Shuriken mail

Shuriken Mail
d20 fantasy magic armor by Patric L. Rogers.
The adventurer/holy man Blackfriar Gray got the inspiration for this armor from an adventurer-kobold he had the pleasure of working with once. As if an adventurer-kobold wasn’t odd enough, this kobold had the unique style of fighting exclusively with shuriken. To that end, the odd fellow set a “standard load” at 100. Shuriken mail is much like conventional scale mail in appearance, except each of the custom-made scales has sharp points and is usually decorated in some kind of dragon motif. The wearer can pull off any number of the scales and use them as throwing stars. When enough scales have been removed, the wearer is left with an attractive suit of magical leather armor that still retains its unusual attachment points and is ready to have a new set of shuriken-scales sewn on.
Game Effects
When brand new, shuriken mail is treated as +1 scale mail. The wearer can, as a draw weapon action,
remove any number of scales and use them as +1 shurikens. Once thrown, or four rounds after being
removed, whichever comes first, the shuriken lose their magical properties and are thereafter normal (not
magical) shuriken. Thrown shuriken can be recovered, or new ones custom made and cost 3 gp each.
Brand new shuriken mail has 50 shuriken. When 20 throwing stars have been removed, the armor degrades to +1 studded leather. When 40 or more have been removed the armor is treated as +1 leather. The armor can have new scales sewn on, and the enchantments can be rebuilt, for 1500 gp (or 750 gp in materials, and 30 XP).
Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, magic weapon; Weight: 30 lbs.; Market Price: 2850 gp; Cost to Make: 1600 gp, plus 100 XP.
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