Fortekor Tablets
Frequently Asked
What is fortekor?
is an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (acei)
containing the active ingredient benazepril.
What does it do?
Fortekor helps to reduce blood pressure and so makes it easier for
http://www.buyfortekor.co/Fortekor-Flavour-FAQS/index.html the heart to pump more effectively. It also stops further damageoccurring in the heart and kidneys.
How is it used in cats?
Fortekor is used to treain cats. It os often used in
conjunction with auch as Hills feline kd or
Walthams Feline Renal.
How is it used in dogs?
Fortekor is used to treat congestive in dogs. It is often
used alongside( a diuretic / water tablet)
Does it matter if I miss a dose by mistake?
It is always best to stick to theregime advised by your vet but if
you miss a dose then just give the nexas normal, don’t give
double the dose next time.
Does it have any side effects?
It can sometimes have side effects such as lethargy due to a drop in
blood pressure.
How do I give Fortekor to my pet?
It must be given by mouth, once daily with or without food.
How long will my pet be on this medication?
Treatment for bothusually lifelong as these conditions are managed not cured.
Can I break up the tablet?
Yes, the tablets are scored to make splitting them easier.
How much does my pet need?
The exact dose is based on your pet’s weight and will be decided by
your vet but the above table gives a suggestedfor both
dogs and cats.
What should i do if i give an extra dose by accident?
Call your vet immediately for advice and monitor your pet for any
What should I do if my pet seems to be getting worse despite treatment with Fortekor?
The Fortekor may stop having such a positive effect on your pet if
http://www.buyfortekor.co/Fortekor-Flavour-FAQS/index.html the heart or kidney disease is getting progressively worse. If you seesigns of deterioration in your pet then contact your vet as soon aspossible.
How often should my dog be rechecked at the vets?
This will need to be done regularly to start with then can be less
often if your pet is stable. Rechecks are usually no less then every 6
months but the exact schedule will be determined by your vet. These
rechecks may involve blood tests.
How can i save money buying Fortekor?
You can save money purchasing your Fortekor online from an online dispensary such as Pet
Prescription Ltd. (website is www.petprescription.co.uk)
Do you need anything to purchase Fortekor Online?
Yes. Fortekor is licensed as a POM-V or Prescription only medication within the UK and you
will need to obtain a written veterinary prescription and send it to Pet Prescription before they
can dispense theor you.
I think my pet would benefit from using Fortekor. What should i do?
is a prescription only medication so you could only purchase it online it you get a
prescription from your vets. If you feel your pet would benefit from this then you should visit
your vet and discuss the issues your pet is suffering with and your vet can run tests and
checks and then prescribe the medication they feel is most suited to the symptoms they have.
What should I do if my pet is showing signs of side effects since starting treatment with
If you pet has began showing signs of side effects since beginning Fortekor then you should
contact you vet for advice immediately.
My cat has hyperthyroidism and is taking vidalta. He has now been diagnosed with
kidney failure. Is it safe to use vidalta with fortekor?
Yes – these two drugs are often prescribed together and it is safe to do so under the direction
of your vet
My vet has prescribed benazecare instead of fortekor – what is the difference?
Both benazecare and fortekor contain the same active ingredient ( benazepril ) They are just
manufactured by different drug companies which have given them different trade names
Can I crush the tablet and mix it into food or a treat?
Fortekor can be crushed and mixed into food or given whole, some pets will take the tablet as
a treat!
How should the medication be stored?
The tablets should be stored in the blister pack in the cardboard box below 25 centigrade. If
only giving half a tablet the remaining half should be put back into the blister pack and the
blister replaced in the box and used the following day.
http://www.buyfortekor.co/Fortekor-Flavour-FAQS/index.html What is the difference between Fortekor and Cardalis?
Cardalis is a new drug that contains benazepril and spironolactone (Prilactone) in one pill
whereas Fortekor only contains Benazepril.
My dog started taking Fortekor a yesterday and now seems wobbly - is that normal?
It is possible that your dogs blood pressure may have dropped which could cause dizziness.
This should settle down but if it is ongoing you should take your dog back to see your vet

Source: http://www.buyfortekor.co/Fortekor-Flavour-FAQS/files/faq.pdf

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