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Name designation and other particulars of
Central Public Information Officers, Central Assistant Public Information
Officers and First Appellate authority [Section 4(1)(b)(xvi) & 19]
List of Central Public Information officer

S.No. Designation of the Postal address
e-mail address
Name of office
officer designated
Sri P.K. Sarkar, Director Director of Mines Safety(SOMA), Directorate General of Mines Safety, Fax-0326-221027 Sri S.M. Suthar, Director Director of Mines Safety, Region No.II General of Mines Safety,
Central Zone, Dhanbad.
Director of Mines Safety, Northern Zone, 0145-2425537 Director of Mines Safety. Annasagar Link Road, Director of Mines Safety, Ranchi Region, 0651-2280141 Director of Mines Safety. Manas Opposite Ranchi Hill, Ratu Road, Fax- Director of Mines Safety, Nagpur Region 0712-2511025 Director of Mines Safety. No 1, A Block, 6th Floor, CGO Complex, Fax-0712-511021 Sri R. Kulsreshtha, Director of Mines Safety, Region No II, Director of Mines Safety. Eastern Zone, Sitarampur, Sri P Ranganatheswar, Director of Mines Safety(SOMA), Southern 040-2460- Director of Mines Safety Zone, APHB Complex, Guruhakalpa, 2509,2510,2511 Block-II, (1St Floor), MJ Road, Nampally, Fax-040-4602504.
List of Central Assistant Public Information Officer
Postal address
Telephone/Fax e-mail
Name of office
the officer
Designated as

1. Sri G. Vijay kumar Dy. Director of Mines Safety(HQ), Dy.Director of Mines Directorate General of Mines Safety, Dhanbad., 2. Sri G.L.Kanta Rao, Dy.Director of Mines Safety ( Elec), Central Zone, 0326-2221030/ 3. Sri Prabhat Kumar, Dy. Director of Mines Safety(SOMA) Dy.Director of Mines Northern Zone, Ajmer. Annasagar Link Road, Fax-0145-2425781. Dy. Director of Mines Safety, Ranchi Region , 0651-2281696 Dy.Director of Mines Manas Opposite Ranchi Hill, Ratu Road, 5. Sri C. Ramesh Kumar, Dy.Director of Mines Safety, Western Zone, 0712-2511026 Dy.Director of Mines Nagpur. A Block, 6th Floor, CGO Complex, Fax-0712-2511021. Dy. Director of Mines Safety, Sitarampur, Region 0341-2511372 Dy.Director of Mines No.1, Eastern Zone, Sitarampur (WB) - 713 359 7. Sri V. Vinod Kumar, Dy. Director of Mines Safety Region No1, 040-24602510 Dy.Director of Mines Southern Zone, APHB Complex, Guruhakalpa, Fax-040-24602504 Block-II, (1St Floor), MJ Road, Nampally, First Appellate Authority within the Department (For all officers under Directorate General
of Mines Safety)
S.No. Designation of the officer
Postal address
Name of office
designated as First Appellate
Sri Satish Puri, Dy. Directorate-General of Dy. Director-General of Mines 0341-2510710 Mines Safety, Eastern Zone, Sitarampur Safety, Eastern Zone, Sitarampur Fax-0341-


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Final report for IFAR project 2008 Proposal code: 267IFAWAN. Name of Applicant: Dr. Mohamed El-Sayed Mohamed El-Boushy Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, El Mansoura University, Egypt. 1. Proposed Work Program: The possible impact of common zoonotic and food borne bacteria on fish and human health with suggestive control measures The

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