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Date Mailed: July 24, 2009
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Stockpiling Deals Link Baxter to CIA & Carlyle Group:
Politics and Science Condemns Official Flu Response

Los Angeles—Profitable politics and lacking science condemns governmental preparations to administer “required” flu vaccines and drugs this year according to new evidence linking Tamiflu maker, Gilead Sciences, and flu vaccine producer, Baxter Corporation, to Carlyle Group investors and the CIA. According to findings of conflicting interests discovered by governmental watchdog, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, as reported on the web’s most indignant flu-news source,, profits from the unprecedented unproven flu vaccinations and Tamiflu sales this season for “biodefense” condemns high-profile officials and drug industrialists involved with the CIA and the Carlyle Group. “The CIA-influenced media is obviously being used to hype threats of death this year along with this obviously laboratory-created mutant flu,” Dr Horowitz said. “Follow the money and you realize all roads lead through the CIA to top officials in the companies profiting most from stockpiles of poorly tested, virtually experimental, “fast-tracked” vaccines and toxic Tamiflu.” Many people are aware of Donald Rumsfeld’s ties to Tamiflu’s licensor, Gilead Sciences. The past Secretary of the US Department of Defense, credited by journalist Bob Woodward for pushing George H.W. Bush out of politics and into the role of CIA director, co-founded Gilead Sciences, the source of Tamiflu. Rumsfeld, 1989- 2005, was chief Defense Contractor for the Carlyle Group—possibly the world’s wealthiest military-medical investment firm--during which time George W. Bush authorized the purchase of $1 billion of “fast-tracked” Tamiflu, scientifically-certified as highly toxic. Operating as Carlyle Group’s Vice President today is Brian Canann, a chief strategist for global product management within Baxter International Inc’s spin off company, Edwards Lifesciences. Reminiscent of the CIA’s “Project Jefferson” (also called “Clearvision”) wherein hyper-weaponized anthrax was first developed at the Battelle Memorial Institute, then assayed by CIA contractors for mass-dispersal via the mail, then mailed two years later following the September, 2001, attacks, Baxter officials are credited for “accidentally” shipping H5N1 (bioweapons-grade bird flu) contaminated vaccines to several labs in four European countries according to international news reports. Baxter is among a handful of companies producing flu vaccines worth billions of dollars in stockpiling contracts. Other CIA-Carlyle-linked officials implicated in death-by-injection (i.e., vaccination) crimes against humanity include George H.W. Bush, Frank C. Carlucci, and Henry Kissinger, as reported previously in Dr. Horowitz’s published books and films, including In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism. (Tetrahedron

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