VOL. 322, NO. 7277; 6 JANUARY 2001
EDITORIALSPubMed Central: creating an Aladdin´s cave of ideas Tony Delamothe, Richard SmithA new mental health (and public protection) act George SmzuklerThe renaissance of C reactive protein Mark B Pepys, Abi Berger"Normal" blood glucose and coronary risk Elizabeth Barrett-Connor , Deborah L WingardNEWSCommons votes for human stem cell research MEPs back tougher health warnings on cigarette packetsUS sets national standards for patient privacySpain agrees paliative care planVaccine improves memory in “ Alzheimer´s” miceGP struck off for agreeing to perform female circumcisionUS settles biggest ever healthcare fraud casePolish nurses strike for better wagesUK plans shake-up of mental health lawsPAPERSCholesterol reduction and non-illness mortality: meta-analysis of randomised clinical trialsMatthew F Muldoon, Stephen B Manuck. Aaron B Mendelsohn, Jay RKaplan, Steven H BelleGlycated haemoglobin, diabetes, and mortality in men in Norfolk cohort of European Prospective Investigation of Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC-Norfolk)Kay-Tee Khaw, Nicholas Wareham, Robert Luben, Sheila Bingham, SuzyOakes, Ailsa Welch, Nicholas DayProphylactic treatment of migraine with angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (lisinopril): randomised, placebo controlled, crossover studyHarald Schrader, Lars Jacob Stovner, Grethe Helde, Trond Sand, GunnarBovimExistence and quality of written antenatal screening policies in the United Kingdom: postal surveyBeverl Lane, Kirsey Challen, Hilary J Harris, Rodney, HarrisDrug points; Tachycardia associated with moxifloxacin Martin Siepmann, Wilhelm KirchPRIMARY CAREPrevalence and trends in overweight and obesity in three cross sectional studies of British children, 1974-94Susan Chinn, Roberto J RonaHow women with a family history of breast cancer and their general practitioners act on genetic advice in general practice: prospectivelongitudinal study Geertruida H de Bock, Christi J van Asperen, Josephine M de Vries, GeorgeC.H.A Hageman, Machiel P. Springer, Job KievitRaising concerns about family history, of breast cancer in primary care consultations: prospective, population based study Wornen's ConcernsStudy GroupCLINICAL REVIEWScience, medicine, and the future: Islet and stem cell transplantation for treating diabetesPalle Serup, Ole D Madsen,Thomas Mandrup-PoulsenABC of diseases of liver, pancreas, and biliary system: Investigation of liver and biliary diseaseI J Beckingham, S D RyderEDUCATION AND DEBATEBioethical aspects of the recent changes in the policy of refusal of blood by Jehovah's WitnessesOsamu MuramotoComputer assisted learning in undergraduate medical education Trisha Greenhalgh.
LETTERSWe may be in danger of bribing volunteers C YoungMore on BMA's approval of acupuncture W Asscher; D J Grant; M CummingsAvoidance of ingestion of anti-inflammatory drugs in dyspepsia is confounding variableP J B BrownRisk of torsades de pointes with non-cardiac drugs P B Iannini and others; P MarinucciOutpatient hysteroscopy versus day case hysteroscopy J C R Hardwick; S Duffy; R BakerPharmacological prevention of acute mountain sickness P Hackett: P Bartsch and M Schneider; L Dumont and othersTrial experience and problems of parental recollection of consent D Elbourne and othersBirth events and cerebral palsy: facts were not presented clearly F Stanley and othersReducing speed limit to 20 mph in urban areas D S Morrison: R Coetzer: I Choonara; D Gorman and othersEmail health support service is already operating in Africa F J Cooke and A HolmesDoesn't everyone know that purpose of advertising is to promote products? Y ChanSupport from pharmacies can help people stop smoking H Sinclair and A S LennoxOBITUARIEST M Clayton J A Gemell, J Giles, C. W Graham-Stewart, M J Gryspeerdt, P A R Morley, D E Nash, W J O'Brien J K Scott, J A TobinREVIEWSMultimedia Book: The Constant Gardener John le CarréAndrew HerxheimerBook: Nursing Practice, Policy and Change Ed Marjorie GottAlba DiCensoRadio: The ConsultantsSean A SpenceTV: Driving Mum Crazy Iain McClurePress: The milk of human kindnessGavin YameyWebsite of the week: Drug company ethicsRhona MacDonaldNetlines Harry BrownPersonal view Africa revisited: a distressing experienceA W LogieSoundings My famous friendsKevin BarracloughMinerva Rashid N SiddiquiCORRECTIONSAge related macular degeneration Higher research degrees: Making the right choiceMark Anderson and Janusz Jankowski VOL. 322, NO. 7278; 13 JANUARY 2001
Sula Wolff, Alexander McCall SmithPreventing respiratory syncitial virus bronchiolitis Mike Sharland, Alison Bedford-RussellSevere osteogenesis imperfecta: new therapeutic options? Paulien M BongersDealing with poor clinical performance Steve Dewar, Belinda FirdaysonNEWSAgency set up to spot incompetent doctors EU harmonises rules for trialsNHS to spend &-200m to prevent vCJD spreadProjects show cancer treatment can be fasterUS group wants doctors to shun drug companiesbmj.com news roundupNHS walk-in centres fail proper assessmentDrug courts offer treatment to offendersMeningitis C rates fall shaplyHeart monitors may detect infection in newbornsNew body to make NHS appointmentsChlamydia increases cervical cancer riskSpider venom may prevent atrial fibrillationCholera sweeps through South African provinceUS doctors face curbs on referrals"Health weather forecasts" to be pilotedNew drug delivery system may combat cancerPAPERSEffectiveness of Ginkgo biloba in treating tinnitus: double blind, placebo controlled trialShelley Drew, Ewart DaviesThe psychosocial impact of bilateral prophylactic mastectomy: prospective study using questionnaires and semistructured interviewsMal Bebbington Hatcher, Lesley Fallowfield, Roger A'Hern"Patient knows best” detection of common mental disorders in Santiago, Chile: cross sectional studyRicardo Araya, Glyn H Lewis, Graciela Rojas, Anthony H MannCommentary: Clinical practice is as important as diagnosis Sunny C D CollingsDrug points: Pancreatitis associated with hydroxyurea in combination with didanosineHJ Longhurst, AJ PinchingPRIMARY CARESecond dose of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine: questionnaire survey of health professionalsMarko Petrovic, Richard Roberts, Mary RamsayCLINICAL REVIEWRecent advances: Geriatric medicine Sharon E StramusLesson of the week: Pulmonary Wegeners granulomatosis misdiagnosed as malignancyS Uppal, N Saravanappa J P Davis, C K T Farmer, D J A GoldsmithABC of diseases of liver, pancreas, an biliary system: Gallstone disease I J BeckinghamEDUCATION AND DEBATEThe invention of post-traumatic stress disorder and the social usefulness of a Derek SummerfieldSystematic reviews from astronomy to zoology: myths and misconceptions Mark PetticrewLETTERSFew university students from overseas have been vaccinated against meningococcal infectionM R Edmunds and othersDo not resuscitate decisions T Downes and J Liddle; H Tunstall-Pedoe; D Briley; D Barer; B Brett andothers; G B Smith; K Stewart and C Spice; A Dangoor; M O'Leary; M DOliver; R MacQueen; R M Goss; Summary of rapid responsesBenign prostatic hyperplasia has precise meaning P AbramsFuture of research into rotavirus vaccine D Walker and others; I Pérez-SchaelIntranasal midazolam for treating febrile seizures in children T Johnson; R C Scott and others; B Phillips and R Appleton; E Wassmerand others; A HarndenCan we trust elderly donor grafts for corneal transplantation? C H Meyer and othersTraining overseas doctors in the United Kingdom D J Buchanan and G Smith; K S Madhavan; E Krishnan, E Shah and PDasguptaOrlistat associated with hypertension G D Johnston; M H Huber; M Persson and othersFamilial hypercholesterolaemia is underdiagnosed after AMI M F Dorsch and othersPsychiatric disorders and risky sexual behaviour P Meacher; P von KaehneScreening for medium chain acyl-Codehydrogenase deficiency has still not been evaluatedS Tanner and othersOBITUARIESA Donabedian R.D. Doyle, I E Kenyon, C T Landey, T H Tweedy, R.J S TV: On The EdgePeter ByrneBook: The Future of Food Brian J FordCharles WilsonBook: Vivisection or science? An Investigation intoTesting Drugs and Safeguarding Health Pietro CroceRhona MacDonaldPress: Wait until the morning afterJudy Jones Website of the week: Facing mastectomyTessa RichardsPersonal view FILLERSOn breakfast and randomised trials Andrew VickersCorrections and clarifications Training opportunities in women's health for general practice Steve. Fieldand Jamie Bahrami VOL. 322, NO. 7279; JANUARY 20, 2001
Lesley Rees, Andrew WeilEnhancing human healing David ReillyComplementary medicine and medical education Brian M BermanAdvances in the management of CSF leaks N S Jones, Daniel G BeckerDepleted uranium and public health Melissa A McDiarmidNEWSEngland may change law on organ retention US doctors advised on needlestick injuriesIndia plans to grow GM cropsHospital league tables: investigations neededBone marrow transplants no help for non-Hodgkin's lymphomabmj.com news roundupAspirin useful in primary prevention of heart deathsIreland helps patients who cannot get insuranceScientists create genetically modified monkeyGP specialists being trained in ENTUS takes more steps to prevent BSEIsrael investigates "sale of organs"Courts too deferential to doctors, saysjudgeEvidence grows on safety of mobile phonesFinnish study confirms safety of MMR vaccineUK to screen veterans for uraniumUS faces shortage of prescription drugs PAPERSIs electrodermal testing as effective as skin prick tests for diagnosing allergies? A double blind, randomised block design studyGeorge T Lewith julian N Kenyon Jackie Broomfield, Philip Prescott,Jonathan Goddard, Stephen T HolgateTreatment for the premenstrual syndrome with agnus castus fruit extract: prospective, randomised, placebo controlled studyR Schellenberg for the study groupComparative study of nasopharyngeal. aspirate and nasal swab specimens for detection of influenzaTerho Heikkinen, Aimo A Salmi, Olli RuuskanenDrug points: Hepatitis associated with Kavaa herbal remedy for anxiet y Monica Escher Jules Desmeules, Emile Giostra, Gilles MenthaPRIMARY CAREPatterns of physical activity and ultrasound attenuation by heel bone among Norfolk cohort of European Prospective Investigation of Cancer (EPICNorfolk): population based studyRupert W. Jakes, Kay-Tee Khaw, Nicholas E Day, Sheila Bingham, AilsaWelch, Suzy Oakes, Robert Luben, Nicola Dalzell Jonathan Reeve,Nicholas J WarehamCLINICAL REVIEWRegular review: Delirium: optimising management David J MeagherLesson of the week: A painful hip as a presentation of Guillain-Barré syndrome in childrenTjun Tang, Charles Noble-JamiesonABC of diseases of liver, pancreas, and biliary system: Acute hepatitis S D Ryder. I. J BekinghamEDUCATION AND DEBATECan doctors respond to patients' increasing interest in complementary and alternative medicine?D K Owen, G Lewith, C R StephensCommentary: Special study modules and complementary and alternative medicine-the Glasgow experienceHelen BrydenRegulation in complementary and alternative medicine Simon Y MillsResearch into complementary and alternative medicine: problems and potentialRichard L Nahin, Stephen E StrausLessons on integration from the developing world's experience Gerard BodekerCommentary: Challenges in using traditional systems of medicine Ranjit Roy ChaudhuryLETTERSIntegrated medicine: orthodox meets alternative O Caspi; T Woolfson; P MorrellHomoeopathy versus placebo in perennial allergic rhinitis B Miller; B J Lipworth; M E Dean J Windeler; H M Brown; M A Taylorand othersAuthors'reply on aspirin for primary prevention T W Meade and P J BrennanMore on burns after photodynamic therapy D F Horrobin; R BryceProtective measures may help prevent Helicobacter pylori infection P Noone and E R WaclaskiGlobal health research R Stott; H Patrikios; W MaziakPrescription pricing databases should include more details to assess prescribing rationalityH McGavockGlobal health agencies' response to malaria A Attaran; D Nabarro and others; G YameyNHS Direct M Sadler and M Vaughan; B Green; C AntonOBITUARIESJ R Bignall, A L Gwynne, C M Ridley, I G Thomson, J Yates Book: A War of Nerves: Soldiers and Psychiatrists 1914-94 Ben ShephardDerek SummerfieldBook: Doctors in the Great WarIan R Whitehead Linda BryderProfile: The human leagueAndrew Weil, David ReillyRhona MacDonaldBook: The Human Effect in Medicine: Theory, Research and PracticeMichael Dixon, Kieran Sweeney Iona HeathWebsite of the week: Regulation of integrated health careRhona MacDonaldNedinesRhona MacDonaldBook: Bodies of Evidence: Medicine and the Politics of the English Inquest,1830-1926Ian A BurneyMichael F MalteseBook: The Shape of the Heart Pierre VinkenArpan K BanerjeePersonal view The best of both worldsHRH Prince CharlesSoundings Neville W GoodmanCorrections and clarifications Returning to general practiceStuart Handysides VOL. 322, NO. 7280; 27 JANUARY 2001
EDITORIALSMMR vaccine: the continuing saga David Elliman, Helen BedfordHow policy informs the evidence George Davey Smith, Shah Ebrahim, Stephen FrankelDeath underfunded Kamran AbbasiImproving access to emergency contraception Mira. Harrison-Wolrych, Andrea Duncan, Jeannette Howe, ConamoreSmithThe risk of venous thromboembolism from air travel George GeroulakosNEWSLords support stem cell research South Africa asks Canada to stop poaching doctorsHoly water not always healthyNICE approves drugs for Alzheielmer's diseaseBreast feeding campaigners claim partial victoryPop musicians boycott Ncstlé promotionbmj.com news roundupEngland sets out cancer standardsScientists find possible schizoprenia a testDrug companies fund Bush inaugurationBSE in Spain provokes political fightCannabis trial launched for MS patientsLess television means less aggressionExercise in pregnancy may increase birth weightBush cuts help for abortion groupsResistin: a, new hormone linked to diabetesPfizer accused of unethical behaviourDutch GPs told to refuse drug company hospitalityPAPERS Qualitative analysis of psychosocial impact of diagnosis of Chlamydia trachomatis: implications for screeningBarbara Duncan, Graham Hart, Anne Scoular, Alison Bigrigg Birth weight and cognitive function in the British 1946 birth cohort: longitudinal population based studyMarcus Richards, Rebecca Hardy, Diana Kuh, Michael E J WadsworthScience commentary: Insulin-like growth factor and cognitive function Abi BergerHelping people with severe mental illness to obtain work: systematic review Ruth E Crowther, Max Marshall, Gary R Bond, Peter- HuxleyWho retires early from the NHS because of ill health and what does it cost? A national cross sectional studyShriti Pattani, Nick Constantinovici, Sian WilliamsPRIMARY CAREEffect of recolonisation with "interfering" α streptococci on recurrences of acute and secretory otitis media in children: randomised placebo controlledtrialKristian Roos, Eva Grahn Hakansson, Stig HolmCLINICAL REVIEWRegular review: Management of patients who deliberately harm themselves Göran I Isacsson, Charles L RichLesson of the week: Narcolepsy mistakem for epilepsy Adam Zeman, Neil Douglas, Rebecca AylwardScience commentary: HLA typing Abi BergerABC of diseases of liver, pancreas, and biliary system: Chronic viral hepatitisS D Ryder, I J BeckinghamEDUCATION AND DEBATEUsing evidence to inform health policy: case study Sally Macintyre, Iain Chalmers, Richard Horton, Richard SmithSifting the evidence-what's wrong with significance tests? Jonathan A C Sterne, George Davey SmithAnother comment on the role of statistical methods J R Edwards; E Kerr and othersChemotherapy for advanced colorectal. cancer M M Kirollos; D Munday; M Michael and J Zalcberg; D I JeffreyRecent advances in palliative care P W Szlosarek; A GoldmanHow to manage the first episode of schizophrenia T J Crow; D Curtis; S Frangou and P ByrneThiazoldinediones for type 2 diabetes N B Glazer and W W Cheatham; A Benbow and othersRevised guideline for prescribing vigabatrin in children A L Lux and others; Vigabatrin Paediatric Advisory GroupDo tobacco companies encourage young people to smoke? E Merlo; S St Clair and J Klein; R DavisWhat is suspected heart failure with preserved left ventricular systolic function?D Leibowitz; R HJay; H Rimington and J Chambers; J McMurrayNew drug discovery techniques are not so revolutionary D F HorrobinHealth professionals need more information on vertical transmission of HIV D FlorinOBITUARIESD A Baird, H O Chistolm,'I' English, E C B Hall-Craggs, G.T.E Jenkings, J D Oriel, R V Roberts, J W Sandison ,J F Smith, H StenirndaleREVIEWSMultimedia Book: Caring for Muslim Patients Eds Aziz Sheikh, Abdul Rashid GatradGeri-Ann GalantiBook: Immigrant Women ´s Health: Problems and Solutions Eds ElizabethJ Krarlmer, Susan L Ivey, Yu-Wen YingAnnette MacKay RossignolBook: On the Fabric of the Human Body Andreas Vesalius. Translated byWilliam Frank Richardson in collaboration with John Burd Carman James RHeronBook: Health Care in the New Millennium: Vision, Values and LeadershipIan MorrisonDavid WoodsTV: How animal passions became arousedRhona MacDonaldWebsite of the week: Animal researchTrevor JacksonPersonal view The show must go on Geographical transfers in specialist registrar trainingCarrie Newlands and Fiona McKinna VOL. 322, NO. 7281; 3 FEBRUARY 2001
Donald M BerwickAnimal research: the need for a middle ground Richard SmithInsecticide treated bed nets to prevent malaria Umberto D'AlessandroCheating at medical school Shimon M GlickOutpatient antibiotics for pelvic inflammatory disease Jonathan D C RossPromoting wellbeing among doctors Gavin Yamey, Michael WilkesCommunity care waiting lists and older people John Young, Stuart TurnockNEWSReport published on organ retention at Alder Hey Hospital Bill gives government power to breach confidentialityScotland to fund personal care for old peopleDoctors suspended after Wrong injectionWorld Bank funds private hospital in Indiabmj.com news roundupTests can identify which children most at risk of cerebral oedemaDoctors ask GMC to rethink its plansDutch immigrants receive poor health careIndia issues new hypertension guidelinesRisk of ulcer soars Nvith drugs combinationOperating theatres underused in lrelandDoctors should identify problem drinkersRitalin works by increasing dopamine levelsSan Francisco's HIV infection rate doublesHIV infections hit record high in UKDoctors face murder charges in LibyaPAPERSMulticentre randomised controlled trial of nasal diamorphine for analgesia in children and teenagers with clinical fracturesJason M Kendall, Barnaby C Reeves, Victoria S Latteron behalf of the Nasal Diamorphine Trial GroupRisk of adverse birth outcome and miscarriage in pregnant users of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: population based observational studyand case-control studyGunnar Lange Nielsen, Henrik Toft Sorensen, Helle Larsen, Lars PedersenImpact on malaria morbidity of a programme supplying insecticide treated nets in children aged under 2 years in Tanzania: community cross sectionalstudySalim Abdulla Joanna Armstrong Schellenberg, Rose Nathan, OscarMukasa, Tanya Marchant, Tom Smith, Marcel Tanner, Christian Lengeler Are "tomorrow's doctors" honest? Questionnaire study exploring medical students' attitudes and reported behaviour on academic misconductS C Rennie, J R CrosbyPRIMARY CAREHow are abnormal results for liver function tests dealt with in primary care? Audit of yield and impactPaul Sherwood, Iain Lyburn, Sandy Brown, Stephen RyderINFORMATION IN PRACTICEA descriptive feast but an evaluative famine: systematic review of published articles on primary care computing during 1980-97Elizabeth Mitchell, Frank SullivanPublic standards and patients' control: how to keep electronic medical records accessible but privateKenneth D Mandl, Peter Szolovits, Isaac S KohaneCommentary: Open approaches to electronic patient records David MarkwellCommentary: A patient's viewpoint Rhona MacDonaldCLINICAL REVIEWExtracts from "Clinical Evidence": Athlete's foot and fungally infected toenailsFay Crawford, Rachel Hart, Sally E M Bell-Syer, David J Torgerson, PhilipYoung, Ian RussellABC of diseases of liver, pancreas, and biliary system: Other causes of parenchymal liver diseaseS D Ryder, I J BeckinghamEDUCATION AND DEBATEPersonal paper: Waiting for a transplant Jennifer RickmanThe referring consultant's perspective J A RobertsLETTERSCheating at medical school S A Spencer; B Brewer; E Tan; C O'Loughlin; W Westlak; J Vive; NFergusson; R Maqoueen; M Jarmulowicz; J Paton; P Bennett-Richards;Anonymous; Summary of rapid responsesDrug treatment of multiple sclerosis R Milne and others; C H Polman and B M J UitdehaagDeclaration of Helsinki should be strengthened R.J Lilford and B Djulbegovic; U Schuklenk; K J Rothman and K BMichelsIncreased humanitarian deaths may not mean higher risks of dying B SeetCosts and effectiveness of community postnatal support Workers J Barlow and S Stewart-Brown; C.J Morrell and H Spiby Mental health services for people With learning disabilities G Doody: B G R NevilleDifferential diagnoses for asthma should include mediastinal masses A Peet and othersImprovement in prescribing can be measured only over time D F BirdEmphasis has shifted from medical ethics to bioethics R E AshcroftStapled haemorrhoidectomy offers substantial benefits G C Beattie and M A LoudonUsing death certificates to identify malpractice might be difficult .
A Coldwells and othersOBITUARIESJ P Dymond, M Hulbert, D C Logan, B Mindham, J B Roberts REVIEWSMULTIMEDIABook: The Tyranny of Health: Doctors and the Regulation of Lifestyle Michael FitzpatrickStuart W G DerbyshireBook: Infectious Causes of Cancer. Targets for Intervention Ed James JGoedertD TrichopoulosPress: Man, mission, rumpus Kamran AbbasiWebsite of the week: CheatingMarcus MüllnerPersonal view Evidence, pain, and the poor old NHSAnn OakleySoundings Anthony SeatonCORRECTIONSThe Ghost of Christmas Past: health effects of poverty in London in 1896 Consultant job exchangesGiles Youngs and Andrew Herbert VOL. 322, NO. 7281; 10 FEBRUARY 2001
EDITORIALSWhat have we learnt from the Alder Hey affair? Howard Bauchner, Robert VinciFailure to refer for testing for cystic fibrosis Maurice Super, Rosie Barnes, David GreigSocial policy and devolution Allyson M PollockAnother healthcare funding review Jennifer DixonThe obesity epidemic in young children William H DietzNEWSScientists plan human cloning clinic in US Doctor sets up "how to die" workshops in New ZealandReport urges honesty towards NHS rationingMouthwash may treat malariaInjuries kill 20 000 children a year in developed worldPneumonia, cholera, and dysentery feared after earthquakebmj.news roundupNatural cycle IVF should be used more of tenDutch investigate carcinogenic effects of' drugActivity and analgesics best for backacheWales to scrap health authoritiesUS tightens its defences against BSEIrish junior doctors do little trainingScreening for familial dysautonomia to begin soonAlcohol book fails to declare an interestGMC suspends former Alder Hey pathologistTissue samples often retained without consentMortality from colorectal cancer falls in ScotlandPAPERSSystematic review of long term anticoagulation or antiplatelet treatment in patients with non-rheumatic atrial fibrillationF C Taylor, H Cohen, S EbrahimPrevalence of overweight and obese children between 1989 and 1998: population based series of cross sectional studiesPeter, Bundred, Denise Kitchiner, Iain BuchanAnt iplatelet drugs for prevention of pre-eclampsia and its consequences: systematic reviewLelia Duley, David Henderson-Smart Marian Knight, James KingRisk of suicide in relation to income level in people admitted to hospital with mental illness: nested case-control studyE Agerbo, P B Mortensen, T Eriksson, P Qin, N Westergaard-Nielsen Commentary: Suicide and incorme-is the risk greater in rich people who develop serious mental illness?David GunnellPRIMARY CAREPragmatic randomised controlled trial of two prescribing strategies for childhood acute otitis mediaPaul Little, Clare Gould, Ian Williamson, Michael Moore, Greg Warner,Joan Dunleavey10-minute consultation: Binge eating Dcborah WallerCLINICAL REVIEWManagement of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease in general practice John Dent, Roger Jones, Peter Kahrilas, Nicholas J TalleyABC of diseases.of liver, pancreas, and biliary system: Portal hypertension- 1: varicesJ E J Krige, I J BeckinghamEDUCATION AND DEBATEEthical issues in diagnosis and management of patients in the permanent vegetative stateDerick T WadeContamination in trials: is cluster randomisation the answer? David J TorgersonLETTERSGMC's proposals for revalidation D Newble; S Hayes; B' Jolly and others; R WakefordGMC assessment of Fergusson case was not at fault W SavageRoutine vaccination and child survival in Guinea-Bissau P Aaby and H Jensen; K Mulholland and M L Barreto; P I Folb; P Aaby andH JensenVaccinations as risk factors for ill health in veterans of the Gulf war J P G Bolton and others; M Hotopf and othersTracheal stenosis can occur 20 years after intubation F G DikkersContraception in general practice before teenage pregnancy W-C Leung; K Duffield and others; D Churchill and others: A McPhersonand A Macfarlane; T ForanImportance of injecting vaccines into muscle J R C Seale J N ZuckermanEvidence is not (yet) enough for evidence based policy for chlamydia screening ClaSS Study GroupRisk factors for breast cancer K C, Johnson J M Dixon and C. M SteelTreating bipolar affective disorder M Fink; A YoungOverweight and adenocarcinoma of the oesophagus R N Maric and K K ChengNurses are also punished for having mental health problems W CanAll children deserve to know the truth F WallaceOBITUARIESC A Clarke, R E Bowers, N A G Covell, P D Drinkwater, G A Findlay, N Mendick, R Moffat, W Norman-Taylor, J Orr, W N RamsdenREVIEWSMultimedia Art: Pictures of HealthGavin YameyBook: Is Menstruation Obsolete?Elsimar M Coutinho, Sheldon J Segal Carl De CréeBook: Children as Partners for Health: A CriticalReview of the Child-to-Child ApproachPat Pridmore, David StephensHaroon SaloojeePress: Gods and monstersTrevor JacksonWebsite of the week: Persistent vegetative stateAlison TonksNetlinesHarry BrownPersonal views Listen to the voicesFrederick NennerLearning to let go of our organsDerek RoskellSoundings VOL. 322, NO. 7283; 17 FEBRUARY 2001
EDITORIALSThe fetal origins of adult disease Roger RobinsonThe protective effect of childhood infections Sebastian L Johnston, Peter J M OpenshawType 2 diabetes in children Anne Fagot-Campagna, K M Venkat Narayan, Giuseppina ImperatorePrognostic factors in prostate cancer Rodolfo MontironiThe US sisters of the BMJ Ronald M Davis, Richard Smith, Michael WilkesNEWS Rival groups publish details of human genome Flu drug not worth prescribing, experts sayDrug company fined for excess hospitalityBrazil's AIDS treatment threatened by US actionAustralia appoints former industry lobbyist to drugs watchdogbmj.com news roundupSkin sold for chemical warfare researchMiddle aged women more likely to die of heart attackGermany turns away UK trained GPFew trusts have race employment targetsEnd to NHS rationing of Viagra urgedNew EU rules might hinder researchExtra 2600 physicians needed in BritainFDA refuses companies' request to drop ulcer warningIndia finalises tobacco control legislationClimate change will increase heat related deaths in UKPAPERSRandomised controlled trial of patient education to encourage graded exercise in chronic fatigue syndromePauline Powell, Richard P Bentall, Fred J Nye, Richard H T EdwardsEarly childhood infectious diseases and the development of asthma up to school age: a birth cohort studySabina Illi, Erika von Mutius, Susanne Lau, Renate Bergmann, BodoNiggemann, Christine Sommerfeld, Urich Wahn, and the MAS GroupAntibiotic susceptibility of streptococci and related genera causing endocarditis: analysis of UK reference laboratory referrals, january 1996 toMarch 2000Alan P Johnson, Marina Warrner, Karen Broughton, Dorothy James,Androulla Efsratiou, Robert C George, David M LivermoreExposure of healthcare workers in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland to bloodborne viruses between july 1997 and june 2000: analysis ofsurveillance dataBarry Evans, Winnie Duggan Juliet Baker, Mary Ramsay, and DominiqueAbiteboul on behalf of the Occupational Exposure Surveillance Advisory GroupIssues in the management of prisoners infected with HIV-1: the King's College Hospital HIV prison service retrospective cohort studySimon Edwards, Melinda Tenant-Flowers Joseph Buggy, Peter Horne, NickHulme, Philippa Easterbrook, Chris TaylorPRIMARY CARERadiography of the lumbar spine in primary care patients with low back pain: randomised controlled trialDenise Kendrick, Katherine Fielding, Elaine Bentley, Robert Kerslake, PaulMiller, Mike PringleRoutinely administered questionnaires for depression and anxiety: systematic reviewSimon M Gilbody, Allan 0 House,Trevor A SheldonCLINICAL REVIEWScience, medicine, and the future: Microbicides in HIV prevention Shena McCormack, Richard Hayes, Charles J N Lacey Anne M JohnsonLesson of the week: Degenerative cervical disc disease causing cord compression in adults under 50P I Bentley, CJ Grigor J D McNally, S Rigby, C S Higgens, A O Frank, AKeatABC of diseases of liver, pancreas, and biliary system: Portal hypertension- 2. Ascites, encephalopathy, and other conditionsJ E J Krige, I J BeckinghamEDUCATION AND DEBATEShould depression be managed as a chronic disease? Gavin AndrewsWellbeing of gay, lesbian, and bisexual doctors Brian P. Burke, Joselyn C WhiteCommentary: The medical profession should face up to its own homophobia Daniel Saunders for the Gay and Lesbian Association of Doctors andDentistsLETTERSNCAA has not been given sufficient tools to identify poorly performing doctorsC Bulstrode and V HuntRevaluation should be part of revalidation C ManningThe two tier syndrome behind waiting lists M Pringle J F Morgan; J Hopkins; T C.B Dehn and A S Mee; M S Hockey;G Freshwater; N Dudley; P Cairns: D W LightMaternal age and fetal loss D C. Reardon; B Rooney: M Reimer; R C Fretts;-A RodgerObstetric intervention among private and public patients in Australia I Papapetros; A ShortenBupropion for smokers C Harrison; H G Kinnell; W Richardson; R Vautrey: J Britton and M Jarvis Early neonatal mortality and timing of low risk birth R. Varma and others; J Wesgate and A Gunn; G Heller and othersPatients with primary herpes should be screened for syphilis D Graham and S P HigginsExplosions may occur if dry ice is placed in airtight transport containers S Sharp and othersOBITUARIESW. E. 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EDITORIALSPrenatal diagnoses of sex chromosome conditions Barbara BieseckerUndermining data privacy in health information Ross AndersonPhysical health of people with severe mental. illness Michael Phelan, Linda Stradins, Sue MorrisonTowards a global definition of patient centred care Moira StewartWider lessons of the pulmonary artery catheter trial Derek Angus, Nick BlackNEWSSouth African government sued over generics Medical research under threat after Alder HeyComplaints against UK doctors rise by 50%bmj.com news roundupScotland faces GP crisisExposure in utero to maternal smoking increases risk of asthmaUS abortion clinics and harrassed patients win damagesFast track centres aim to cut waiting timesHeart failure study finds more diastolic cases in older patientsWorld's poorest depend on private health careIndia plans massive hospital rebuildingAlcohol and drug misuse swveeping World, says WHOUS employer agrees to stop genetic testingBlair unable to meet health pledgeDutch smokers sue tobacco firmZyban comes under scrutiny, after deathsPAPERSTherapeutic nursing or unblocking beds? A randomised controlled trial of a post-acute intermediate care unit .
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A cream called eflornithine (Vaniqua) may be pre- Surgery: scribed to rub on affected areas of skin. Some re-Rarely, your doctor may suggest surgery to control search trials suggest that it can reduce unwanted hair PCOS symptoms and improve fertility, for example growth, although this effect quickly wears off after laparoscopic ovarian drilling. This is a type of keyhole procedure used

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Helpful Tips for Managing the Cost of Your Medications 1. Of the thousands of medications available in the United States, some are available under both a brand name (for example, Motrin) and under a generic name (ibuprofen); 2. Medications generally become available as a generic after their patent has 3. Generics are usually much less expensive than the brand name medication; but 4. Most g

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