Group Term Life Insurance Plan Underwritten by Monumental Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA
Benefits at a Glance for Your Association-Sponsored Coverage. If you’re like most people, you may already Convenient Payment Option
have some life insurance coverage. But, if you Premiums for coverage for you and your spouse (if applicable) can automatically be deducted from the haven’t updated it lately, it may not be enough. financial institution of your choice, or a bill can be That’s why we’ve worked hard to develop a life insurance program customized for our Benefits Never Reduce
Your coverage will never decrease — regardless of
members. This program uses the buying power your age or changes in your health; subject to when the of our strong membership to bring you the most affordable rates on the coverage you may need Long-lasting Coverage
to protect those you care about most.
Unlike many term life insurance plans, this one is yours to keep until you reach age 120. It cannot be cancelled because of your age or any changes in your health.
Coverage Options
You Will Never Be Singled Out For An
Choose a benefit amount of $10,000, $15,000 or Individual* Rate Increase
$25,000. Keep in mind, the benefit amount you choose The rate you pay for this life insurance will always be will automatically DOUBLE if you suffer a covered based on your age when coverage begins. That’s why it makes sense to enroll now — before your next birthday. Guaranteed Acceptance
No matter how long you keep your coverage — or how You simply cannot be turned down, if you’re a member the state of your health changes —you will never be between the ages of 45 and 75. Your acceptance is singled out for an individual* rate increase.
guaranteed without a medical exam…or answering *Rates may be changed only if they are changed for the entire group. a single health question. A two-year limited benefit period makes this possible. Optional Spouse Coverage
Both you and your spouse are eligible for up to $25,000
Here is how it works: If a non-accidental death
in valuable term life insurance. Your spouse can enroll occurs for reasons other than those listed under the on the same form as you. Spouse’s benefit cannot exceed Life Exclusions, the plan will pay 125% of your initial annual premium the first year and 250% of the initial Guaranteed Satisfaction
premium the second year. After that, the full benefit Your satisfaction is assured when you enroll. Each amount will be paid for death from any cause.
Certificate of Insurance comes with a 30-day, money- DOUBLE Benefits For Accidents
You’re insured for any covered accidental death from day one. And you’re covered for DOUBLE the amount If you are not completely satisfied with your coverage of protection you choose. That means your beneficiary — no matter what the reason — all you have to do is return your policy to us within 30 days of receiving it. Affordable Group Rates
Any premiums paid by you will be refunded promptly… These group rates are significantly lower than those Enroll Today for the Best Possible Coverage … at the Lowest Possible Price.
The rates shown have been developed for members and $32.20 $26.70 $47.80 $39.55 $79.00 $65.25 their spouses. They are lower than those you’d pay as an $33.20 $27.60 $49.30 $40.90 $81.50 $67.50 individual — for the same exact coverage.
$34.20 $28.50 $50.80 $42.25 $84.00 $69.75 And, no matter how long you keep this insurance, the rate $35.20 $29.40 $52.30 $43.60 $86.50 $72.00 $36.20 $30.30 $53.80 $44.95 $89.00 $74.25 you pay will always be based on your age the day coverage $37.30 $31.10 $55.45 $46.15 $91.75 $76.25 starts. That’s why it pays to enroll now — before you turn $38.30 $32.00 $56.95 $47.50 $94.25 $78.50 $39.30 $32.90 $58.45 $48.85 $96.75 $80.75 When you enroll, your rate will not increase automatically $41.30 $34.50 $61.45 $51.25 $101.75 $84.75 $43.30 $36.10 $64.45 $53.65 $106.75 $88.75 over time. You will never be singled out for an individual $45.40 $37.60 $67.60 $55.90 $112.00 $92.50 rate increase— regardless of your age or health. Rates may $47.40 $39.20 $70.60 $58.30 $117.00 $96.50 be changed only if they are changed for the entire group. $49.40 $40.80 $73.60 $60.70 $122.00 $100.50 $51.50 $41.90 $76.75 $62.35 $127.25 $103.25 $53.60 $43.00 $79.90 $64.00 $132.50 $106.00 $55.60 $44.20 $82.90 $65.80 $137.50 $109.00 $57.70 $45.30 $86.05 $67.45 $142.75 $111.75 $59.80 $46.40 $89.20 $69.10 $148.00 $114.50 $62.40 $48.30 $93.10 $71.95 $154.50 $119.25 It’s Easy to Enroll.
$64.90 $50.20 $96.85 $74.80 $160.75 $124.00 1. Just complete the enclosed enrollment form.
$67.50 $52.00 $100.75 $77.50 $167.25 $128.50 $70.00 $53.90 $104.50 $80.35 $173.50 $133.25 $72.60 $55.80 $108.40 $83.20 $180.00 $138.00 2. Mail today in the postage-paid envelope.
$78.30 $60.50 $116.95 $90.25 $194.25 $149.75 Remember, you have nothing to lose. A 30-day, money- $84.00 $65.20 $125.50 $97.30 $208.50 $161.50 back guarantee assures your satisfaction.
$89.80 $69.90 $134.20 $104.35 $223.00 $173.25 $95.50 $74.60 $142.75 $111.40 $237.25 $185.00 $101.20 $79.30 $151.30 $118.45 $251.50 $196.75 $106.90 $84.00 $159.85 $125.50 $265.75 $208.50 $112.60 $88.70 $168.40 $132.55 $280.00 $220.25 $118.40 $93.40 $177.10 $139.60 $294.50 $232.00 IMPORTANT: Spouse benefit amount cannot be greater than member’s.
(The above costs are the monthly rate and include a $1.00 administrative fee.) the plan administrator, at:
1-800-723-BNAI (2624)
Accidental Death Exclusions
Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET We will not pay a benefit for a loss which is caused by, results from, or contributed to by: suicide, attempted suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injury while sane or insane (in Missouri and Colorado while sane); any war or act of war (declared or undeclared); full- time military service; sickness or its medical or surgical treatment, including diagnosis; bacterial infection except through a wound From a Company You Can Trust
accidentally sustained; participating in a riot, committing an assault Monumental Life Insurance Company (Cedar Rapids, IA) or felony; alcohol intoxication, as defined in the state where the was selected to underwrite this program. Monumental Life accident occurred; taking of any drug, medication, narcotic or Insurance Company, 4333 Edgewood Road, Cedar Rapids, hallucinogen, unless as prescribed by a Physician; operating or IA 52499. Monumental Life, an Aegon Company, was riding in any kind of aircraft, except as a fare-paying passenger on a rated “A+” (Superior) for financial strength and operating regularly scheduled commercial flight or as a passenger in a transport performance by A.M. Best Company in insurance company plane operated by the Military Airlift Command (MAC) of the United ratings and analysis for May 30, 2007. This is the second States of America; taking of alcohol in combination with any drug, highest rating given by A.M. Best, one of America’s leading medication or sedative; voluntary gas inhalation or poison voluntarily taken, administered or inhaled; riding or driving as a professional in independent insurance company analysts. TL1000GPM, any kind of race for prize money or profit. Exclusions may differ in your state. See your Certificate of Insurance for details.
Life Exclusions
The only situation not covered is suicide within two years (one year in North Dakota and Colorado) after the effective date of this Administered by Selman & Company
coverage. There will be a refund of premiums paid. In Missouri, suicide is no defense to payment of benefits unless the Company can show you intended suicide when you applied/enrolled for coverage.


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