RICK AND YASMIN THORPE & FRIENDS SCHOLARSHIP - 2013 For students graduating in 2013 from a secondary school located on the west side of Okanagan Lake from
and including Penticton to Killiney Beach. A scholarship endowment fund has been established by Rick and Yasmin
Thorpe & Friends to provide a $2,500 entrance scholarship for a student who enrol s at Okanagan Col ege this September. Recipients must be undertaking studies in business, viticulture, agriculture, engineering, tourism/hospitality, trades, technology, English or Creative Writing. Candidates for the scholarship must demonstrate a combination of financial need, good academic standing (minimum grade average of 75%) and leadership potential, as well as demonstrated contribution to their community through sports, culture, volunteer services and/or other extracurricular activities. 1. Please print in ink and answer all questions carefully. 2. Attach a written appraisal from your secondary school principal (or designate).
3. Attach an interim statement of your grades.
Last Name
Social Insurance Number


First Name
Student ID Number (if known)

Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Residential Address: (same as above)  or Phone No.: _______________________ E-mail: ___________________________________________________________ Date of Birth: ________________________ Citizenship:  Canadian  Permanent Resident (Landed Immigrant) Last Secondary School Attended: _______________________________________________________________________ Intended Program of Study: _______________________________________ Educational Goal: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Career Goal: ________________________________________________________________________________________
For Office Use Only:
Other Awards _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Gov’t Student Assistance: Assessed Need: __________ Award: __________ Unmet Need: __________ Application for Rick and Yasmin Thorpe & Friends Scholarship - Page 2 of 4


Please complete the following budget for the period you will be a ful -time student during the 2013/2014 academic year. For most students the period of study will be eight months - September to April - but for some programs it may be

Tuition and Fees
Student Loans/Grants:  Government  Bank Part time income during study period (include Utilities (hydro, gas, phone, cable, etc.) Transportation:  Bus  Vehicle (gas, insurance) Financial Assistance from parents/family Miscellaneous (entertainment, Christmas, laundry, Other resources (EI, Band, Pension, etc.) Total expenses less total resources = Need: $ _______________ Where wil you be living during the study period?  With parent(s) Do you own or lease a motor vehicle?  Yes  No Make: ______________ Year _____ Resale Value __________ Date Purchased/Leased ____________ Make: ______________ Year _____ Resale Value __________ Date Purchased/Leased ____________ Do you own any liquid assets (eg. RRSP’s, bonds, shares, term deposits, etc.)?  Yes Type: ________________________ Value: ______________ Date Purchased: _____________________ Type: ________________________ Value: ______________ Date Purchased: _____________________ Provide any extra information you feel may help in determining your financial need: __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Application for Rick and Yasmin Thorpe & Friends Scholarship - Page 3 of 4

Complete the following sections by stating in detail how you qualify for this award.

Demonstrated leadership potential:
___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Demonstrated contribution to community through sports, culture, volunteer services and/or other extracurricular activities:
__________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________

I declare that the information contained herein, al statements made and al supporting documents submitted in connection with this application are true, correct and complete. I understand that any misrepresentation or incomplete disclosure on or relating to this application may result in the cancel ation of an award or repayment of an award. I authorize Okanagan Col ege to release my student record and student financial assistance record for review by Okanagan Col ege's awards selection committee or donor selection committee, where applicable, for the purpose of determining my eligibility for an award. I understand and agree that if I fail to maintain satisfactory academic standing or do not complete the period of study for which I am applying for assistance, I may be required to repay al or a portion of any award I receive. If I am the recipient of an award, I authorize the Financial Aid & Awards Office at Okanagan Col ege to release the fol owing information to the donor and/or Okanagan Col ege Foundation and Okanagan Col ege Advancement Office, if requested: name, address, telephone number, information relevant to special requirements of award and background information from this application. I also agree to the public release of my name and/or photograph in the event I am selected to receive an award. I also understand and agree that any debts owing to Okanagan Col ege wil be deducted from any award I _______________________________________________________ Signature of Applicant (original signature, not faxed or photocopied) Application for Rick and Yasmin Thorpe & Friends Scholarship - Page 4 of 4

Attach an interim statement of your grades and a written appraisal from

your secondary school Principal (or designate).
Deadline for receipt of completed application, interim statement of grades and written 4:00 p.m., April 12, 2013

Freedom of Information:

The information contained on this form and other supporting documents is collected under the authority of the College and Institute Act and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. It is used by Okanagan College Financial Aid & Awards staff, selection committees and donors to determine recipients for awards, and for enabling other Okanagan College Departments to contact applicants and students. Information will be transferred to the Financial Services Department for tax purposes. Please direct any questions to the Financial Awards Officer, Okanagan College, 1000 KLO Road, Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 4X8 (250) 862-5419.

Source: http://www.mbs.sd23.bc.ca/ParentsStudents/Graduation/PSP/Documents/Application%20for%20Rick%20and%20Yasmin%20Thorpe%20%20Friends%20Scholarship%20-%202013.pdf


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