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Curriculum Vitae Professional Background: • 1992 - 1995 : BEng (Hons) Electroacoustics.
Department of Applied Acoustics, University of Salford. • 1995 – 1996 : Sound Engineer.
1996 : Acoustic Consultant.
Designed and built Semi-Anechoic Chamber and acoustic test facility for Kurt Mueller Ltd. • 1996 – 2001: Sound Recordist
2001 – Present: Freelance Sound Recordist / Mixer / Supervisor.
About Me: Date of Birth: 07/06/74. USA I-Visa valid ‘til Sept 2010. Holder of 2 x British passports. I am a highly experienced sound professional, dedicated to achieving the best sound for any production. I operate as a freelance Sound Recordist under the banner of PnR Digital Ltd, the company I have established with my partner, Ravi Kang, a freelance film and television camera technician and operator. We are a registered Limited Company, with full public liability and employers insurance. I am experienced in recording sound for a wide variety of productions, from small documentary crews, to large factual entertainment or commercials studio shoots I have worked with all current video and film formats. I regularly work with separate-sound ‘file-based audio recorders’, including portable recorders and the computer based ‘Sadie’ platform. I own a wide selection of industry-standard sound equipment and I am happy to arrange specialist equipment to suit any recording requirement. I am enthusiastic, thorough and professional, with the ability to work quickly and efficiently to obtain the best results from any situation. I have wide experience filming and travelling in many different countries and environments. In 2007 I completed a bespoke travel safety course which included basic trauma first aid, and elements of the BBC Hostile Environments Training. I have my own website with more information and photos and footage from some of the shows I have worked on. Please take a look at… The Apprentice (Series 1,2) – Sound Recordist
The Apprentice (Series 3,4,5,6) – Sound Supervisor
Sport Relief Does The Apprentice (2007) – Sound Supervisor
Comic Relief Does The Apprentice (2008) – Sound Supervisor
Junior Apprentice (6 x 1hrs), 2009 – Sound Supervisor
Talkback Thames. Series Director Andy Devonshire.
Born Survivor / Man vs. Wild (Series 1-5), 2005 - 2010
Diverse Bristol. Discovery Channel and C4.
Born Survivor / Man vs. Wild, is an adventure-survival show. It features Bear Grylls demonstrating how
to survive in extreme environments and situations all over the world.
Special episodes include ‘Science of Survival’ (2010), ‘Men vs. Wild’ with guest Will Ferrell (2009),
and ‘Mission Everest’ – Bear Grylls’ expedition to fly a paramotor above Mount Everest, (2007).
Extreme Dreams – The Ultimate Challenge David Beckham – New Beginnings (1 x 1hr) Brat Camp – Mums & Daughters (series 5) Bad Lads Army – Officer Class (series 2) Corporate: Various corporate clients including British Telecom, BP, Shell, NHS, Toshiba, Volvo, Inmarsat etc For more information about myself and the shows I have worked on, please see my website


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This paper presents a non-cooperative game model of agricultural institutional changein Philippines to explain findings by Hayami and Kikuchi(2000) that harvesting systemhas changed from Hunusan (collecting harvesting) to Gama (contract harvesting) andagain Gama to Hunusan. In the model, the social norm is formulated by assuming theexternality in the utility functions of farmers. It is shown that

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