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Week 15 / December 17, 2006
It’s not like this is life and death. The pain of the 2-1 David Lam Park: ‘Winners are grinners’ as our
loss obviously cannot compare with having your beloved team leader Trant loves to remind us. surgeon leave a scalpel lodged inside your liver after surgery but then again it does hurt a little more than And this is true. But I remember when my sports say having the checkout girl at the local grocery store teacher explained to the football team that we should incorrectly scan your piece of broccoli and charge you accept winning magnanimously and with grace so as not to offend the losers. But it’s hard not to look like a complete Muppet grinning from ear to ear when you While it is true that at the end of 90 minutes the score line did show that the O-machine had lost the match in all honestly we should look back at this game as a But what of the losers? Well the pipe smoking pundits of political correctness tell us that ‘winning isn’t everything, it’s the participation of competition that With a depleted number of players, the O-machine matters’ – poppycock! The only good time to come created a dozen or so great chances on goal. The fact second is when you’re with a member of the opposite that we only plugged one in the net really is secondary when you consider the comprehensive way we lost to But you gotta want victory and while the O-machine’s determination to put last week’s debacle into the It may resemble the positive cry from a bunch of high history books to be forgotten, today was all about school cheerleaders but today we proved to ourselves getting revenge against Cracovia FC for the 5-1 that we can play if we keep it short and simple. So onwards and upwards in 2007 lads – we can still win Lacking a full roster the O-machine was still able to muster a contingent of players that looked lean, mean Colin “Beardy” Elwood
and hungry for victory. And upon the first whistle it looked like we’d had a doze of Viagra because Cracovia where unable to mount any real threat. Jason was basically relegated to ball collector as the O-machine’s defensive line reduced most Cracovia attacks to long range efforts. In the middle of the park communication was good, What was the highlight of your career? Reading
coverage was being offered and the ball was being my first Victoria’s Secret and seeing that there is an moving around nicely but our forward line-up where alternative to ‘granny underwear’ for the ladies. What has been the biggest influence on your
This could have been caused by the size of their career? PlayStation FIFA 2006.
keeper, creating some form of intimidation or more plausible was the fact that we couldn’t hit Oprah’s arse What is your favorite drink? After the fracas my
buddies cause by leaving me to be found by the campus police drunk, in the back seat of a car with a It’d be easy to point the finger and say it was this or sheep I’ve stayed away from the Devil’s juice, well that player’s fault but this is only Sunday footy and this is not a forum for negativity – everyone makes This material is intended to mock and offend – if you don’t like it, don’t fekin’ read it! The 'Lomas are happy, The 'Lomas are free, The 'Lomas are happy, when they're out on a spree, They never, never quarrel, And they seldom disagree, For the motto of the 'Lomas is, Come and have a drink with me, hey Come and have a drink with me.



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