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The KZ-CT series of high induction diffusers use a With the use of the selection program it is possible to determine thermostatic spring with form memory mechanism for the the most appropriate model of diffuser for each application.
simultaneous inclination of the blades. this systems allows The software also indicates, as output data, the maximum and to better obtain an optimum air flow direction in relation to minimum angles of inclination of the blades equal to the heating the temperature, in an automatic way.
The injected air temperature, in fact, determines the dilation The plate on the side of the diffuser indicates a graduated scale or contraction of the thermostatic spring, which in turn for the inclination of the blades and two slidable blocks fixable determines the simultaneous rotation of the distribution in correspondence to the angle indicated by the program for the blades reaching the ideal angel on inclination.
heating (red zone of the scale) and for the cooling (the blue zone By choosing the KZ-CT diffuser, one can eliminate: The diffuser now regulated is ready to be installed.
The directional blades inject air into the room at a
horizontal to vertical directional throw.
In the case of a horizontal air flow, the 6 blades divide the
flow in 6 radiant jets and at the same time form a rotary
motion around the axis of the diffuser. A helicoidal air flow
is therefore had , capable of injecting a large volume of air in
the room and mixing it with the injected air.
In the case of a vertical flow, the phenomenon of
stratification is eliminated.
The rotation of the blades from the maximum to the
minimum angle of inclination corresponds to a range in
temperature of the injected air from 16° C to 35° C and
occurs in less than 5 minutes.
The maximum and minimum angle can be determined and regulated very simply acting on the two screws having a hexagon shape.
The aeraulic qualities of the KZ-CT are identical to those of
the KZ diffusers as they only differ in the way in which the
blades are regulated.
The company MP3 makes use of a selection program to
identify the best product, the best regulation, the number
and arrangement of diffusers on the basis of the room
characteristics and of the thermal values required.
The multilingual program, is available inside the registered
customer area of the company web site (www.mp3- The access password can be request from our
Export Office.
The angle of the blades is adjusted by rotating the central
axis of the diffuser, connected to the adjustable blades with
the use of cone shaped grooved wheels.
The central axis of the diffuser is connected to two springs,
of which one is in thermo sensitive material and the another
in steel.
The thermo sensitive spring varies its own elasticity in
relation of the injected air temperature, where as the steel
spring maintains constant its own characteristics.
The balance between the two springs determines the
different angles of rotation of the axis and therefore the
a ngles of inclination of the blades - in relation to the Supply
Ordering codes


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