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1. The duty to report medication errors to the Massachusetts Board of Pharmacy requires the pharmacy to: a. Report the error within 15 business days after they are informed of the error. b. Report the error within 15 days day of the occurrence of the error. c. Retain records of the error for 2 years from the date the error was filed with the board. d. Both A and C 2. The definition of serious disability includes injuries requiring major intervention and loss, or substantial limitation, of bodily function lasting greater than 7 days. Examples of serious disability include: a. Loss of breathing b. Loss of work c. Unable to jump rope d. None of the above 3. When a pharmacist inadvertently does something other than what should have been done is an example a. Human error b. At-Risk behavior c. Reckless behavior d. All of the above 4. A Prescriber has the following options when providing Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT) for Chlamydia: a. The prescriber provides a written prescription for a named sex partner of the infected patient. b. The prescriber provides a written prescription using, in place of the partner’s name and address, “Expedited Partner Therapy”, “EPT”, which can be filled at any Massachusetts pharmacy. c. The prescriber dispenses the medication directly, one dose to be take immediately by the patient, and an additional dose to be delivered by the patient to the sex partner (s) for each sex partner. 5. A Pharmacist inadvertently dispenses Zyrtec liquid to a 4 year old instead of the prescribed medication Zantac. What type of medication error is this: a. Error of Commission b. Error of Omission c. Error of No Mission d. None of the Above 6. A Pharmacist decides not to use bar code scanning in the pharmacy to verify medication because it takes too long. A medication error occurs. This is an example of: a. Human Error b. At-Risk behavior c. Reckless behavior d. All of the above 7. Schedule II prescription information that may NEVER be changed or added by a pharmacist include: a. Patient’s name b. Drug c. Prescriber’s name d. All of the above 8. Which of the following are requirements for reporting the dispensing of controlled substances to the a. Pharmacies are require to report the dispensing of all schedule II-V prescriptions b. Pharmacies are required to collect customer ID on all refills of controlled substances c. Pharmacies have to report all required information to the PMP program weekly d. Both A and C 9. What are the benefits of having an On Line PMP? a. You can look up your friends to see if they are getting prescriptions for controlled substances. b. Emergency room physicians will now have access to controlled substances previously prescribed to patients they are seeing in the emergency room. c. Pharmacist will have access to their patient’s prescription history of controlled substances filled 10. Pharmacists are not included in the Mandatory Education Requirements for Prescribers of Controlled


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