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Incorrect, extra, or omitted acronym, abbreviation, or numeric Potassium is 4.7.
Potassium is 47.
value, or incorrect abbreviation expansion related to laboratory values, medication dosages, and other items that affect patient Lipitor 40 mg p.o. q.d.
Lipitor 40 mg p.o. q.i.d.
hypothyroidism with Synthroid.
hyperthyroidism with Synthroid.
Wrong medical word or omitted medical word.
2 points The patient had acute lymphocytic
Total gastrectomy.
Total gastectomy.
2 points The patient was on terazosin.
The patient was on terazocin.
There were no aortic calcifications.
Omitted or extra word that changes the medical meaning.
2 points The patient has had hypertension issues The patient has never had hypertension
The patient’s affect was bright, and her
The patient effected right, and her move
Senseless or meaningless phrase or sentence.
2 points mood was euthymic.
Omitted abbreviation expansion under the diagnosis or *Note: Dr. dictated COPD as an abbreviation, but it needs to be expanded.
Incorrect, extra, or omitted acronym, abbreviation, or numeric Patient weighs 244.8 pounds.
Patient weighs 244.7 pounds.
value, or incorrect abbreviation expansion that does not affect HEENT: PERRLA. EOMs intact.
ENT: PERRLA. EOMs intact.
Wrong or misspelled English word or typographical error.
further evaluate for presence of stricture.
further eveluate for presence of stricture.
Peripheral pulses are very strong.
Extra or omitted word that does not affect patient care or does not 1 point probably secondary to gastroparesis.
A flagged blank or flagged question (unless the questioned term is correct; then there is no point deduction at all). This was secured in place with interrupted This was secured in place with (interrupted) *Notes: Each flag can represent up to two consecutive words. Excessive flagging 0.5 point horizontal mattress sutures.
(flagging the majority of a report, for example) is inappropriate in a testing or working situation and may be penalized accordingly on the final exam.
He was treated with Phenergan, Dilaudid, 0.5 point Dilaudid, and morphine.
and Morphine
The patient was taken to the operating
The patient were taken to the operating
Conjunctivae were clear and moist.
Conjunctiva were clear and moist.
0.5 point Her cough is only minimally better.
Her cough is only minimal better.
The patient was placed on amoxicillin. It The patient was placed on amoxicillin, it caused a rash. She did not respond well to caused a rash, she did not respond well to Punctuation error, run-on sentence (comma splice), tense disagreement within a sentence, or unacceptable sentence *Note: If a run-on sentence is dictated (even if the punctutation is dictated), you are responsible for correcting it.
*Note: Occasionally a tester will miss whole phrases or sentences. Deductions will be taken in these cases according to the length of the missing material: 2, 3, 4, or 5 points. If longer portions of text are missing, obviously this becomes a special case that must be given individual consideration. This will rarely be an issue in scoring the final, because generally students who miss whole blocks of text do not reach the 85% threshold for passing.

Source: http://www.careerstep.com/docs/FE%20Grading%20Scale.pdf


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