Dr. Naseem Rahman
d) The attitude of health workers in sterilizing a female with out partner’s consent. Often after this happens-the husband uses this excuse to re-marry.
1) Pills- Irregular, usage causes DUB and is 2) IUCD- After Insertion in multipara,IUD may be lost .Even the patient may not be aware of it- resulting pregnancy. Husband complains about painful thread.
3) Norplant- Expensive and available only in 4) Tubal ligation- Is hated by both males and females. Because this requires hospitalization costs money and both sexes believe that is causes loss of libido.
j) Depo -provera injection. Not available sterilization- ( cost us$ 2-3 per person, no hospitalization) 2900 patients have received QS since 1975
to date.
Complications are-

• 2 tubal pregnancy• 4 normal pregnancy• 1 ca-cervix• for reasons unknown and unproven this has been Procedure of Qs
until it touches the roof of the uterine cavity .Then push in the desired number of quinacrine pellets and the ampicilline pellet.
is covered with oral contraception or injectablecontraception. The procedure has to be repeated for 2 cycles.
painless, non-expensive with no loss of working hours and etc.
This process should be tried under proper scientific monitoring and then used is poor countries on willing females patients.
The basis of success of sterilization in males and females depends upon their understanding,willingness and it should be voluntary.
This can only happened when we take more time

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