Dublin Graduate Physics Programme (DGPP)
DGPP Showcase EventVenue: Fitzgerald building, Trinity College Dublin Programme:
10:30 coffee
11:00 Mauro Ferreira (TCD) - Welcome
11:05 Shane Bergin (TCD) - "Exfoliation of low dimensional nanomaterials"
11:50 David Byrne (UCD) – “Gamma-ray Instrumentation in Astrophysics: Correction of
Dead Time Effects for Intense Transient Sources & Characterization of Silicon
Photomultipliers for Future Gamma-Ray Space Missions”
11:55 Kyle Ballantine (TCD) - “Fractional Quantization of Optical Angular Momentum
12:00 Ralph Bird (UCD) - “The Feasibility of Measuring the Positron Fraction with

12:05 Sebastian Barwich (TCD) - “Investigation of Exfoliation Mechanics in Layered 2D

12:10 Craig Carville (UCD) – “Ferroelectric Lithium Niobate: charged templates for cell
culture and metallic nanostructure fabrication

12:15 Stephen Callaghan (TCD) - “The Electromigration of Transition Metal Oxides
12:20 Daniel Foley (UCD) – “Dosimetric Analysis of Patient and Organ Motion
12:25 Ronan Darcy (TCD) - “White light conical diffraction
12:30 John Duffy (TCD) - “Graphene Spintronics
12:35 Niall Kennedy (UCD) – “Soft X-Ray Reflectivity and Microscopy
12:40 Astrid Wachauer (TCD) - “Nonlinear Optical Properties of Chemically Synthesised
Plasmonic Nanoparticles

12:45 Neal O Rian (TCD) - “Radiative Transfer and Interferometry: An insight into Red
Giant Chromospheres

12:50 Robert Murtagh (TCD) - “A new model of the bubble-bubble interaction
12:55 - Lunch (Fitzgerald Library)
14:00 Barry McMahon (TCD) - “The Innovation Academy
14:20 Mauro Paternostro (QUB) - “More bang for your buck: processing information
quantum mechanically!
15:05 - Leo Farrell (TCD) - “Deposition and characterisation of high-quality epitaxial oxide
thin films

15:10 Baiyun Liu (UCD) – “The influence of mechanical properties of the substrates on

15:15 Eleanor Holmes (TCD) - “Transport in graphene with magnetic superlattices
15:20 Sofia Jorgji (TCD) - “Using light to measure semiconductor growth
15:25 Ronan Wallace (UCD) – “Electroweak bosons at LHCb
15:30 James Lawlor (TCD) - “Friedel Oscillations in Graphene
15:35 Harsha Vardhan (UCD) – “n-phenyl-porphyrin Nanorod and nanosphere structures
15:40 Eric Mehes (TCD) - “Structural and electronic properties of oxides and oxide
semiconductor interfaces

15:45 Laura Shields (UCD) – “Optimisation in IMRT and Arc Modulated IMRT
15:50 Sam Mehigan (TCD) - “Optimisation of SERS for Pterin Detection
15:55 Martin Gruenewald (UCD) - "The Higgs Boson at the LHC"
16:40 Reception

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