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My Daughter Parents' Newsletter - July 2009 Welcome to our end-of-term newsletter, bringing you up to date on the latest hot topics in education and how they affect your daughters. Here at MyDaughter we’re very excited about the changes which are coming soon to We've listened to your suggestions and requests so do check out a more dynamic and user-friendly site from mid-August. We all have our favourite childhood books, but how confident are you in recommending more recent books to your daughter? You probably know the modern classics - Eoin Colfer; Roald Dahl; Anne Fine; Anthony Horowitz; Michael Morpurgo; David Almond; J.K Rowling or Jacqueline Wilson, but what about more contemporary titles - which ones are worth encouraging your daughter to read? With the long summer holidays stretching ahead we thought you might find some recommendations useful. Our Heads and their staff have used their experience to bring you a selection of that will keep your daughters turning those pages. If your daughter is a reluctant reader or dyslexic,o see the Heads' suggestions for keeping her interest up too. With the exam season finally over it’s time to reflect on how you and your daughter coped. Hopefully our Heads’ Tips for Revision were useful! But did either or both of you turn to caffeine for support? Read about the dangers of caffeine abuse and addiction and how to steer your daughter towards safer coping strategies. Is your idea of boarding still influenced by memories of Malory Towers - all midnight feasts and freezing dormitories? Does your daughter envy Hermione’s life at Hogwarts? Compare fact with fiction by reading the different experiences of three girls as they start boarding for the first time in the sixth-form. Double Trouble? Finding a school for twins. We all know the soul-searching that's required when looking for a school for one daughter, never mind two in the same year group. Can the same search criteria apply? Read our parents' case study on how they found a school which was able to offer an individual approach to their twin daughters. Spread the word. we are busy planning future articles and newsletters and would love you to pass this newsletter on to your friends. Future themes will include: Going Green - how girls work to convince and convert their parents. Sport in Schools - love it or loathe it it’s here to stay, and is it a coincidence that so many of our international sportswomen went to girls’ schools? Health and Happiness - how can we help our daughters develop life-long healthy lifestyles and learn to love themselves? What other topics would you like us to cover? We hope that you have enjoyed this newsletter - why not take another look atand let us know what you think - we look forward to hearing from you! In these challenging economic times many of you will be interested to hear that school community trading is booming and that you can use the free-ads website, to buy/sell anything from a puppy to a piano. Schoolstrader is the UK’s leading school community trading website for the independent sector, where parents, staff and alumni can trade with each other free of charge - everything from pets to holiday homes, bikes to musical instruments. The site was featured recently in Which? and nline and as a Top 50 website in The It covers most independent school communities across the UK.


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F&J SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, INC . The Nucleus of Quality Air Monitoring Programs Air Sampling Instruments For Radiological Emergency Preparedness The necessity of state-of-the-art air sampling and airflow calibration instruments for radiological emergency preparedness teams (REP), civil survey teams (CST) and radiological assistance program teams (RAP) is clearly established in

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State Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse STATE COUNCIL ON ALCOHOL AND OTHER DRUG ABUSE MEETING MINUTES June 11, 2010 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. American Family Insurance Conference Center 6000 American Parkway Madison, WI 53783 Room A3141 Members Present: Mark Seidl, Douglas Englebert, John Easterday, Joyce O’Donnell, Representative John Townsend and J

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