Safety data sheet

Safety Data Sheet
according to 91/155/EEC and ISO 11014-1
(see instructions in Annex to 93/112/EC)
1. Identification of the substance/preparation and company
Product name Sika® Anchorfix-1
Manufacturer/supplier: Sika Australia Pty Ltd Town/City and Post Code: WETHERILL PARK N.S.W. General information: Laboratory Manager Emergency information phone: 1 800 033 111 (AUS) 2. Composition/information on ingredients
CAS No. Concentration Danger symbols R phrases Methacrylate ester 2358-84-1 < 10 % Xi R36/37/38,43 Benzoyl peroxide 94-36-0 < 10 % E,Xi R42,36,43 Other non-hazardous ingredients to 100 % 3. Hazards identification
Irritant – may cause sensitisation by skin contact. See sections 11 and 12 4. First-aid measures
In any case show the physician the Safety Data Sheet If symptoms persist, seek medical assistance. Wash with plenty of soap and water. If symptoms persist, seek medical In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately for at least Rinse mouth with water. If swallowed, drink plenty of water or milk Product name: Sika® Anchorfix-1
5. Fire-fighting measures
Unsuitable extinguishing media for safety reasons Exposure hazard arising from the product, its combustion products or In the event of fire the following can be released: Special protective equipment for fire-fighting Fire residues and contaminated firefighting medium must be disposed of in accordance with the local regulations. 6. Accidental release measures
Suitable protective clothing (overalls), gloves (rubber or PVC), eye protection. Ensure adequate ventilation. Remove all sources of ignition. In case of entry into waterways, soil or drains, Absorb into sand or other inert absorbent material. Collect and place into suitable labelled containers. Dispose of waste material as prescribed under heading "Disposal Considerations". 7. Handling and storage
See chapter 8 / Personal protective equipment. Instructions for fire and explosion protection Keep container tightly closed in a cool, well-ventilated area. Product name: Sika® Anchorfix-1
Keep away from food, beverages and animal feedstocks. Additional information regarding storage 8. Exposure controls/personal protection
General protective and hygiene measures Ensure adequate ventilation or exhaust during use. Do not eat, drink or smoke during work time. Wash hands before breaks and after work. Not normally required when used as directed. Suitable working clothes (overalls) and enclosed footwear. 9. Physical and chemical properties
Physical state: coloured pastes inside cartridge Colour: white (resin) / black (hardener in inert filler) 10. Stability and reactivity
Strong oxidising agents – may cause exothermic reaction Product name: Sika® Anchorfix-1
10. Stability and reactivity (continued) Thermal decomposition and hazardous decomposition products May give riase to smoke and other noxious fume sin the event of a fire. 11. Toxicological information
12. Ecological information
Do not allow to enter waste water drain, waterways or soil. 13. Disposal considerations
Dispose of waste or excess material in accordance with local regulations. The cured product may be considered as inert, and disposed of as per Contaminated packaging should be disposed of as per hazardous waste. 14. Transport information
Product name: Sika® Anchorfix-1
15. Regulatory information
Contains methacrylate ester mixture and benzoyl peroxide. R43 May cause sensitisation by skin contact S37/39 Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection 16. Other information
The information contained in this Safety Data Sheet corresponds to our level of knowledge at the time of publication. All warranties are excluded. Our most current General Sales Conditions shall apply. Please consult the Technical Data Sheet prior to any use and processing.


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