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Ted Golden, M.D. for Michigan House of Representatives, District 45
Best Democrat 2012 Best Candidate
Seeking Your Vote and Not Special Interest Endorsements
Michigan must reorganize at the top with constitutional amendments.
1. Citizen Control of Vital Government Functions:
Citizens must control vital
government functions instead of special interest groups or professions. I have proposed the
Golden Legal Oversight Amendment, which will create an independently elected board to
police the Michigan legal system instead of the Michigan Supreme Court as currently
mandated by our outdated constitution.
2. The majority of members of boards regulating professions in Michigan should not be
from the group it regulates as currently specified by a clause inserted in our 1963
Constitution. I propose state boards of the people, by the people, for the people.
3. Retention Elections: Incumbent judges should be held accountable and run against
themselves in retention elections. In Illinois after the incumbent judge’s name the voter is
asked, “Should this judge be retained for another term? Yes or No.” The judge needs a 60%
approval in order to serve another term in Illinois. California has retention elections.
4. Commissions to Evaluate Judges: The Arizona Constitution mandates commissions to
evaluate in an unbiased manner the performance of all judges, and the information is
available to voters prior to retention elections.
5. Make Judges appointed by the Governor subject to senate confirmation.
Legislative Agenda: Reduce government induce anxiety and stress.
1. Reform Process of Divorce: The adversarial process and conflict must be reduced.
Judges, Referees, attorneys, and others servicing the divorce industry must meet higher
standards, and be held accountable by citizens, and not their peers as is presently the case.
2. Speed Traps: Prohibit highway robbery on illegally marked roads.
3. Testing of Police Officers: Require periodic physical and psychological testing of all
police officers, which is currently not the standard and not done in your community.
4. Antabuse for Drunk Drivers: Require drunk drivers to take Antabuse in order to help
them stop drinking.
5. Improve Michigan Business Climate: Laws that make Michigan non-competitive in
attracting and retaining business when compared to other states should be modified.
6. Liquor Laws: Change outdated laws and regulations controlling the sale of alcoholic
drinks that add unnecessary overhead to the price of the product.
7. Michigan Consumer Protection Act: The Act is almost worthless because 10 years ago
the Michigan Supreme Court ruled most consumer complaints must go to peer dominated
state regulatory boards. I will rewrite the 1970s Act in order to restore its original intent.
8. Health of Individuals: I am a Dermatologist. I see expensive health care in the future
for many unhealthy individuals. The public will pick up the tab. Your help is needed to
improve the health of our citizens. I will strongly advocate policies for good health.
9. Health Insurance: I will have Michigan give self paid health insurance premiums the
same state income tax breaks as employer paid health insurance premiums currently enjoy.
10. Education: Education must be individualized to each child in order to realize one’s full
11. Individual Rights: I will not allow any group to be denied equal rights and protection
under the law based on exclusionary legislation.
Paid for by Ted Golden for MI Justice, 181 Shagbark Dr., Rochester Hills, MI 48309



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