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Leica Geosystems Educational Offer
TPS/GNSS SmartPole Package

Part Nr: 6003437

TPS/GNSS Sensor and Accessories
TCRP1201+ R1000, 1"(0.3 mgon) total station with reflectorless EDM, automatic target recognition, PowerSearch, laser plummet, 1 keyboard with touch screen, colour display, electronic guide light EGL, communication sidecover GSD, GTS23, 2nd keyboard with touch screen, colour Display, for TPS1200+ instruments, for telescope position 2, fitted. GDF121, PRO Tribrach, without optical plummet, pale green. GST120-9, Wooden heavy duty tripod, selfclosing. GEB221, Lithium-Ion battery, 7.4V/4.4Ah, chargeable. GKL221, Charger PRO. To be used with up to two charging adapters GDI221 or GDI222, Chargercable and net adapter included. GDI221, Adapter for GKL221 for charging 2 Li-Ion batteries GEB221, GEB211. GEV189, Data transfer cable, Lemo to USB connector (incl. USB electronics), 2.0m. Connects TPS/DNA to PC for data transfer. PC driver and user manual included on CD. RX1250Tc, WinCE System 1200 Controller with integrated radio modem, battery compartment, touch screen, colour display, CF card slot, alpha keyboard, 2 x stylus for touch screen and user manual. Can be used as TPS1200 remote RX1250 GPS Survey functionality, provides data-logging and real-time Pre-Signal Bundle for GX1220+ GNSS, GX1230+ GNSS and RX1250 Controllers, consists of GLONASS option, GPS L5 option and Galileo option. GEB211, Lithium-Ion battery, 7.4V/2.2Ah, chargeable. GHT56, Holder for attaching RX Controller Series and GFU modem housing to GHT52, Clamp arrangement for attaching the GHT39 or GHT56 to all GLS poles. GLS12, Reflector pole, telescopic to 2.00m with circular bubble, cm graduations. GRZ122, 360º Reflector with 5/8" thread adapter for mounting of GPS antenna. RH1200, RadioHandle with integrated radio modem, with antenna, user manual. Used as radio modem for TPS1200+ together with RX1250 or external TCPS27 (frequency range 2400-2483 MHz). Requires communication side cover. GAD31, Screw-to-stub adapter for fitting GPS antenna on carriers with stub and ATX1230+ GNSS, GPS/GLONASS/Galileo Triple Frequency Antenna for RX1250. Can also be used with TPS1200+ instruments for SmartStation and SmartPole setup. Bluetooth capable. Note: For full GLONASS use, GPS L5 functionality or Gallileo functionality, the res Pre-Signal Bundle for TPS1200 series total stations (SmartStation), consists of GLONASS option, GPS L5 option and Galileo option. GPS Raw Data Logging License (for SmartStation). GAD104, SmartAntenna Adapter. Required to attach SmartAntenna and/or radio modem in GFU14 housing onto TPS1200+. Requires communication side cover. GEV173, 1.2m cable, to connect SmartAntenna series with RX Controller series. GEV161, 2.8m USB Data transfer cable. Connects RX Controller Series Lemo Port to PC for data transfer, firmware upload etc. Lemo to USB connector.
On board Application Software:

RX1250 Application "Reference Line". RX1250 Application "Reference Plane". RX1250 Application "DTM Stakeout". RX1250 Application "Cross Section". RX1250 Application "Area Divison". RX1250 Application "Volume Calculation". RX1250 Application "RoadRunner". RX1250 extended OWI/LB2 remote control. Allows full sensor steering RX1250 Application "Onboard DXF Exporter". RX1250 Application "Onboard LandXML Exporter".
Office Software:

Leica Geo Office Software, not protected.
Package Price:

29.990 CHF

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