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Drugs, legal or illegal, have powerful effects and side effects on bodies. Those effects have more effects, SUMMARY OF REMEDIES
usually not so good. Helping people to detoxify has many (with range of mega bottles needed)
Alcohol Addiction
We often think of illegal, “recreational” drugs as the Astrocyte Nucleus
problem when we mention drug problems. Many of them are Disease 1
addictive. It is hard to break addictions, but we have found Astrocyte Nucleus
success at the physical level with Quick Stop. The
Disease 2
psychological problems are usually bigger than the physical problems, but decreasing the physical addiction is helpful. Drug Damage –
There are unpublished remedies for almost every known Axon Enzyme Restore 4-7
Drug Residue
For the state of mind and emotion, the Borna Virus Marijuana Addiction
Combination, Addiction has proven to be helpful. It is to be
Marijuana Damage –
taken with the specific form of addiction, like Alcohol
Axon Enzyme Restore 4-7
Addiction, Marijuana Addiction, Smoking Addiction. If
Mercurous Arsenic
you don’t take general Addiction with the specific form of
addiction, you may simply change the form of addiction. Platinum Sulfide
One man didn’t listen. He took Alcohol Addiction (alone)
Smoking Addiction
and quit alcohol . . . only to emotionally abuse his wife over religious issues that became his new form of addiction. There are remedies for other, non-drug addictions. functions, especially in the brain. The remedy, drugs, so we use Chem Out to
Drug Damage – Axon Enzyme Restore has been
very effective in restoring the nerve and brain chemotherapy contain either Platinum
function. Drug Residue helps more in the organs.
or Platinum Sulfide. We do not
of high-functioning Autism. She began the remedy and immediately started having headaches, nightmares and brain fog. Then we learned she had a long history with recreational drugs. As she took the above remedy the complications cleared and the Autism remedy worked fully. She quit attracting and associating with drug heads, her thinking cleared up and her whole life is reported to fog that follows. Astrocyte Nucleus
Disease 1 or 2 with Chem Out usually
benign drug of choice. Then we witnessed that users slowly became emotionally unstable, less dependable and made irrational decisions. Those who took Marijuana Damage – Axon Enzyme
mercury and/or arsenic. Mercurous
Restore noticed that mental clarity and emotional
Arsenic lands in the adrenals of legal
sureness returned. If you also have blood sugar problems the insecurity is more pronounced with Mercurous Arsenic finding will tell the
It would be like preaching to the choir to mention some of the drugs that come to us from the pharmacy, over the counter and through our food. Below is a list of some of the “drugs” we have made remedies for. The newest finding is that some of these items may have stored in our nerves. Whereas we previously thought of these as toxins, we now see them as storing in the axons of our nerves (and brains). There is a reason why they call the western diet the “dumbing” FOOD DRUG CHEMICALS
(with range of mega bottles needed)
These are described often under digestion Aspartame
or elsewhere. They are designed to take the Aspartame Hydrogenized
chemical out of the organs that they toxify. Drug
Damage-Axon Enzyme Restore may be needed
to take them out of our nerves and brain. Fluoroquinolones
Hydrogenized are known as artificial sweeteners.
In essence they are drugs. We found them responsible for the phenomenal rise in PKU, which
became the main cause of Attention Deficit Natural Flavors
Pancreas Poison
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is a drug
that makes your brain think that food tastes better than it does. When the patent expired, its basic formula was combined with the basic formula of Aspartame and was, by court action, allowed to be
called Natural Flavors. (Not everything called
“natural flavors” is this combination, but care
should be taken with this term especially in soft
Benzene is in more foods than we want to
know about. One form is called Pancreas Poison
because it causes pancreatic cancer. There are Fluoroquinolones are in a
many who feel that cancer will not go away as long as there is benzene in the body. It also comes from Fluoride is a drug in our minds. It is
mandated to be put in all municipal water even though its damage has become legendary. Look at the Master User Guide for the many combinations NASIDs are the common
Formaldehyde is also widely used as a
preservative and is not distinguished from drugs by the FDA. The bitter taste of the ham in eggs benedict at the restaurant is because the ham was dipped in formaldehyde. See our user guide for the Phenylpropanolamine
Methanol (wood alcohol) is widely used in
the production of alcohol, artificial sweeteners, strokes (particularly in women). It was in sodas, bottled water, powdered drinks (often from health food stores). Ingestion paralyzes eye muscles and may cause death. It also gravitates to the pancreas where it attracts pancreas flukes.


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