , Madhubani , Sitamarhi ,
At 14.12.2013 at Muzzaffarpur
Katihar, Purnea, Bhagalpur, Khagaria, Munger, Madhepura ,
11.1.2014 at Purnea
11) Details of Disposal of Under Trial Prisoner ( In District Court Jail )
Number of Cases
Number of Cases disposed
Legal aid
Year 2010-

Year 2011

Year 2012

Year 2013

(Till Aug,2013)


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