- The one how gives the thing away for free, because he I am addressing the problem that we are consuming or she don’t have to get rid of it him/her self. too much. So much that the environment can’t handle - The one who gets something he or she wants for free, it. This solution will also save the users money, at the because he or she gets it for free. same time I think my neighborhood will experience a - Your environment doesn’t get worn out as much. - Your neighborhood are proceeding a feeling of more With this idea I am trying to build upon already existing behaviors among people in my neighborhood. I have OTHER FEATURES
lived next to Folkets Park in Malmö for about ten years. The concept have the potential to be developed much During this time I have observed that people are sha- further. Other features that could be incorporated: ring stuff with each other, like furniture. Just by putting - Requesting things via the application. So when you are the things they don’t want on the side walk for someone walking around in town and you phones GPS detects who wants it to just pick it up. Sometimes with a nice that you are close to that lamp shade you really need you get notified, like: ”Hi, that lamp shade you want is This idea also builds on the trend that people encourage - Searching for stuff you want in the application, by so- each other to share things instead of owning them. Car- pooling, when a bunch of people own a car together, so it can get used all the time and they have to buy just one TARGET GROUP
car, is a good example of this. At the same time we don’t This project it aimed towards the people in my neigh- overload our earth’s resources. With this trend going on borhood. This because I have observed the sharing around us combined with peoples increased willingness mentality here, but I am convinced that it could look the to share things, I believe this will be a successful ser- same in other places as well. Concretization of the tar- - It consist of people in various ages that care about the THE SOLUTION
environment. They aren’t able or don’t like to spend a lot The solution consists of a mobile application. The mobi- of cash or they just like to personalize their home. Or a le applications first page consists of a feed with pictures combination, which is most likely in my neighborhood at of stuff that people close to you wants to get rid of. The basic function of this application is quite simple, you just browse through the feed of pictures, just like walking TECHNOLOGY
around at a flee market. When you find something you In a lot of social media we have this kind of news feed, like, just click on the image. This action will put you in for example: Twitter, Instargram and Facebook and also contact with the giver (explained further on next page).
some news sites. This is a good way of browsing th- rough stuff without looking for anything in particular. Just You are of course able to search for stuff, but I want like the scenario when looking around the flee market this application to in some sense carry the same fee- or when you just see something on the street someone ling you get when you find something on the street with left for you. And that was the feeling that I wanted in the a note the tells you that the previous owner is giving application. It’s also suitable to use a mobile phone for the other features as well. For example the GPS is used This service favoors all parts of the transaction: to locate the things that is being given away in you area.
She reads the discripton and clicks the A chat function inside the app pops up, He doesn’t have the energy to throw it starts browsing through the ”Kit out” out. And he thinks that it’s a waste to throw this lamp out. It’s nothing wrong lives and that it’s okay to come by and He takes a picture with the ”Kit out” to him self: ”Oh, as easy as tweeting”.


Structure of the welfare system

Structure of the welfare system The Danish welfare system has a high degree of local autonomy and the administration is widely decentralized to the 275 municipalities. Current legislation clearly indicates that responsibility for support provision lies with municipalities who are entrusted with the duty of ensuring that there exist appropriate mechanisms for the provision of assistance, car

After lipsuction

AFTER LIPOSUCTION INSTRUCTIONS Going Home: You must have someone drive you home after your surgery. It is strongly rec-ommended that you have someone spend the first 24 hours with you. Resume your usualdiet and drink plenty of water and juices. Pain: You may experience some soreness after your procedure but should not have anysignificant pain. You can take extra strength Tylenol, 2 every 4-6 h

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