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Technical Product Overview
2.4 GHz Wireless
Thermocouple Node

Features & Benefi ts
Combining full thermocouple conditioning with MicroStrain's • 2.4 GHz direct sequence spread spectrum radio is license free award-winning wireless systems, TC-Link® is a complete wireless thermocouple node, designed for integration with wireless • IEEE 802.15.4 open communication architecture • 6 thermocouples per node provides low cost per channel TC-Link® features six standard thermocouple input connectors • supports simultaneous data transmission from multiple sensors with an embedded cold junction temperature sensor. On-board linearization algorithms are software programmable to support • internal memory stores up to 300,000 data points a wide range of thermocouple types (J, K, R, S, T, E, B).
• sample rates from 2 samples per second to 1 sample every The TC-Link® can log data to internal memory or transmit real- time data to a base station transceiver at a pre-programmed • communication range up to 70m line-of-sight, 100m with high rate, where data is displayed and logged for further analysis. Featuring programmable sweep rates, these little nodes pack • supports type J, K, R, S, T, E, B thermocouples a lot of power in a small package; and since each node has a unique address, a single host transceiver can address thousands of sensor nodes. • includes on-board cold junction compensation Embedded software provides wireless transmission at user- programmable rates from two samples per second to one • low-power consumption for extended use sample every seventeen minutes, and the processor conserves battery power by using micropower sleep modes in between samples.
Enclosures include thin, rechargeable Lithium batteries. • civil structures sensing: concrete maturation TC-Link® features an open-architecture bidirectional • industrial sensing networks: machine thermal management communications standard (IEEE 802.15.4 spread spectrum 2.4 • food and transportation systems: refrigeration, freezer GHz), which supports license-free operation worldwide. Starter kits include two TC-Link® wireless thermocouple nodes, one USB base station, and PC software for wireless node confi guration, • advanced manufacturing: plastics processing, composite • assembly line testing with smart packaging
TC-Link® 2.4 GHz Wireless Thermocouple Node
Specifi cations
software selectable: Type J, K, R, S, T, E, B six input channel, one ambient CJC channel. Optional internal relative humidity sensor. Single channel unit ± 0.1% full scale or ±0.5˚C whichever is greater (does not include errors due to TC wire or transducer) 0.1˚C (does not include errors due to TC wire or transducer) six type 1 standard mini (SM) connectors for fl at pin TC inputs range 0 to 100% RH, accuracy ± 2% RH (from 10 to 1 sample/17 minutes for datalogging or LDC modes supports multiple nodes on single RF channel, total update bandwidth of 500Hz divided by number of nodes datalogging and LDC modes ±25 ppm (90 msec/hour) 2.4 GHz, direct sequence spread spectrum, license free worldwide (2.450 to 2.490 GHz - 16 channels up to 70m line of sight, up to 100m with high gain antenna on base station IEEE 802.15.4, open communication architecture rechargeable 3.7 volt lithium ion, 600 mAh capacity. Customer may also supply external power from 3.1 to 9 volts 2 samples per second - 0.8 mA (1 month)1 sample per second - 0.48 mA (2 months)3 samples per minute - 0.1 mA (8 months)1 sample per minute - 0.09 mA (10 months) -20 to +60˚C with standard internal battery and enclosure, extended temperature range optional with custom battery and enclosure. -20 to +85˚C for electronics only 110 mm x 62 mm x 28 mm(board only 76 mm x 58 mm x 23mm) MicroStrain Inc.
*For dimensioned print go to TC-LINK is a trademark of MicroStrain Inc. Specifi cations are subject to change without notice.
Updated April 16, 2007


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