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Safety & Benefits
of intra® for Athletes

intra is now Certified “Safe for Athletic Use”
During Exercise, our bodies will;
by the German Sport University Institute for
• Increase the rate and amount of oxygen utilized• Increase metabolism (burn more calories) Biochemistry,
Accredited Institution for Certification
After a bout of Exercise, our bodies will;
German Sport University Koln Institute for Biochemistry • Have an increased accumulation of toxins (free Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schanzer, C/O Deutsche Sprothochschule • A reduced physical resistance due to increased Free Radicals & Lactic Acid - Since exercise increases
intra contains
the amount of oxygen used in the body, this causes an No Steroids • No Stimulants
increased production of unstable molecules called free intra is completely free of alcohol, caffeine, or any radicals. These highly reactive molecules can damage cells substance that would cause an athlete to test positive for and are believed to be the main cause of sore aching muscles a day or two after exercise (known as DelayedOnset Muscle Soreness or DOMS). Understanding the “Up’s” & Down’s” of Exercise
Wastes/By Products - Since exercise increases metabolism,
Although we are told that exercise is good for our bodies, there is an increased production of waste and by products.
what we are unaware of is that exercise pushes the body Collectively, these wastes need to be quickly eliminated beyond its usual capabilities (resulting in muscle damage).
and neutralized to reduce muscle soreness and improve With the right amount of recovery time and appropriate nutrients, the body will efficiently repair and rebuild towardsan increased level of strength and endurance (this is known Reduced Physical Resistance - Since we are “overloading”
as the Adaptation Syndrome). To continually improve our level our bodies with physical stress, it take’s time to repair of fitness, these principles must be supported by the right and replenish the cells after exercise (this is known as amount of nutrients and antioxidants. If these essential nutrients are provided, this will boost exercise performanceand reduce exercise recovery time.
How can intra support an active lifestyle?
In order to maintain a “healthy” active lifestyle, it is importantto have the right amount of nutrients to; • Support Optimal Energy• Help Reduce the Effects of Exercise Stress• Provide Antioxidants (to combat free radicals and toxins intra for energy!
intra contains ingredients that fully support the EnergySystem. Without these essential nutrients, the body couldnot reach optimal levels of activity. German Chamomile,Ginger root, Bee Pollen, Chinese Pearl Barley are someof the ingredients provided in intra to promote energy.
intra for physical stress!
• Normalize and raise an individual's resistance to all forms of stresses in the body (including the physical How much intra do I need to
stress associated with exercise). intra contains thefollowing adaptogen’s; support my active lifestyle?
Siberian Ginseng -
* Level of Activity
Suggested Dose
A Classical Adaptogenic Herb
• Siberian ginseng has been extensively Low level
preventing sickness in the workplace.
• Siberian ginseng has been scientifically Moderate level of activity
help the body resist viral infections and Reishi Mushroom
High level of activity
• In the Orient, Reishi is considered a including acting as an adaptogen inhelping the body fight the effects of * Based upon the American College of Sports Medicine Exercise Guidelines References
1) University of Maryland Medical Center – Siberian Ginseng Monograph intra for antioxidants!
2) Bucci, L. 2000. Selected Herbals and Human Exercise Performance. AJCN. 72 (suppl); Antioxidant supplements have been shown to be effective in 3) Kelly, G. 1999. Nutritional and Botanical Interventions to Assist with the Adaptogen of Stress.
reducing delayed onset muscle soreness and improving exercise recovery. Juniper Berry, Licorice, Rose hip, 4) Clarkson, et al. 1993. Antioxidants; what role do they play in physical activity & health.
Schisandra berry, and Passion flower contain antioxidant’ssuch as Vitamin C and flavonoids that destroy free radicalsand toxins caused by exercise.
® Registered trademarks Lifestyles International Holdings Corporation Copyright Lifestyles, 2006


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