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October 16, 2006 Kim Segal Therapeutic Laser Associates, PLLC 6020 Parker Road Plano, TX 75093 RE: Fibromyalgia Treatment Testimonial

I lived for approximately 7 years with extreme fatigue and quite severe pain. The fatigue was such that I would be
up and engaged in activity for about 4 to 6 hours and then would have to go back to bed in order to rest and
sometimes sleep for a couple of hours. My schedule seemed to be: up around 9:00 am, go back to bed around
2:00 pm, get up about 5:00 pm and go to bed for the night at 11:00 pm. Sleep during the night was sporadic, and
I awoke in the morning feeling tired. The pain occurred throughout my body. I ached all over and the pain
became significantly worse when the humidity would rise.
So, I sought medical help and found myself having brain scans, MRI's, kidney, adrenal gland, blood, body
chemical(?) tests, and on and on. All tests came back negative. I was sooo healthy for a person who was very
fatigued and full of pain.
I did various stretching exercises and had physical therapy for myofascial release, which eased muscle spasms. I
took pain and seizure medications and an antidepressant for pain control. I continued to feel tired and to hurt.
A good friend who had very successful experience with the Therapeutic Laser Associates treatment (both for his
wife and his dog) suggested that I may want to give it a try. While a bit apprehensive, I decided to try the
treatment, mainly because of the high opinion I hold of this friend and his judgment.
The initial treatment made a significant difference in both my fatigue and pain levels as well as the quality of my
life. I am continuing the course of treatment until Kim and I are both satisfied that my condition is under control. I
haven't had any more fibromyalgia flare-ups and no longer dread humidity. I continue to take the medications, but
at a much reduced level.
Physical Condition Prior to LLLT Treatment:

1. Muscle pain throughout body which increased substantially when the weather became humid. 2. Decreased physical activity due to constant fatigue and pain. 3. Fitful sleep with restless legs and muscle spasms. 4. Took painkillers (two 50mg. Tramadol) twice a day. 5. Swelling in back of the neck and pain in the lower back area and lower back muscles. 6. Pain level 10 when the weather was humid; pain level 7-9 when not humid.
Physical Condition After LLLT Treatment Began:

1. Substantially decreased muscle pain and less severe muscle pain during high humidity. 2. Decreased fatigue; more energetic; substantially increased endurance; felt "younger'. 3. More restful sleep generally. 4. Took same painkillers once every 24-36 hours. 5. Elimination of swelling in mid-back area and less frequent and less pronounced swelling in lower 6. Treatment decreased muscle spasm at the mid-back site that myofascial release therapy did not 7. Present pain level 2 generally; pain level 3-4 when weather is humid.



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