Osteoporosis - info-sheet for seniors

Info-sheet for seniors

Who is at risk?
and one out of eight men over 50 years of effect on people’s lives, causing painful warning sign until a fracture occurs.
What is osteoporosis?
we age, the process becomes less efficient certain factors seem to play a role in the bag of groceries or sneezing forcefully – can lead to fracture. Wrist, spine and hip Hip fractures related to osteoporosis are a It's possible to prevent,
disability in up to 50 percent of those who delay or reduce bone loss
through healthy habits.
seniors can no longer live independently, Osteoporosis: Info-sheet for seniors
The risk factors
Calcium daily goal: 4 servings
Servings equiv.
than others. They are indicated by *.
Cheese (1.75 oz = 1" x 1" x 3" = 50 g) • ovaries removed, or menopause before Prevention
Include calcium in your diet
age, your body doesn’t absorb calcium as Calcium-rich ideas
Get enough vitamin D
Add a few tablespoons of milk powder
Add sesame seeds, sunflower seeds,
seniors don’t get enough of this vitamin, cheese cubes or dried figs to your salads Spread blackstrap molasses on your toast
Canada where there’s little sun intensity Replace your morning coffee with a café
au lait or a hot chocolate milk. Enjoy! Osteoporosis: Info-sheet for seniors
Be active every day
Your bones react to increased activity by • Ask a physiotherapist or occupational activities such as dancing, walking, hiking • Don’t be in too much of a hurry to create more problems than it’s worth.
find an activity that’s right for you! • Reduce the risk of accidents in your Safe Living Guide to help you make Physical activity is good for
your bones! It helps you feel
better and get more out of life.
Avoid smoking
require drug treatment to prevent or treat Hormone therapy
Watch out for falls!
porosis, now is the time to put your safety and personal needs first. Preventing falls consideration. Bisphosphonates, selective raloxifene), or nasal calcitonin are other possible treatments that may be prescribed. Osteoporosis: Info-sheet for seniors
Other therapies
Pain management
People experience pain differently just as If you suffer a fracture, the pain can be While there are no miracle cures, positive can take time but the pain intensity will thinking, relaxation, meditation, acupunc- usually decrease gradually and eventually ture, visualization, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) are all waysthat have been used by people living with As chronic pain can also be the result of muscle spasms, it’s important that you
get an accurate diagnosis to ensure
appropriate, effective treatment.
For more information.
Pain is the body’s first signal to urge you Help, support, referral and information can 1-800-463-6842 or (416) 696-2663 (Toronto).
To obtain your copy of The Safe Living Guide, call (613) 952-7606, or visit Ice and heat
relieve pain. To apply ice, try dampening a towel and freezing it. Soft cold packs on the Internet:
Pain relievers (acetaminophen and
Thanks are due to Osteoporosis Canada for
its contribution to this Info-Sheet.
have their limits. Your doctor will be able www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/seniors-aines Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada Medication should only be part of your
pain management strategy.

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