Recensione riviste giuridiche

Recensione riviste giuridiche

Riviste - primo semestre 2006

- Validité d'une renonciation partielle à recourir au Tribunal fédéral contre une sentence rendue dans unarbitrage en matière d'investissement, Pierre-Yves Gunter / Sébastien Besson / Peter Turner / YasminMohammad, Jusletter 16 janvier 2006;- Limits to Enforcement of ICSID Awards, Edward Baldwin / Mark Kantor / Michael Nolan, 23 J.Int.Arb.1,p.1-24;- Anti-Suit Injunctions and Arbitration: A final nail in the Coffin ?, Hakeem Seriki, 23 J.Int.Arb.1, p. 25-38;- Confidentiality in International Arbitration, Joyiyoti Misra / Roman Jordans, 23 J.Int.Arb.1, p.39-48;- Distinct Features of Arbitration in China, Wang Wenying, 23 J.Int.Arb.1, p.49-80;- Malecki v. Long: Truncated Tribunals and Waivers of Dutco Rights, Denis Bensaude, 23 J.Int.Arb.1, p.
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Tapola, (2006) 22 Arbitration International, p. 151-164;- Entwicklungen in Zivilprozessrecht und Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit/Le point sur la procédure civile etl'arbitrage, Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich Walder-Richli (Sempach)/Dr. Béatrice Grob-Andermacher, SJZ 102(2006), p. 10-14;- Entwicklungen im schweizerischen internationalen Privatrecht/Le point sur le droit international, DanielGirsberger, Dorothee Schramm, SJZ 102 (2006), p. 82-87;- Validité d´une renonciation partielle à recourir au Tribunal fédéral contre une sentence rendue dans un arbitrage en matière d´investissement, Pierre-Yves Gunter / Sébastien Besson / Peter Turner / YasminMohammad, Jusletter 16.1.2006;- Provisional Enforcement of International asrbitral Award Made in France, Alain N. Farhad, 23J.Int.Arb.2, p. 115-124;- New Arbitration Acts in Denmark and Spain, Ana M. Lopez-Rodriguez, 23 J.Int.Arb.2, p. 125-144;- Arbitration Agreements in China: Battles on Designation of Arbitral Institution and Ad Hoc Arbitration,Jian Zhou, 23 J.Int.Arb.2, p. 145-170;- Towards Finality of Arbitral Awards: Two Steps Forward and One Step Back, Alexis Mourre/Lca G.
Radicati di Brozolo, 23 J.Int.Arb.2, p. 171-188;- ACICA's New International Rules, Simon Greenberg, 23 J.Int.Arb.2, p. 189-199;- Poteri del giudice nazionale, compatibilità con l'ordine pubblico e divieto di resame del merito nelriconoscimento di lodi arbitrli stranieri, Tiziana Tampieri, Rivista dell'arbitrato 3-2005, p. 637-656;- Les récents progrès de la jurisprudence brésilienne en matière d'arbitrage commercial international,Arnoldo Wald, ASA Bulletin 2/2006, p. 206-215;- The Myth of the "Manifest Disregard of the Law" Doctrine: Is this Challenge to the Finality of ArbitralAwards Confined to U.S. Domestic Arbitrations or Should International Arbitration Practitioners beConcerned , Stephan Wilske/ Nigel Mackay, ASA Bulltein 2/2006, p. 216-228;- Le règlement amiable des différends en matière de projets de consturction: quelques expériencespratiques, François Vermeille, Bulletin ASA 2/2006, p. 229-247;- Evolving pricinples in enforcing awards subject to annulment proceedings, Thomas H. Webster, 23J.Int.Arb.3, p. 201-226;- Inoperative and Operative Arbitration Agreements - Developments in Australian Case Law, MichaelPryles, 23 J.Int.Arb.3, p. 227-238;- Domestic Court Intervention in International Arbitration - The English View, Neelanjan Maitra, 23J.Int.Arb.3, p. 239-248;- Defining the Limits of scrutiny of awards based on alleged violations of european competition law,Gordon Blanke, 23 J.Int.Arb.3, p. 249-258;- Lesotho Highlands: "Denaturing" an Aarbitration statute and an express choice of law does not involvethe arbitrator exceeding his powers, Adam Samuel, 23 J.Int.Arb.3, p. 259-264;- The role of arbitration within today's challenges ot the world community and to international law, Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel, (2006) 22 Arbitration International, p. 165-178;- Achieving the dream: autonomous arbitration, Julian D.M. Lew, (2006) 22 Arbitration International, p.
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