Meet a squash player

Kimberley Bessell
Age: 15
Date of Birth: 1st March 1989
School: Werribee Grange Secondary College - Year 10
Place of Residence: Hoppers Crossing
Favourite Foods: Lasagne, Ravioli
Hobbies: Music, movies and hanging around
Idol: Sarah Fitz-Gerald - 5 times World Open Squash Champion
Greatest Influences: Parents and her PE teacher at Para Hills High School
Other sports: Aussie Rules, Cricket, Soccer and Badminton
Kimberley is a multi talented sports person and was captain of the girls Aussie Rule’s, Cricket and Soccer teams, for 2 years, when at Para Hills High School in South Australia
Commenced Playing Squash: Since she was 3 when her mum and dad managed the
Laverton Squash Centre
Coach: Roger Flynn
Goal: To go on the World Women’s Squash Tour and go as far as she can as a squash
player. Rankings (15YAG): Victoria – No.1 Australia – No.1 Achievements: Although only 15 years old, due to her father Daryl’s employment
moves, Kimberley has lived in three states - Victoria, Queensland and South Australia
and within each state has been the number one player in her age group. Currently, she is the number one ranked player in the National 15 year age group. Kimberley is one of the most exciting female squash talents in the country and to date has won 2 national Junior Age titles – Under 13 in 2001, and the 14YAG in 2003 and is currently ranked number one in the 15 year age group. Kimberley is a prolific winner of junior tournaments, winning all eight Victorian 15 year age group tournaments in 2004, as well, being ranked number five in the 19 year age group. Kimberley was also selected in 2002 for the National Junior Talent Squad for 2005 as she is in contention to represent Australia at the World Junior Women’s Championships of that year. STARTING BLOCKS State of Victoria, 2004 SQUASH PROFILES
Peter Nicol
Date of Birth: 5th April 1973
Height: 180cm
Hobbies: Walking, yoga, cooking and reading
Home city: London
Interesting fact: Began his career representing Scotland but to decided to become
an Englishman.
Awards and Achievements: Won the British Open in 1998 and 2002. He was world
number one for 60 consecutive months.
Won gold in the singles and bronze in the doubles at the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur in 1998. In Manchester in 2002, he won silver in the singles and gold in EET A SQUASH PLAYER
Rex Hedrick
Date of Birth: 1st November 1988
School: Vermont Secondary College - Year 10
Place of Residence: Bayswater
Favourite Sports Person: Gary Ablett
Favourite Foods: Chocolate and Spaghetti
Favourite Music: Punk Rock
Band: Blink 182
Comedy and Horror
Best Film:
Happy Gilmore
Greatest Influences: Parents and Eddie French
Other sports:
Played Aussie Rules football for seven years and is a Geelong
Pocket Money:
From a weekly (two hour) paper round.
Commenced Playing Squash: Introduced to Squash eight years ago by his father,
who is a pennant player at Knox Bayswater Squash Club. His older brother James is also a top junior squash player. Coaches: Eddie French and Roger Flynn
STARTING BLOCKS State of Victoria, 2004



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