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Voltaren Rapid
Entry Instructions
To enter visit or and play the Rapid Response Game. After
completing the game, an entry form will appear where consumers will
need to correctly answer in one word the competition question and
complete their name and address details to receive an entry into the
daily prize draw.
Entrant personal information ("PI") will be collected to enable the Promoter to administer and promote this competition and its winners and, if an entrant consents, may be used to market its services to the entrant. The PI of winners may be provided to others assisting, including prize suppliers and deliverers, and to authorities that regulate this competition. Entrants may contact the Promoter at the address given below to request access to any of their collected PI that is still held. If an entrant does not truthfully provide all requested PI, the Promoter may determine that they are not eligible to win a Conditions
WHO MAY ENTER (See Condition 2)
Residents of: Australia only
Meet these criteria: Employees of the Promoter, the agencies
associated with this promotion, the
excluded entities listed below, and their
immediate family members are ineligible.
Minimum age: 18 years
Excluded entity / entities ACP Magazines Limited, Novartis Australia
beyond Promoter and Pty Limited
Maximum number of entries There is a maximum of 5 entries per
per entrant: person per day.
COST OF ENTRY (See Condition 7)
1900/1902: NA
DURATION (See Condition 8)
Commencement time: 00:01 AEST
Commencement date: 30 June 2010
Closing time: 23:59 AEST
Closing date: 24 July 2010
1.10A Entry to draw 1.10B Entry to
1.10D Published on
1.10C Drawn
Draw closes
00:00hrs 1/07/2010 23:59 1/07/2010 12 noon 2/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 2/07/2010 23:59 2/07/2010 12 noon 3/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 3/07/2010 23:59 3/07/2010 12 noon 4/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 4/07/2010 23:59 4/07/2010 12 noon 5/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 5/07/2010 23:59 5/07/2010 12 noon 6/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 6/07/2010 23:59 6/07/2010 12 noon 7/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 7/07/2010 23:59 7/07/2010 12 noon 8/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 8/07/2010 23:59 8/07/2010 12 noon 9/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 9/07/2010 23:59 9/07/2010 12 noon 10/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 10/07/2010 23:59 10/07/2010 12 noon 11/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 11/07/2010 23:59 11/07/2010 12 noon 12/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 12/07/2010 23:59 12/07/2010 12 noon 13/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 13/07/2010 23:59 13/07/2010 12 noon 14/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 14/07/2010 23:59 14/07/2010 12 noon 15/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 15/07/2010 23:59 15/07/2010 12 noon 16/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 16/07/2010 23:59 16/07/2010 12 noon 17/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 17/07/2010 23:59 17/07/2010 12 noon 18/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 18/07/2010 23:59 18/07/2010 12 noon 19/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 19/07/2010 23:59 19/07/2010 12 noon 20/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 20/07/2010 23:59 20/07/2010 12 noon 21/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 21/07/2010 23:59 21/07/2010 12 noon 22/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 22/07/2010 23:59 22/07/2010 12 noon 23/07/2010 30/07/2010 00:00hrs 23/07/2010 23:59 23/07/2010 12 noon 24/07/2010 30/07/2010 24/07/2010 12 noon 25/07/2010 30/07/2010 In the above table, times are shown using the 24 hour clock. 00:00 hrs is the start of a day and 24:00 hrs is the end of the day. If an entry is received exactly at midnight it will be deemed to be received on the day just starting, not the day just ending. All times referred to are Sydney time (AEST). Each entry that is received during any of those periods will be allocated to the draw for that period. Entries allocated to one Draw do not carry forward into any subsequent Draw. Place: Level 7, Tower Building, Australia Square,
264-278 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
PRIZE(S) (See Condition 10)
Prizes the method All prize winners will be determined by random draws
by which they are and winners will be notified in writing within 28 days
awarded, any of the draw. Winners from NSW will be notified within
additional 2 business days of the draw.
apply to the There will be 625 prize winners. There will be one
prize(s), and their draw with 25 winners per day. In the first draw the
individual values - first 25 names drawn will be awarded prizes 1 – 25. In
the second draw, the first 25 names drawn will be
awarded prizes 26 – 50 and this process will continue
until the draws have finished and all prizes have been
The prizes are as follows:
Wine Hamper- 1x bottle of Tin Soldier wine, crackers, Electronic Neck & Shoulder Massager- Homedics Massager with SqusH and Heat. [Model number: NMSQ- 12 month magazine subscription- Australian Volsupa 25hr Candle in either Vanilla, Pink Magnolia or Crisp Revolution Cupcake Stand- 23 Cup in either silver, chrome or Voucher prizes are subject to the terms and conditions of $29,284.85
By: All winners will be notified by post within
28 days of the prize draw. Winners from
NSW will be notified within 2 business
days of the prize draw.
WINNER PUBLICATION - Print media (See Condition 12)
Where: N/A
Date: N/A
WINNER PUBLICATION - Website (See Condition 12)
Web address (URL): and
First date of publication: 30/07/2010
Last date of publication: 09/08/2010
Time, Date and Place to be At 12:00 on 15 November 2010 at
held: ninemsn Pty Ltd, ABN 33 077 753 461,
Level 7, Tower Building, Australia Square,
264-278 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
Where published: Not applicable
Date published: Not applicable
PROMOTER (See Condition 22)
Promoter name and address: ninemsn Pty Ltd, ABN 33 077 753 461,
Level 7, Tower Building, Australia Square,
264-278 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
PERMIT NUMBERS (See Condition 23)
Authorised under NSW LTPS/10/05947
ACT Permit No. TP TP 10/02607.1
VIC Permit No. 10/2037
T T10/1408
The only persons who may enter and be awarded prizes are those who (i) are residents of the place specified in Condition 1.1, (ii) meet the criteria, if any, specified in Condition 1.2 (iii) if an age is specified in Condition 1.3, have attained the age specified in that Condition, (iv) are not (a) employees of, or contractors to, the Promoter or any of its agencies involved with this competition, or of any entity specified in Condition 1.4, or (b) members of the immediate family of any such employees or contractors. "Immediate family" means spouse, defacto spouse, parent, natural or adopted child, and sibling (whether natural or adopted by a parent), whether or not they live in the same household as the employee/contractor. 3. ENTRANTS BOUND BY CONDITIONS
By participating, entrants agree to be bound by these conditions. 4. ENTRY INSTRUCTIONS
Entry instructions form part of these conditions. 5. AUTOMATIC AND NON-PERMITTED ENTRIES
That is lodged by automatic, repetitive, robotic, programmed or similar entry methods or agents, including the use of a competition entry service, will void The Promoter may, at its absolute discretion, declare any or all entries made by an entrant invalid if the entrant: (i) fails to establish their entitlement to enter the Competition to the Promoter's satisfaction; or (ii) submits an entry which is not in accordance with these conditions. 6. NUMBER OF ENTRIES PER ENTRANT
An entrant may enter no more than the number of times specified in Condition 7. COST OF ENTRY
This competition commences at the Sydney time specified in Condition 1.7 on Entries must be received by the Sydney time specified in Condition 1.9 on the There are a total of 25 Draws to be held in this Competition (see Condition 9).
Entry to each of those Draws is open during the 25 time periods, as indicated
in Conditions 1.10A and 1.10B. Each entry that is received during any of those periods will be allocated to the draw for that period. Entries allocated
to one Draw do not carry forward into any subsequent Draw.
Each of the 25 Draws will take place at the address specified in Condition
1.11 at the Sydney time specified in Condition 1.10C on the date specified in The Promoter’s decisions are final and the Promoter will not enter into any 10. PRIZE(S)
The prizes, the method by which they are awarded, any additional conditions that apply to the prize(s), and their individual values in Australian dollars, are as specified in condition 1.14. The Promoter takes no responsibility for any The maximum total value of all prizes in this competition, in Australian dollars, Except with the written consent of the Promoter, prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and non-cash prizes cannot be taken as cash. The Promoter has absolute discretion as to whether it will provide such consent and need not provide any reasons to any person for providing or withholding consent. In the event that any prize item is unavailable, the Promoter reserves the right, subject to the approval of any relevant trade lottery authority, to substitute a prize item of equal or greater value. 11. WINNER NOTIFICATION
The winner(s) will be notified by the means specified in Condition 1.16, using the contact details provided in their entry. The Promoter reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity of entries and entrants (including an entrant’s identity, age and place of residence). 12. WINNER PUBLICATION
The name and suburb of the winner(s) of prizes will be published (i) in the case of prizes valued at over $250, in the publication specified in Condition 1.17 on the date specified in Condition 1.18, and (ii) on the website specified in Condition 1.19, from the date specified in Condition 1.20 until the date 14. TAXES
Any taxes which may be payable as a consequence of a winner receiving the prize are the sole responsibility of the winner. 15. NO QUALITY, ETC, REPRESENTATIONS
The Promoter makes no representations or warranties as to the quality/suitability/merchantability of any of the goods/services offered as 16. EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY
To the extent permitted by law, the Promoter is not responsible or liable for: (i) inaccurate / incorrect transcription of entry information, (ii) purported entries that are not received for any reason, including because they are lost, misdirected or stolen, or that are received, but are late, illegible, incomplete, sent with insufficient postage (where entry is by post), or sent other than as directed in the entry instructions, (iii) any problems or technical failures of any kind, including malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer online systems or network, servers or providers, computer equipment, or software, (iv) the unavailability or inaccessibility of any service whether or not caused by traffic congestion on the Internet or at any Website, (v) unauthorised human intervention in any part of the competition, (vi) electronic or human error which may occur in the administration of the (vii) any loss suffered or sustained, to person or property and including, but not limited to, consequential (including economic) loss by reason of any act or omission, deliberate or negligent, by the Promoter, or its servants or agents, in connection with the arrangement for supply, or the supply, of any goods or services by any person to a prize winner and, where applicable, to any (viii) any injury or damage to persons or property, including to the participant's or any other person's computer related to, or resulting from, participation or downloading any materials in this competition. A winner, and his or her guests (if any), must sign and return any liability release and indemnity provided by the Promoter and/or its contractors as a condition of a prize being awarded. Failure to return the signed releases and indemnities will result in the entitlement to the prize being forfeited and the This condition does not affect, and is not intended to affect, any rights a consumer might have, which cannot be excluded under applicable consumer protection laws. To the fullest extent permitted by law, any liability of the Promoter or its servant or agents for breach of any such rights is limited to the payment of the cost of having the prize supplied again. 17. OWNERSHIP OF ENTRIES
All entries become and remain the property of the Promoter. 18. PUBLICITY
The winners consent to the use of their name, suburb of residence and image for promotional and marketing purposes and agree to participate in reasonable promotional activities as requested by the Promoter. 19. TAMPERING AND OTHER FAILURES
If for any reason this competition is not capable of running as planned, including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud, technical failures or any other causes beyond the control of the Promoter which corrupt or affect the administration security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this competition, the Promoter reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any individual who tampers with the entry process or who may benefit from such tampering and, subject to the approval of those authorities that have issued permits for the conduct of this competition, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition. CAUTION: ANY ATTEMPT TO DELIBERATELY DAMAGE ANY WEBSITE OR THE INFORMATION ON A WEBSITE, OR TO OTHERWISE UNDERMINE THE LEGITIMATE OPERATION OF THIS COMPETITION, MAY BE A VIOLATION OF CRIMINAL AND CIVIL LAWS AND SHOULD SUCH AN ATTEMPT BE MADE, WHETHER SUCCESSFUL OR NOT, THE PROMOTER RESERVES THE RIGHT TO SEEK DAMAGES TO THE 20. HEADINGS
The headings in these Conditions are for convenience only and do not affect 21. ENTIRE CONDITIONS
These conditions constitute the entire agreement of the parties relating to the entry into and the conduct of this competition. 22. PROMOTER
The Promoter is the entity specified in Condition 1.25. 23. PERMITS
The permits/licence issued for the conduct of this competition are specified in


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