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The District VIII Holstein Show was held August 1, 2009 in conjunction with the Stearns
County Fair in Sauk Centre, Minn. Judge Todd Searles, Arlington, Minn. placed 43 heifers
and 19 cows for a total of 62 animals.
From the 43 heifers, Judge Searles selected first place fall heifer calf, Melarry Redliner
DQ-Red-ET, exhibited by Brook Hackett, Melarry Farms as junior champion. Skaj’s Hilltop
Aspen Lolita, exhibited by Jacinda Posch, was honored as reserve junior champion.
Ralma Holsteins exhibited senior and grand champion and Tracy Schaefer, Randy Ober
and Spencer Hackett had reserve senior and reserve grand champion with the first place
four-year old, Ralma Sept Storm Crystal-ET and first place five-year old, Janney Pretty
Cinnamon-Red, respectively.
Ralma Sept Storm Crystal-ET was also selected as the top bred and owned and best
udder of the show.
Denn-Mar Farms of Rice, Minn. took home the premier exhibitor and premier breeder
Winter Heifer Calf (7): 1) Dellka Laramie Hearty S: Wedgwood Laramie-ET E: Heather
Rothers 2) Ralma Goldwyn Garnet-ET S: Braedale Goldwyn E: Ralma Holsteins 3) Melarry
Jasper Mary Jr-ET S: Wilcoxview Jasper-ET E: Melarry Farms 4) Denella Turbo Pledge S:
Ernest-Athoney Turbo-ET E: Denella Farm 5) Sauk-Valley Sugar Plum S: Fustead Emory
Blitz-ET E: Roxann Achen 6) Ralma Shtl Sugar Cookie-ET S: Picston Shottle-ET E: Ralma
Holsteins 7) Schoon Advnt Layla-ET S: KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET E: Rachel Nelson
Fall Heifer Calf (6): 1) Melarry Redliner DQ-Red-ET S: Fradon Redliner-Red-ET E: Brook
Hackett 2) Winterview Advent Lynae S: KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET E: Quentin Scott and
Brooke Pollema 3) Melarry Lheros Fascination S: Comestar Lheros-ET E: Kalina Studenski
4) Harmill Rman Rivita S: Valleyriver Ruben Redmn-Red-ET E: Denella Farm 5) Ralma-RH
Baxter Flute-ET S: Emerald-Acr-Sa T-Baxter E: Ralma Holsteins 6) Sauk-Valley Expected-
Red S: Carrousel Distrigene-Red-ET E: Jacob Achen
Summer Yearling Heifer (8): 1) Eichlers Rampage Levora-Red S: Rosedale-L Rampage-
Red-ET E: Kelsey Rothers 2) Melarry Laurin Meg S: Den-K Marshall LL Laurin-ET E: Kalina
Studenski 3) Melarry Redlin Della-Red-ET S: Frdon Redliner-Red-ET E: Jacinda Posch 4)
Cor-Den Pronto Ella S: Windy-Knoll-View Pronto E: Denella Farm 5) Ralma Baxter Caress-
ET S: Emerald-Acr-Sa T-Baxter E: Ralma Holsteins 6) Melarry K-Talent Florence S:
Havencrest Karlas Talent E: Calob Studenski 7) Dellka Promote Lilly S: Windy-Knoll-View
Promote-ET E: Kelsey Rothers 8) Jocher Redliner Memory-Red S: Fradon Redliner-Red-ET
E: JC Dairy
Spring Yearling Heifer (9): 1) Skaj’s-Hilltop Aspen Lolita S: EK-Oseeana Aspen E: Jacinda
Posch 2) Ralma Pronto Chilly-ET S: Windy-Knoll-View Pronto-ET E: Ralma Holsteins 3)
SWM Tribute Penny-Red S: Mr Rosedale-L Tribute-ET E: Michael and Jill Eichler 4) MS
Denn-Mar Roy Sandy S: Roylane Jordan-ET E: Denn-Mar Farm 5) Sauk-Valley Wildberry
S: Comestar Outside-ET E: Annie Achen 6) Ralma Baxter Cola-ET S: Emerald-Acr-Sa T-
Baxter E: Ralma Holsteins 7) Bldg-Block Toystory Goldie S: Jenny-Lou Mrshl Toystory-ET
E: Simon Johnson 8) Jocher Advent Mango-Red S: KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET E: JC Dairy 9)
Bldg-Block Toystory Cola-TW S: Jenny-Lou Mrshl Toystory-ET E: Stuart Johnson
Winter Yearling Heifer (7): 1) Ralma Laurin Sweetheart S: Den-K Marshall LL Laurin E:
Ralma Holsteins 2) Denn-Mar Toystory Joylynn S: Jenny-Lou Mrshl Toystory-ET E: Denn-
Mar Farm 3) TJ-Pollema Redlnr Shania-Red S: Fradon Redliner-Red-ET E: Quentin Scott
and Brooke Pollema 4) Morningview Fortune Jolly S: To-Mar D-Fortune-ET E: Maggie
Jennissen 5) Melarry Damion Milkmaid S: Erbacres Damion E: Melarry Farms 6) Blue-
Horizon Baxtr Falon-ET S: Emerald-Acr-Sa T-Baxter E: Rachel Nelson
Senior Yearling Heifer (6): 1) Ralma Lou Legacy-ET S: Jenny-Lou Marshall P149-ET E:
Ralma Holsteins 2) TJ-Pollema Aspen Pistol S: EK-Osseana Aspen-ET E: Quentin Scott and
Brooke Pollema 3) Le-Ro-Da Advnt Tulip-Red-ET S: KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET E: JC Dairy
4) Firstglance Fabulous Lucy S: Quality Fabulous E: Denella Farm 5) Dellka Dundee Lucky
S: Regancrest Dundee-ET E: Austin Rothers 6) Bldg-Block Morty Hanna S: Stouder Morty-
ET E: Johanna Johnson
Junior Best Three Females (3): 1) Ralma Holsteins, Rice 2) Melarry Farms, Rice 3) Sauk-
Valley, Sauk Centre
Junior Heifer Calf/ Novice Calf Class (11): *Joe Achen * Jack Achen * John Achen * Jacob
Schaefer * John Larson * Aaron Popp *Nathan Popp *Andrew Vannurden *Anna Kenyon
* Adam Scapanski
Junior Two-Year Old (5): 1) Denn-Mar SStorm Raylynn S: Pursuit September Storm-ET E:
Denn-Mar Farm 2) Denn-Mar SS Deuce Rayanna-ET S: Scientific SS Deuce-ET E: Denn-
Mar Farm 3) Melarry Duplex Jacuzzi S: Mesland Duplex-ET E: Brook Hackett 4) Sauk-
Valley Zen Superstar S: Ocean-View Zenith-TW-ET E: Nicholas Achen 5) Havencrest Salto
Chelsy-Red S: Gen-E-Beq Salto-ET E: Rachel Achen
Senior Two-Year Old (3): 1) Havencrest Durham Ella S: Regancrest Elton Durham E:
Scha-Way Holsteins 2) Ralma Shottle Chant-ET S: Picston Shottle-ET E: Ralma Holsteins
3) Melarry Goldwyn Fate-ET S: Braedale Goldwyn E: Melarry Farms
Junior Three-Year Old (3): 1) West-Lake Durham Cristina S: Regancrest Elton Durham-
ET E: Rachel Nelson 2) Denella Zenith Jasmine S: Ocean-View Zenith-TW-ET E: Denella
Farm 3) Denn-Mar Durham Rosette-ET S: Regancrest Elton Durham-ET E: Denn-Mar

Four-Year Old (5): 1) Ralma Sept Storm Crystal-ET S: Pursuit September Storm-ET E:
Ralma Holsteins 2) MS Melarry Greg Joyful S: Melarry S-F BW Mars Greg-ET E: Melarry
Farm 3) Jer-Lindy Rolex Mistina S: Latuch Rolex-ET E: Maggie Jennissen 4) Lone-Oak
Advent Horizon-Red S: KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET E: Greg Walz 5) Denn-Mar Dundee Lizzy
S: Regancrest Dundee-ET E: Denn-Mar Farm
Five-Year Old (2): 1) Janney Pretty Cinnamon-Red S: Carrousell Distrigene-Red-ET E:
Tracy Schaefer, Randy Ober and Spencer Hackett 2) Melarry-S Hi Metro Mary-ET S:
Sikkema-Star-W Hi Metro-ET E: Melarry Farm
Aged Cow (1): 1) Denn-Mar Windstar Julie S: Dupasquire Windstar E: Denn-Mar Farm
Best Three Females (3): 1) Denn-Mar Farm 2) Melarry Farms 3) Ralma Holsteins

Produce of Dam (1):
1) Ralma Holsteins
Daughter/Dam (2): 1) Melarry Farms 2) Ralma Holsteins


20054048, 2005/10/04

In the matter of an appeal under Section 21 of the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission Act , S.N.B. 1994 c. W-14 APPEALS TRIBUNAL DECISION Date of Hearing: Date of Decision: Decision Decision of the Appeals Tribunal: The appellant is appealing the January 21, 2005 decision, upholding the previous decision of December 8,

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