Yasmin followed the tiny bird as it hopped down the path behind the busy shops and stands. She didn’t know where they were going, and she didn’t care. For days, all she had heard were the rumors of surrender. No one knew what was going to happen. For so many years, her people had held onto the Alhambra in Granada, the last fortress of the Arab people in Spain. If they surrendered, what would happen to them? Would they be forced to leave their homes, their shops, their lands? Where would they go? She had lived her entire life here, in this town, full of beautiful buildings and delicate art. She had grown used to it in her twelve years. What waited for them outside? The little brown bird hopped around a corner and into an alley. For a moment, Yasmin lost sight of it. What if it had taken flight? She wished she could take flight and fly high above all the problems and worries that lived with people on the ground. She searched the sky above as she rounded the corner—and ran straight into a girl about her age. “Please forgive me,” Yasmin said, suddenly embarrassed. The girl smiled. “It’s all right, you didn’t hurt anything.” “I’ve seen you in this part of town, before. Do you live here?” “My name is Sarah. My grandfather Zedekiah owns the perfume stand not far from here. He sent me away when some men came to talk to him of politics.” “That’s why I’m here,” Yasmin said. “I’m sick to death of the talk of politics and surrender. I wish I knew what tomorrow holds.” “My people believe in Jehovah God, who holds today and tomorrow both in His hands. We don’t need to be afraid. God will take care of us.” “You’re not scared of the Spanish taking Granada?” “God has shown my family time after time that He knows what is best for us. He will watch over us.” “I wish I could spend more time with your family. Mine is very worried, and that scares me.” “Why don’t you come visit my grandfather—after he’s done talking about politics!” Bonnie Rose Hudson Exploring with Jake “Maybe I will. I don’t like to be scared.” “Well, I should finish my errand and get back before Grandfather gets worried. I’ll see you later!” Yasmin just nodded. After Sarah left, she realized she was alone in the alley. A sudden movement made her jump. It was her tiny brown bird! It was hopping along the edge of the alley, like it had been waiting there all along. It hopped a few more steps forward, then took off into the air! Higher and higher it flew, until Yasmin lost sight of it in the heavens above. The heavens above—could there really be a God who was bigger than all the worries around her, who cared about a tiny little creature like her? Maybe someday, she would find a way to discover the answer. Bonnie Rose Hudson Exploring with Jake



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