Exam. Code
Test Booklet No. :
(This Test Booklet contains UNATTACHED OMR Answer-sheet inside.)
TIME : 2 Hours 15 Minutes
(Bg narjm-nwpñVH$m Ho$ AÝXa Ag§bp½ZV Amo.E_.Ama. CÎma-nÌH$ aIm hþAm h¡) g_` : 2 K§Q>m 15 {_ZQ>
No. of Questions
NOTE : Please read the “Instructions to Candidates” and then fill up the following accordingly.
(ZmoQ> : ""narjm{W`m| Ho$ {b`o {ZX}em|'' H$mo n‹T>| Am¡a V~ CZHo$ AZwgma ZrMo ^a| Ÿ&) Candidate’s Name : ____________________________________________________________________
Candidate’s Full Signature : ____________________________________________________________
Roll No. (Fill in digits and words as shown in the Example) :
am¡b Z§. (CXmhaU ({ZX}e g§»`m 2) _| {XImE J`o AZwgma AnZo am¡b Zå~a H$mo A§H$m| VWm eãXm| _| ^a|)
Exam. Centre : ________________________________________________________________________
Exam. Centre Code :
(A) General (gm_mÝ`) :
1. This Booklet contains 24 pages and one unattached OMR Answer Sheet kept inside it. As soon as the booklet is distributed,
Examinees are directed to confirm the number of pages, legibility of printing etc. They must also confirm that the Bar Code is printed on the OMR Answer Sheet. No complain will be entertained for exchange of booklet later than 10 minutes after distribution.
Bg narjm nwpñVH$m _| EH$ Ag§b½Z Amo.E_.Ama. CÎma nÌH$ Ho$ A{V[aŠV 24 n¥îR>> h¢Ÿ& O¡go hr `h nwpñVH$m {dV[aV H$s OmVr h¡ d¡go hr àË`oH$ narjmWu H$mo Mm{h`o {H$ dh BgHo
n¥îR>m| H$s g§»`m Am¡a N>nmB H$s ewÕVm Am{X H$s gå`H²$ Om±M H$a boŸ& àË`oH$ narjmWu H$mo `h ^r gw{ZpíMV H$a boZm Mm{h`o {H Amo.E_.Ama. CÎma nÌ na ""~ma H$moS'' N>nm h¡> Ÿ& narjm nwpñVH$m Ho$ ~±Q>Zo Ho$ Xg {_ZQ> Ho$ ~mX Bgo ~XbZo H$s H$moB {eH$m`V ñdrH$ma Zht H$s Om`oJr Ÿ& 2. Roll No. should be written in digits as well as in words in the appropriate Box provided at serial-3 above on the upper portion of the front cover page of this Test Booklet as per the example given below : narjm nwpñVH$m Ho$ _w»` n¥îR> Ho$ D$nar ^mJ Ho$ H«$_ 3 _| ~Zm`o J`o gå~pÝYV ~m°Šg _| ZrMo {X`o J`o CXmhaU Ho$ AZwgma am¡b Zå~a H$mo A§H$m| VWm eãXm| _| {bIZm h¡ : Example (CXmhaU): Roll No. (am¡b Z§) : 179682 1
3.The candidate will first open GREEN Colour Seal only and read the complete instructions carefully as also see the instructions on
the back side and fill the details in the Question Paper and OMR Answer Sheet. Candidates will next open BLUE Colour Seal when
asked to do so. Before answering please ensure that Question Booklet has 24 pages and 100 questions. Immediately report on error
gd àW_ Ho$db ham a§J H$s grb Imob|o Am¡a Xr JB gyMZmAm| H$mo Am¡a gmW hr A§{V_ n¥îR> _| Xr JB gyMZmAm| H$mo Ü`mZ go nT>|Ÿ& àíZ nÌ Am¡a Amo.E_.Ama. CÎma nÌ _| _m§Jr J`r OmZH$mar gmdYmZr nydH$ {bI| Ÿ& ~mX _| O~ H$hm Om`o, V^r narjmWu {Zbo a§J H$s grb Imob|& CÎma {bIZo Ho$ nyd `h gw{ZpíMV H$a| {H$ àíZ nwpñVH$m _| 24 n¥îR> Am¡a 100 àíZ h¢ Ÿ& JbVr nm`o OmZo na VwaÝV Ü`mZ AmH${fV H$a| Am¡a Cgo ~Xb b| Ÿ&
Continued on Page No. 2
(n¥îR> g§. 2 na XoI|Ÿ&)
In the Test Booklet, there are 100 questions. Thus 100 questions in all are to be answered.
narjm nwpñVH$m _| Hw$b 100 àíZ h¢Ÿ& Bg àH$ma Hw$b 100 àíZm| H$m CÎma XoZm h¡Ÿ& Each Question is of 1 mark, which will be awarded for the correct answer. 0.5 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer. More than one Answer indicated against a Question will be declared as incorrect àË`oH$ àíZ Ho$ {bE 1 A§H$ {ZYm[aV h¢ {OÝh| ghr CÎma Ho$ {b`o {X`m Om`oJmŸ& àË`oH$ JbV CÎma Ho$ 0.5 A§H$ H$mQ> {b`m Om`oJm Ÿ&`{X EH$ àíZ Ho$ {bE EH$ go A{YH$ CÎma {X`o Om`|Jo Vmo Bgo Cg àíZ Ho$ {b`o JbV CÎma _mZm Om`oJmŸ& If there is any difference between English version and the corresponding translated version in Hindi ofany question, then the English version will be treated as authentic.
`{X A§J«oOr _| _w{ÐV {H$gr àíZ Am¡a CgHo$ {hÝXr AZwdmX _| H$moB {^ÝZVm hmo Vmo A§J«oOr _| _w{ÐV àíZ hr _mÝ` hmoJmŸ& Use of Calculator/Slide Rule/Log Table/Graph Paper/Charts or any electronic gadget eg. Mobile Phoneetc. is not allowed.
H¡$bHw$boQ>a/ñbmBS>ê$b/bm°J Q>o~wb/J«m\$nona/MmQ>²>g `m {H$gr àH$ma Ho$ BboŠQ´>m{ZH$ CnH$aU VWm _mo~mBb \$moZ Am{X H$m Any candidate attempting or using unfair means or copying or detaching any page of question bookletor marking the answer on the question booklet will be expelled and his candidature will be rejected.
`{X H$moB narjmWu ZH$b H$aVo, JbV VarHo$ AnZmVo, narjm-nwpñVH$m H$m n¥îR> \$m‹S>Vo `m Cg na CÎma {bIVo nm`m Om`oJm Vmo Cgo narjm go {ZîH$m{gV H$a {X`m Om`oJm Am¡a CgH$s Cå_rXdmar aÔ H$a Xr Om`oJrŸ& Candidates must also follow the instructions, which may be given by the Centre Superintendent fromtime to time.
H«$_ 1 _| d{UV narjm-nwpñVH$m Ed§ CÎma nÌH$$ Ho$ A{V[aŠV AbJ go H$moB AÝ` narjm-nwpñVH$m Am¡a CÎma nÌH$ {H$gr ^r Candidates on completion of examination handover the OMR answer sheet to the invigilator. The invigilatorshall separate the two sheets and handover the duplicate copy (orange) which is mandatory to preservetill counseling is over. Candidates are allowed to carry the question booklet allotted to them.
narjm Ho$ nyam hmoZo na Cå_rXdma Amo.E_.Ama. CÎma nwpñVH$m {ZarjH$ H$mo gm¢n X| Ÿ& {ZarjH$ XmoZm| nwpñVH$mAm| H$mo AbJ H$aoJm Am¡a Xygar à{V (Zma§Jr) AmnH$mo gm¢n XoJm, {Ogo H$mC§gqbJ Ho$ IË_ hmoZo VH$ gwa{jV aIZm A{Zdm` h¡ Ÿ& Cå_rXdmam| H$mo CÝh| Am~§{Q>V àíZ nwpñVH$m bo OmZo H$s AZw_{V h¡ Ÿ& Continued on Page No. 3
(n¥îR> g§. 3 na XoI|Ÿ&)
Process for Filling up OMR Answer-Sheet (Amo.E_.Ama. CÎma nÌH$ H$mo ^aZo H$s à{H«$`m) :
CÎma nÌH$ Amo.E_.Ama. n«H$ma H$m h¡ {Ogo H$åß`yQ>a ñH¡$Za Ûmam n‹T>m OmZm h¡Ÿ& Roll No., Examination Centre and its Code and Test Booklet No. should be written on the Answer
Sheet in CAPITAL LETTERS. The Digits should be written in appropriate boxes in Blue/Black ball point
pen and the circles corresponding to the digits be darkened with Blue/Black ball point pen only.
CÎma nÌH$ Ho$ {Z{XîQ> ñWmZm| na am¡b Zå~a/narjm Ho$ÝÐ H$m H$moS>/narjm nwpñVH$m H$s g§»`m Am{X H$mo CÎma-nÌH$ na H°${nQ>b boQ>a go ^a|Ÿ& {Z{XîQ> Mm¡H$moa ImZm| _| A§H$ Zrbr/H$mbr ~mb ßdmB§Q> H$b_ go ^a| Am¡a gå~pÝYV Jmobm| H$mo {g\$ Zrbr/H$mbr ~m°b ßdmB§Q> H$b_ go ^a|Ÿ&
Example : If Roll No. is 179682
On completion of examination handover the answer sheet to the Invigilator. The Invigilator shall separatethe two sheets and handover the duplicate copy (orange) to you.
narjm hmoZo Ho$ ~mX CÎma nÌH$ H$mo BZ{d{OboQ>a (gynadmBµOa) H$mo {X`m OmZm Mm{hEŸ& BZ{d{OboQ>a Xmo erQ> H$mo AbJ H$aHo$ Sw>pßbHo$Q> H$m°\$s H$mo AmnH$mo XoZm Mm{hE Ÿ& The questions are multiple choice type. Each question is provided with a number of choices of Answers,
out of which ONLY ONE is MOST APPROPRIATE. The candidate must darken the appropriate circle
provided in front of the question number, using Blue/Black ball point pen only.
àíZ ~hþ-{dH$ën àH$ma Ho$ h¡Ÿ& àË`oH$ àíZ Ho$ {bE {X`o J`o {dH$ën CÎmam| _| go Ho$db EH$ hr gdm{YH$ Cn`wŠV h¡Ÿ& narjmWu H$mo
àíZ g§»`m Ho$ gdm{YH$ Cn`wŠV {dH$ën Ho$ gm_Zo Ho$ gå~pÝYV Jmobo H$mo Zrbr/H$mbr ~m°b ßdmB§Q> H$b_ go hr a§JZm h¡Ÿ&
Example : If correct answer for question no. 7 is the choice ‘B’, then darken the circle in front of question
CXmhaU : `{X àíZ g§»`m 7 Ho$ {bE {dH$ën ‘B’ ghr CÎma h¡, Vmo àíZ g§»`m 7 Ho$ gm_Zo Ho$ gå~pÝYV Jmobo H$mo ZrMo {XIm`o J`o
Continued on Page No. 24
(n¥îR> g§. 24 na XoI|Ÿ&)
1. Who is regarded the father of surgery in ancient India ? 2. How many bones are there in the normal adult human body ? 3. Which of these is used in the treatment of malaria ? (B) Azithromycin (C) Rabeprazole (D) Methotrexate 5. Which of the following routes of drug administration is not parenteral ? 6. Beta blockers are used in treatment of 7. What is the primary use for pioglitazone ? 8. Fever with bodyaches and low platelet counts is likely to be 9. The process of transport across a cell in particulate form by formation of vesicles 10. When the rate of elimination of a drug remains constant irrespective of drug 11. Complete drug elimination occurs usually after 1. BZ_| go {H$go àmMrZ ^maV Ho$ gOar H$m {nVm _mZm OmVm h¡ ? 2. gm_mÝ` d`ñH$ _mZd eara _| {H$VZr h{È>`m± hmoVr h¢ ? 3. _bo[a`m Ho$ CnMma _| BZ_| go {H$gH$m à`moJ {H$`m OmVm h¡ ? (A) honoQ>mB{Q>g ~r dm`ag (Hepatitis B virus) (B) EMAmBdr (HIV) 5. BZ_| go H$m¡Z gm Xdm XoZo H$m amñVm Zht h¡ ? 6. ~rQ>m ãbm°H$g {H$g amoJ Ho$ CnMma _| Cn`moJ {H$`m OmVm h¡ ? 7. {n`mp½bQ>mµOmoZ (pioglitazone) H$m àmW{_H$ Cn`moJ Š`m h¡ ? (A) dAmjonH$mar {damoYr (Anti-convulsant) 8. eara _| XX Am¡a H$_ ßboQ>boQ> {JZVr Ho$ gmW ~wIma hmoZo H$s g§^mdZm {H$g ~r_mar _o h¡ ? 9. H$Umo Ho$ nw{Q>H$m Ho$ ê$n _o gob Ho$ nma n[adhZ H$s à{H«$`m H$mo Š`m H$hm OmVm h¡ ? 10. `{X EH$ Xdm Ho$ CÝ_ybZ H$s Xa Xdm EH$mJ«Vm {Zanoj pñWa {Za§Va ~Zr hþB h¡, Bg à{H«$`m H$mo Š`m H$hVo h¡ ? 11. nyar Xdm CÝ_ybZ Am_Vm¡a na Ho$ ~mX hmoVm h¡Ÿ& (A) Whose plasma concentration cannot be measured(B) Whose effect lasts longer than the drug itself (C) Those with short life(D) Those withdrawn from market very fast 14. A drug which activates a receptor to produce effect in the opposite direction to that of a well recognized agonist is called 15. Which is the largest organ in the body ? 16. Cardiac output is the product of heart rate and 17. Precordium refers to area overlying the 18. The route of administration for insulin is 19. The cells in the blood responsible for carrying oxygen is 20. Energy from food sources is measured usually in 21. The acid normally secreted in the human stomach is 12. "_mamo Am¡a ^mJmo' (Hit and Run) Xdm CÝho H$hVo h¡ (A) {OgH$m ßbmÁ_m EH$mJ«Vm _mnm Zht Om gH$Vm(B) {OgH$m à^md Xdm Ho$ IwX go A{YH$ g_` VH$ ahVm h¡ (C) {OgH$m N>moQ>m OrdZ hmoVm h¡(D) {Ogo ~hþV VoOr go ~mOma go dmng bo {b`m OmVm h¡ 13. eara H$s g~go b§~r hÈ>r H$m Zm_ Š`m h¡ ? 14. EH$ Xdm Omo {H$gr [agoßQ>a H$mo EH$ AÀN>r Vah go nhMmZm J`m EJmo{ZñQ> Ho$ {dnarV {Xem _| à^md CËnÝZ H$aZo Ho$ {bE g{H«$` H$aVm h¡, CgH$mo Š`m H$hVo h¡ ? 15. BZ_| go H$m¡Z gm eara _| g~go ~‹S>m A§J h¡ ? 16. H$m{S>`H$ AmCQ>nwQ> {Xb H$s Xa Am¡a H$m CËnmX h¡Ÿ& (B) _mBZyQ>> d|{Q>boeZ (Minute ventilation) (D) n[aYr` à{VamoY (Peripheral resistance) 17. àoH$mo{S>`_ Cg joÌ H$mo H$hVo h¡ Omo H$mo g§X{^V H$aVm h¡ & 18. B§gw{bZ Ho$ {bE àemgZ H$m _mJ Š`m h¡ ? 19. Am°ŠgrOZ bo OmZo Ho$ {bE aŠV _| {Oå_oXma H$mo{eH$mAm| H$m Zm_ h¡ 20. ImX²` òmoVm| go àmßV D$Om H$mo Am_ Vm¡a na {H$g BH$mB _o _mnm OmVm h¡ ? 21. gm_mÝ` ê$n go _mZd noQ> _| òm{dV E{gS> H$m¡Z gm h¡ ? 22. Who first showed the complete pathway of blood circulation ? 23. The number of chambers in a normal human heart is 24. Human cells have __________ pairs of sex chromosomes.
25. The organ predominantly involved in metabolism of drugs is 26. When a drug binds to a silent receptor, (A) no pharmacological response occurs(B) the drug gets metabolized (C) neuroendocrine hormones get released(D) DNA changes occur 27. Median lethal dose/median effective dose of a drug is called 28. The anti-diabetic drug recently in the news for its probable relation to 29. Inert substance given in the garb of medicine is called 30. The structure carrying deoxygenated blood is 31. Which of these vitamins is water soluble ? 32. Deficiency of which vitamin causes Pellagra ? 33. Which of these drugs is used as a diuretic ? 22. H$m¡Z go d¡km{ZH$ Zo g~go nhbo aŠV n[ag§MaU Ho$ nyao _mJ H$mo Xem`m Wm ? 23. EH$ gm_mÝ` B§gmZ Ho$ {Xb _| H$jm| H$s g§»`m {H$VZr h¡ ? 24. _mZd H$mo{eH$mAm| _o goŠg H«$mo_mogmo_ H$s {H$VZo Om‹oS>o hmoVo h¡Ÿ? 25. _w»` ê$n go XdmAm| Ho$ M`mnM` _| em{_b A§J H$m¡Z gm h¡ ? 26. EH$ Xdm EH$ _yH$ [agoßQ>a H$mo ~m§YVm h¡, O~ : (A) H$moB Am¡fYr` à{V{H«$`m Zht hmoVm h¡ (B) Xdm _oQ>m~mobmBÁS> hmo OmVm h¡ (C) {ZCamoEÊS>moH«$mBZ hm_m}Z Omar hmo 27. _mÜ` KmVH$ IwamH$/EH$ Xdm H$s Am¡gV à^mdr IwamH$ H$mo Š`m H$hm OmVm h¡ ? 28. _yÌme` H¢$ga Ho$ {bE AnZo g§^m{dV g§~§Y Ho$ {bE hmb hr _| I~a _| _Yw_oh {damoYr Xdm h¡ 29. Xdm H$s Am‹S> _| Xr J`r A{H«$` nXmW H$mo Š`m H$hm OmVm h¡ ? 30. Am°ŠgrOZ a{hV aŠV bo OmZo dmbr g§aMZm h¡ 31. BZ_| go H$m¡Z gm {dQ>m{_Z nmZr _| KwbZerb h¡ ? 32. noëbmJ«m {H$g {dQ>m{_Z Ho$ H$_r go hmoVr h¡ ? 33. BZ XdmAm| _| go H$m¡Z gm EH$ _yÌdYH$ Ho$ ê$n _| à`moJ {H$`m OmVm h¡ ? (C) Šbmoaàmonm_mBS> (D) gmBŠbmo\$m°ñ\$m_mBS> 34. Which of these is an anticancer drug ? 35. Which of the following drugs is likely to be tapered and stopped ? 36. Wilson‘s disease is associated with metabolism of 38. Which of the following is used as an antiepileptic drug ? 39. Which of the antihypertensive drugs has dry cough as a side effect ? 40. Which of these drugs is likely to be used weekly once ? 41. Which of the following is an antifungal agent ? 42. The normal fasting blood sugar value is around 43. Chemical energy at the cellular level is in the form of 44. Glycolysis results in conversion of glucose to 34. BZ_| go H$m¡Z gm EH$ H¢$ga {damoYr Xdm h¡ ? 35. {ZåZ{b{IV XdmAm| _| go {H$go H$_ H$aZo Ed§ ~§X H$aZo H$s g§^mdZm h¡ ? (B) S>rBgr (DEC) (C) àoS>{ZgmobmoZ 36. {dëgZ amoJ Ho$ M`mnM` Ho$ gmW Ow‹S>m hþAm h¡ 38. {ZåZ _| go H$m¡Z gm EH$ {_aJr {damoYr Xdm Ho$ ê$n _| à`moJ {H$`m OmVm h¡ ? (A) \o$Zmo~m{~Q>moZ (Phenobarbitone) 39. BZ_| go {H$g E§{Q>hmBnQ>}pÝgd XdmAm| Ho$ EH$ nj à^md gyIr Im±gr h¡ ? (A) Zm‹S>rJ«pÝW ãbm°H$g (Ganglion blockers)(B) H¡$pëe`_ M¡Zb ãbm°H$g (Calcium channel blockers) (C) _yÌb (Diuretics)(D) EogrB AdamoYH$ (ACE inhibitors) 40. BZ XdmAm| _| go H$m¡Z gm gmßVm{hH$ EH$ ~ma BñVo_mb hmoVr h¡ ? 41. {ZåZ _| go H$m¡Z gm EH$ H$dH$ {damoYr EO|Q> h¡ ? 42. gm_mÝ` Cndmg aŠV eH$am _yë` Ho$ Amgnmg h¡Ÿ& 43. goë`wba ñVa na amgm`{ZH$ D$Om Ho$ ê$n _| {H$gH$m BñVo_mb hmoVm h¡ ? 44. ½bmBH$mobmB{gg Ho$ Ûmam ½byH$moO H$m ê$nm§VaU {H$g ê$n _| hmoVm h¡ ? (B) p½bgoamëS>ohmBS> (C) nmBê$doQ> 45. Which material is predominantly used in the sphygmomanometer ? 46. Which of the following effects is not mediated by Histamine type 2 receptors ? 47. Which of the following drugs cannot be given as intravenous bolus shot ? 48. Which of these drugs is most likely to be used by a cardiologist ? 49. Which of these diseases is a psychiatric disease ? 51. Which of these is not a HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor ? 52. Normal WBC count range in the blood is (C) 4.5 million to 5.5 million /cu.ml.
53. The hardest substance in the human body is 54. The nasogastric tube used for enteral feeding is called 55. The best treatment modality for uncomplicated non-infective diarrhea is 45. BZ_| go {H$go aŠVXm~_mnr (sphygmomanometer) _| à`moJ {H$`m OmVm h¡ ? 46. {ZåZ{b{IV à^md go H$m¡Z gm {hñQ>_rZ Q>mBn 2 [agoßQ>g Ûmam _Ü`ñWVm Zht H$aVm h¡ ? 47. {ZåZ{b{IV XdmAm| _o go {H$go B§Q´>m{eamnaH$ gm§g em°Q> (intravenous bolus shot) Ho$ ê$n _| Zht {X`m Om 48. BZ XdmAm| _| go H$m¡Z gm EH$ öX` amoJ {deofk Ûmam à`moJ H$s OmZo dmbr g~go A{YH$ g§^m{dV Xdm h¡ ? 49. BZ ~r_m[a`m| _| go H$m¡Z gm EH$ _mZ{gH$ ~r_mar h¡ ? 50. {H$g MrO Ho$ H$_r go gyIm amoJ (rickets) hmoVm h¡ ? 51. BZ_| go H$m¡Z gm EH$ HMG-CoA reductase AdamoYH$ Zht h¡ ? 52. aŠV _| gm_mÝ` WBC H$s g§»`m gr_m h¡ ? 53. _mZd eara _| g~go H$R>moa nXmW Š`m h¡ ? 54. ZmgmoJ°pñQ´>H$ Q²>`y~ {OgH$m BñVo_mb E§Q>oab \$sqS>J Ho$ {b\$m hmoVm h¡ Cgo H$hVo h¡.
(B) g|JñQ>mHo$Z ãbmH$_moa Q²>`y~ 55. grYr J¡a g§H«$m_H$ XñV Ho$ {bE g~go AÀN>m CnMma Ho$ gmYZ Š`m h¡ ? 57. Which of the following is not used sublingually ? 58. Laplace’s law is followed by all except 59. Which of the following organs in the human body is gender-specific? 60. Which of the following structures in the human body is not gender-specific ? 62. The total volume of blood in the human body is around 63. Which of the following anti-hypertensive drugs is not safe in pregnancy ? 64. Proprietary name of a drug in drug nomenclature refers to 65. All these drugs are ineffective orally due to liver metabolism except 66. Bioavailability of a drug by which route reaches 100 % ? 56. N‹S> Am¡a e§Hw$ (Rods and Cones) {H$g A§J H$m {hñgm h¢ ? 57. {ZåZ _| go {H$gH$m à`moJ gpãb¨½dbr Zht {H$`m OmVm h¡ ? (A) Bgmogmoa~mBS> S>mBZmBQ´>oQ>> (Isosorbide dinitrate)(B) {Z\o$S>o{nZ (Nifedepine) (C) ZmBQ´>mo\w$a§Q>moBZ (Nitrofurantoin)(D) ZmBQ´>mop½bgo[aZ (Nitroglycerine) 58. bmßbmg H$mZyZ Ho$ Abmdo g^r na bmJy hmoVm h¡.
59. _mZd eara _| {ZåZ A§Jm| _| go H$m¡Z gm qbJ {deof h¡ ? 60. _mZd eara _| {ZåZ g§aMZmAm| _| go H$m¡Z gm qbJ {deof Zht h¡ ? 61. qQ>nm{ZH$ (Tympanic) {Pëbr BZ_| go {H$g A§J H$m EH$ {hñgm h¡ ? 62. _mZd eara _| aŠV Ho$ Hw$b _mÌm Ho$ Amgmnmg h¡.
63. BZ_| H$m¡Z gm {ZåZ {damoYr CÀM aŠVMmn {ZamoYH$ Xdm J^mdñWm _| gwa{jV Zht h¡ ? 64. Xdm Zm_mdbr _| H$m¡Z gm Zm_ EH$ Xdm Ho$ _m{bH$mZm Zm_ H$mo g§X{^V H$aVm h¡ ? 65. BZ XdmAm| _| go {H$g Xdm H$mo N>mo>‹S>H$a _m¡{IH$ ê$n boZo na {OJa M`mnM` Ho$ H$maU Aà^mdr h¢ ? 66. {H$g _mJ go Xdm boZo go Xdm H$s CnbãYVm eara _| 100% VH$ nhþ±M OmVm h¡ 67. KwQ>Zo H$s Q>monr (Knee Cap) Ho$ {bE Am_ Zm_ h¡ 70. Which of these structures in the body is unpaired ? 71. Hoffman‘s elimination refers to drug elimination by 72. Normal glomerular filteration rate in adults is 74. Serum creatinine helps in measuring the function of 75. Which of these is not a part of liver function test ? 78. Which of the following diseases is spread through the faecal-oral route ? 69. JÊS>_mbm (JmoBQ>a) {H$g A§J H$mo à^m{dV H$aVr h¡ ? (B) A§S>H$moe H$s W¡br (ñH«$moQ>_) 70. eara _| BZ g§aMZmAm| _| go H$m¡Z gm A`wJb h¡ ? 71. hm°\$_¡Z CÝ_ybZ Ho$ Ûmam Xdm CÝ_ybZ g§X{^V H$aVm h¡.
72. d`ñH$m| _| gm_mÝ` Ho${eH$mJwÀN>r` emoYZ Xa h¡ 73. \o$\$S>m| Ho$ nm`mË_H$ BH$mB h¡ 74. gra_ {H«$E{Q>{ZZ Ho$ H$m` H$mo _mnZo _| _XX H$aVm h¡.
75. BZ_| go H$m¡Z {OJa Ho$ H$m` Ho$ narjU H$m {hñgm Zht h¡ ? (A) ì`mnH$ D$î_ am|Mr (Extensive Sibilant Ronchi)(B) A{V[aŠV g§doXr [agoßQ>g (Extra Sensory Receptors) (C) g_mZ gmBZg b` (Equal Sinus Rhythm)(D) E[aW«mogmBQ> AdgmXZ Xa (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) 77. VDRL narjU {H$g amoJ go OwS>m hþAm h¡ ? 78. {ZåZ{b{IV amoJm| _| go H$m¡Z gm amoJ _b - _m¡{IH$ _mJ Ho$ _mÜ`_ go \¡$b ahm h¡ ? 80. The aperture of the human lenses is called 81. Abnormal perception in the absence of a stimulus is called 82. Which of these is not used parenterally ? 84. Rapid development of tolerance to a drug is called 85. Toxic effects of a drug at usual therapeutic doses is called 86. Capacity of drug to produce foetal abnormalities is called 87. All are used in the prophylaxis of migraine except 88. Insulin is synthesized in the ____________ cells of pancreas.
80. BZ_| go {H$go _mZd b|g H$m EnMa (Aperture) H$hm OmVm h¡ ? 81. àmoËgmhZ Ho$ A^md _| Agm_mÝ` YmaUm H$mo Š`m H$hm OmVm h¡ ? 82. BZ_| go {H$gH$m Cn`moJ Am§ÌoVa (parenterally) Zht {H$`m OmVm h¡ ? 83. Sw>~m°BµO gyÌ (Dubois formula) {H$g JUZm Ho$ {bE à`moJ {H$`m OmVm h¡ ? 84. EH$ Xdm Ho$ {bE g{hîUwVm H$m VoOr go {dH$mg H$mo Š`m H$hm OmVm h¡ ? 85. gm_mÝ` {M{H$Ëgr` IwamH$ na Xdm Ho$ {dfmŠV à^md H$mo Š`m H$hm OmVm h¡ ? 86. ^y«U Agm_mÝ`VmE± CËn{Îm H$aZo Ho$ {bE Xdm H$s j_Vm H$mo Š`m H$hm OmVm h¡ ? (B) H$m{gZmoJoZo{g{Q> (Carcinogenicity) (C) Q>oamQ>moJoZo{g{Q> (Teratogenicity) 87. BZ_| go {H$gH$m Cn`moJ _mBJ«oZ Ho$ àmo{\$b¡pŠgg _| Zht {H$`m OmVm h¡ ? (C) E_r{Q´>pßQ>{b>Z (Amitryptiline) 88. B§gw{bZ A¾`me` Ho$ {H$g H$mo{eH$mAm| _| g§íbo{fV hmoVr h¡ ? 89. BZ_| go H$m¡Z gm EH$ gë\$moZmBb²`y[a`m (sulfonylurea) h¡ ? 90. Which of the following acts by inhibition of carbonic anhydrase ? 91. All are vitamin K dependant clotting factors except 92. Which of the following is not a second line anti Tubercular agent ? 93. The anti tubercular agent associated with side effect of optic neuritis is 94. Which of the following is used in treatment of Addisons disease ? 95. What is the dose of Telmisartan used in hypertension ? 96. What is the maximum daily dose of metformin ? 97. Which of these is not a long acting insulin ? 98. Which condition commonly causes severe pain, redness and swelling of the 99. Which of these is not an antibiotic drug ? 100. Megaloblastic anemia occurs in deficiency of 90. BZ_| go H$m¡Z gm H$m~m}{ZH$ EZhmBS´>oO Ho$ {ZfoY Ho$ Ûmam H$m` H$aVm h¡ ? (A) ñnmBamoZmobmŠQ>moZ (Spironolactone) (B) EgoQ>mOmobm_mBS> (Acetazolamide) (D) ŠbmoamoR>mbrS>moZ (Chlorthalidone) 91. BZ_| go H$m¡Z gm {dQ>m{_Z K {Z^a WŠHo$ H$maH$ Zht h¢ ? 92. BZ_| go EH$ Xygar bmBZ {damoYr Q>çy~aHw$ba EO|Q> (Second line anti tubercular agent) Zht h¡ ? 93. BZ_| go H$m¡Z gm Am°pßQ>H$ Ý`wa¡{Q>g Ho$ nj à^md Ho$ gmW Ow‹S>o {damoYr Q²>`y~aHw$ba EO|Q> h¡ ? 94. {ZåZ _| go H$m¡Z gm ES>rgÝg (Addisons) amoJ Ho$ CnMma _| à`moJ {H$`m OmVm h¡ ? 95. CÀM aŠVMmn _| BñVo_mb Q>opë_gQ>Z (Telmisartan) H$s IwamH$ Š`m h¡ ? 96. _oQ>\$m{_Z (metformin) H$s A{YH$V_ X¡{ZH$ IwamH$ Š`m h¡ ? 97. BZ_| go H$m¡Z gm EH$ b§~m g_` A{^Z` (long acting) B§gw{bZ Zht h¡ ? 98. Eogr hmbV Omo Am_Vm¡a na nhbr àn{XH$s` g§`wŠV Ho$ J§^ra XX, bm{b_m Am¡a gyOZ H$m H$maU ~ZVm h¡ ? 99. BZ_| go H$m¡Z gm EH$ E§Q>r~m`mo{Q>H$ Xdm Zht h¡ ? 100. _oJmbmoãbmpñQ>H$ (Megaloblastic) EZr{_`m {H$gH$s H$_r go hmoVr h¡ ? SPACE FOR ROUGH WORK
(a) The circles, as described in 4 above, are to be darkened by using Blue/Black ball point pen only.
(H$) CnamoŠV H«$_ 4 _| ~Vm`o J`o AZwgma Jmobo H$mo Zrbr/H$mbr ~m°b ßdmB§Q> H$b_ Ûmam hr a§JZm h¡Ÿ&
(b) The shading should be dark and should completely fill the circle.
(I) Jmobo H$mo nyUê$n go ^am Ed§ a§Jm hmoZm Mm{hEŸ& (c) Only one circle corresponding to the correct answer should be darkened as shown below : (J) ghr CÎma go gå~pÝYV Ho$db EH$ hr Jmobo H$mo a§Jm OmZm Mm{hE O¡gm ZrMo {XIm`m J`m h¡ : (d) If more than one circle is darkened using Blue/Black ball point pen or if the response is marked in
any other manner or as shown in ‘‘Incorrect method’’ above, it shall be treated as wrong way ofmarking.
(K>) `{X EH$ go A{YH$ Jmobo H$mo Zrbr/H$mbr ~m°b ßdmB§Q> H$b_ go a§Jm Om`oJm `m CÎma {H$gr AÝ` àH$ma go AWdm D$na {XIm`o J`o JbV VarH$m| go ì`ŠV {H$`m Om`oJm Vmo Cgo JbV H$ama {X`m Om`oJmŸ& Rough work must not be done on the OMR Answer Sheet. Free space provided in the question bookletshould only be used for this purpose.
{H$gr àH$ma H$m H$ÀMm H$m_ CÎma nÌH$ na Zht H$aZm h¡Ÿ& Bg narjm nwpñVH$m _| BgHo$ {bE Imbr ñWmZ N>mo‹S> {X`m J`m h¡, Cgr ‘‘Bar Code’’ printed on the Answer Sheet must not be tampered or in any way marked; otherwise the
candidature will be rejected.
CÎma nÌH$ na N>no ""~ma H$moS>'' na {H$gr Vah H$m {ZemZ Am{X Z ~Zm`| `m Bgo {H$gr Vah Z {dH¥$V H$a| Am¡a Z {dH¥$V hmoZo X| AÝ`Wm narjmWu H$s Cå_rXdmar aÔ H$a Xr Om`oJrŸ& Candidate must not leave any mark of identification on any part of the Answer Sheet except as asked onthe OMR Answer Sheet as this may lead to disqualification.
Cå_rXdma H$mo Amo.E_.Ama. (OMR) CÎma nwpñVH$m _| nyN>o JE Ho$ Abmdm CÎma nwpñVH$m Ho$ {H$gr ^mJ na nhMmZ Ho$ {H$gr ^r {ZemZ H$mo Zht N>mo‹S>Zm Mm{hE, Bggo dh A`mo½` hmo gH$Vm h¡Ÿ& For verification of your handwriting, it is necessary to write the prescribed Text completely, which isprinted in Hindi on the OMR Sheet and also put your signature on specified space in Hindi and Englishotherwise your answer sheet / candidature will be rejected.
AnZr {bImdQ> Ho$ gË`mnZ Ho$ {bE, {ZYm[aV nmR> {Ogo Amo.E_.Ama. nÌH$ _| qhXr _| _w{ÐV {H$`m J`m h¡, Cgo nyam {bIZm Amdí`H$ h¡ Am¡a {Z{XîQ> ñWmZ na qhXr Am¡a A§J«oOr _| AnZo hñVmja ^r H$a|, AÝ`Wm AmnH$s CÎma nwpñVH$m/Cå_rXdmar AñdrH¥$V In case you do not follow the instructions as given on the backside of OMR answer sheet, your answersheet is liable to be rejected for which you yourself will be fully responsible.
AJa AmnZo Amo.E_.Ama. Ho$ CÎma nÌH$ Ho$ n¥îR> ^mJ _| {X`o J`o {ZX}em| H$m nmbZ Zht {H$`m Vmo AmnH$m CÎma nÌH$ aÔ {H$`m Om gH$Vm h¡ {OgHo$ {bE Amn ñd`§ nyU ê$n go CÎmaXm`r hm|JoŸ&

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Technical Working Group wishes to acknowledge the valuable contribution made by Professor Pieter Treffers and Mrs Petra ten Hoope-Bender in preparing a background paper for the meeting. The Technical Working Group also wished to thank the following participants for their presentations during the meeting: Dr Raj Baveja, Mrs Stella Mpanda, Ms Delia S. Veraguas Segura.

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