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The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United States of America has issued the following list of urgently needed items to aid relief efforts for those affected by the May 12 Sichuan earthquake. Please contact the individuals below for additional information, and for details on free shipping for aid materials. Items of Urgent Need
BULLETIN: The Embassy has distributed notice that tents and tarps for shelter are now
urgently needed in the quake-affected areas, where the disaster has left millions homeless (May
I. Medical Items
1. Medicines
a) Albumin b) Roxithromycin c) Tetanus Immunoglobulin d) Fentanyl e) Doxycycline 2. Medical Equipment
a) ECG b) operation kits c) laryngoscope d) treatment table e) portable operating table f) stretcher g) electro cardiograph h) ambulance i) gelfoam sponge j) neck collar k) fixing belt for shoulder, elbow, collarbone, forearm and rib l) thigh and tibiofibula support m) portable B-mode n) sterilizer o) orthopedic fixation screws p) anesthesia machine q) haemodialysis machine r) monitor s) bedside X-ray machine t) orthopedic internal fixation devices (Kirschner needle, titanium rod and steel 3. For Epidemic Prevention
a) FENDONA (alpha-Cypermethrin) b) stratagem (Flocoumafen) c) mobile sprayer d) disposable protective clothing e) protective spectacles f) protective facial mask g) acid-resistant gloves h) chemical-proof rubber shoes 4. For Drinking Water Safety
a) chlorine disinfection tablets b) large drinking water treatment units c) folding drinking water containers d) environment-friendly mobile toilets e) residual chlorine detecting instruments f) residual chlorine colorimetric boxes g) effective chlorine testing paper h) rapid water quality testing instrument 5. For Food Safety
a) ATP fluorescence testing instruments b) rapid food safety testing instruments c) rapid microorganism testing instruments d) two-in-one thermograph for measuring temperature of the food surface and 6. Search and Rescue Instruments
1. Life detecting and positioning equipment

a) Electro-magnetic life detectors b) Acoustic/Seismic life detectors c) Optical life detectors d) Gas detector 2. Rescue equipment
a) Pneumatic bracings and accessories b) Hydraulic bracings and accessories c) Bipolar hydraulic bracings d) Petrol/gasoline breakers/crushers e) Mechanical circular saws and diamond rims f) Diamond chainsaws and saw blades g) Heavy-duty spreaders and cutters h) Slitters (wedge jacks) i) High –pressure lifting air cushions (11t, 245, 30t) and air cushion accessories j) Hydraulic breaking pics k) Heavy-duty breaking/pounding hammers 3. Auxiliary Instruments
a) Large water purifiers/filters for rescuers in the field 4. Telecommunications Equipment
a) Inmarsat Telephone b) Inmarsat Mini-M Stations c) Inmarsat M4 Stations d) Aces phones e) Waterproof Intercoms (handheld or headset) 7. General Items of Urgent Need
1. Tents
2. Blankets
3. Sleeping bags
4. Stretchers
5. Wheelchairs
6. Electric cutters
7. Hydraulic presses
8. (Screw) jacks
9. Small power generators
10. Small water purifiers/filters
11. Makeshift housing material
12. Compressed food
For additional information, please contact the Embassy officer coordinating these issues:
Questions and other information regarding the list may be sent to this e-mail address at any time. Embassy staff will be checking it frequently. NOTE: United Airlines and UPS have kindly offered free shipment of disaster relief
equipment from the United States to China. The UPS contact for free shipment is:
Joe Ruiz
United Parcel Service
Cell: 404-661-8513
Office: 404-828 4125
For direct contact with the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, which is responsible for receiving foreign disaster relief aid in China, please contact: 86-10-5812-3151 86-10-5812-3159 86-10-5812-3286 86-10-5812-3288 86-10-5812-3282 86-10-5812-3296 86-10-5812-3297 86-10-5812-3298



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