Customer: The Norwegian arm of
ISS, one of the world’s largest facili-
ties management companies.
”The Digital Pen and Paper solution saves our team leaders Challenge: To make the quality
and department managers a lot of time”. control process simpler – reducing the need for manual data entry, and Nils Hasle, IT Consultant, ISS Norway
making it easy to transmit forms quickly to ISS head office.
Solution: Digital Pen and Paper solu-
tion incorporating Anoto technology
Maintaining quality in the field
mented the Digitalpenn solutions for team ensuring that staff are maintaining prop- leaders carrying out quality control checks. erties to high standards is an important part of customer service. Carrying out the ings that are being maintained by ISS staff quality control pro-cess efficiently in the Benefits: Faster administrative
process – more efficient invoicing and forms back to the office and enter the in- formation into a database manually. Now, For ISS, one of the world’s largest facili- their notes and send the quality control people, a Digital Pen and Paper solution, information directly back to headquarters Digitalpenn in cooperation with Sysnet has cessible in seconds, to be compared with a helped make quality control operations in couple of days when using the old system. No need for data entry
Ease of use a plus
Partner profile
Digitalpenn is a Norwegian distributor normal ballpoint pens, except for the fact and system integrator that delivers IT that they’re equipped with a tiny infrared country is extremely useful for a business solutions based on Digital Pen and Paper to camera that records what’s being written. companies, authorities and individuals across The pens are able to do this thanks to the “The quality controllers are out in the the Nordic region. Digitalpenn has more than field in different parts of the country,” 60 cleaning and facility service customers, including hospitals and public services. The which it can be used. For a company like The working intensive peaks in the end of ISS, where some staff are highly educated while others have low levels of education, Customer profile
ease of use was a big plus for the system. ISS is one of the world’s largest Facility results of quality control, the speed of Service providers, with market presence in Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia. Paper is very useful,” says Digitalpenn’s ISS employs more than 530.000 people and operates in 50 countries. The total revenue “We’ve taken labour intensive forms and worldwide 2011 was DKK 77.6 billion. system, has made its implementation very ISS Norway employs about 13.000 people. Except for the quality control form, ISS staff also carry out customer satisfaction ”The implementation of the Digital Pen even better service to our customers and Anoto Digital Pen and Paper technology
at the same time improved efficiency and An Anoto Digital Pen looks and feels like a office. ISS is also using the digital pen safety for our employees” says Nils Hasle, normal ballpoint pen. However, it contains an integrated digital camera, an advanced staff in a central e-mail address, using a image microprocessor and a Bluetooth® transmitter. Any paper can be used with a digital pen, if the Anoto dot pattern is added to the layout before printing the paper. The Anoto dot pattern consists of numerous black dots that can be read by the digital pen, but are almost invisible to the naked eye. The pen reads the pattern and registers what and where the user writes. Anoto Group AB is the company behind and world leading in the unique technology for digital pen and paper, which enables
fast and reliable conversion of handwritten text into digital format. Anoto operates through a global partner network that focuses on user-friendly forms solutions for efficient capture, transmission and storage of data within different business segments, e.g. healthcare, bank and finance, transport and logistics and education. The Anoto Group has around 80 employ- www.anoto.com
ees, offices in Lund (head office), Boston and Tokyo.

Source: http://www.koester-itbc.de/downloads/iss-norway-facility-management-.pdf

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