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savannah, conspicuous grassland on rising ground general term for tree(also medicine, beanpole, plank and spar) healers herbs; the name also denotes fallen leaves,twigs and rubbish general term for green plant (sing. of omimeno) UMBRELLA TERMS FOR PLANT TYPES
pollen bearing or male flowers; testicles collective name for soft kernels in fruit stones general name for balsam/balm bushes (e.g. Commiphora sp.) general name for any plants bearing melon-like fruits PLANT PARTS AND PROPERTIES
okati twigokaxwandu splinter, woodchipoluhati ondulu sapwoodonghanyame resin, rosinosifidi tree stumposhide teak extractoshihako ROOTS/UNDERGROUND PARTS
large bulbous watery tuber containingsoporific juice (Fockea spp.) general name for edible bulbs; it precedesspecific name, e.g. ombutu yanamukotao species of edible tuber growing in a wet place FRUIT AND FLOWERS
eembudufukwa (pl.) groundnuts, peanutseenhanga large seed pod of omwoonde, camel thorn tree(Acacia giraffe) seed pod of omutyuula, thorn bush(Acacia siberiana) fruit of omufyati (Colophospermum mopane) enyoto tomatoepapaya pawpawepeta rind, peel, fruit of Bushman’s Orange, omupwaka tree long bunch or cluster of fruit (e.g. eshilaleenyeki - bunch of bananas) self-sowing attribute of seeds whenseed pods burst open scented berries of lemon thorn bush, omuhandwa fruits of sandapple bush(Parinari capensis) collective noun for soft kernels infruit stones hard stones in eendunga fruits, omulunga palm(Hyphaene ventricosa) edible stone fruit of omuve tree(Berchemia discolor) fruit of wild medlar tree, omumbu/oshimbu(Vangueria infanta) fruits of oshipeke, sour plum bush(Ximenia sp.) single grain of anything; also single bead wild pomegranate (Rhigozum brevispinosum) palm apple of fan palm, omulungu(Hyphaene ventricosa) ondungu cayenne pepper, capsicumonghenanghena fig of Sycamore fig tree, omukwiyu(pl. eenghwiyu) fruit of omushe, raisin bush (Grewia flavescens) fruit of omushii tree (Guibourtia coleosperma) any small cavity, e.g. on fruit where peduncle joins it PLANT MORPHOLOGY AND DEVELOPMENT
to ripen prematurely after a long dry spell;or to not ripen completely but wither due to lackof rain from enghondi, to be crooked, bent (of trees) any one of the green knobs which appear on thefig tree, and which contains flowers new leaf buds on trees; also locust’s wings germinating bud (especially seed corn); embryo premature ripening and withering of fruitduring a drought, especially palm fruits shrivelling of fruit or corn by drought beforefully ripe (pl. oipele - shrivelled fruit) breaking out of new shoots, as on a tree stump first fresh green grass growth of early summer;also the name for this season and for early rains used of leguminous seeds - to burst out of pod of fruit - to be, become or grow ripe,red, ruddy, russet of hoed up plants - to sprout anew, flourish to part with, let fall, drop - as in leavesfrom tree TREES AND PLANTS - SPECIFIC NAMES (To supplement Powell-Cotton data)
Acacia mellifera ssp. detinens (Hookthorn) a species of aloe (also general term for them) Baptia massaiensis ssp. obovata (violet pea bush) Securidaca longipedunculata (violet tree) omufimba Dialium engleranumomufyati Colophospernum mopaneomuhandwa Grewia bicolorGrewia deserticolaGrewia favaGrewia occidentalis Combtretum hereroense (russet bush-willow) omumbanganyana Elephantorrhiza suffruticosaomumbanganyama Mundulea sericeaomumbu/oshimbu omundjulu Sesuvium sesviodesomunghama Terminalia omungholo Ficus petersiiomunghudi Boscia albitruncaomungwaava omupalala Peltophorum africanumomupanda Lonchocarpus nelsiiomupapa Baikiaea plurijuga (teak omupetangobe Hippocratea africanaomupopola Mgerua schinziiomupundu Grewia Strychnos pungens (Bushman’s Orange Tree) omushendju Combretum zeyheriomushii Guibourtia coleospermaomushu Entandrophragma spicatum (mountain mahogany) omutyuula Acacia sieberanaomuuhalo ?omuuni Strychnos cocculoides (kwanyama orange tree) omuwe Ochna pulchraomuyele Acacia nilotica oshinanganamwali Kleinia longifloraoshinenepeke oshingodwe Maytenus senegalensisoshivale Hyphaene ventricosaoshosholo Tribulus Source: Turvey (1977) Kwanyama-English Dictionary

Source: http://lucy.ukc.ac.uk/csacpub/davies_thesis/app3.pdf

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MultiLoop-MIRTM FTIR Fiber Optic Probe: Spectroscopy Outside the Box This MultiLoop-MIR system is perfect for analyzing liquids, pastes, and soft solids outside of the FTIR spectrometer sample compartment. It is used in conjunction with the Harrick FiberMate2 or other fiber optic coupler and includes two fiber probes with a set of ten ATR loop tips. This combination is designed for


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