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Lipitor Generic With Glass Particles Recal ed

November 26, 2012

Dear Doctor:
An Indian pharmaceutical company with a reputation of questionable manufacturing practices has announced a recall of its generic form of Lipitor, due to the discovery of glass particles in some of their medications. Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc., India’s largest drug-maker, has recalled its version of cholesterol drug Lipitor because some batches may contain tiny bits of glass, the latest in a string of manufacturing deficiencies that once led U.S. regulators to bar imports of the Indian company's medicines. In fact, in early 2009, the FDA refused any new applications from Ranbaxy to sell any of their products made at those facilities. Meanwhile, Ranbaxy is operating under an agreement with the FDA, which insists that Ranbaxy improve their procedures, ensure data on its products is accurate and undergo extra oversight and review by an independent third party for five years. It’s bad enough that so many millions of people have abdicated their responsibilities to the extent that they need chemical support to manage a metabolic condition that is more often than not lifestyle related. But once the x-factor of contaminated drugs is figured into the mix, you really have to wonder why people put themselves at such risk. Yes, of course the consumer must be protected from poisoned or tainted products of all kinds. But there is a fundamental flaw in the underlying process that leaves people opting for such poor choices. The irony thickens when you realize that the most current research dismantles the previous thinking about the role of cholesterol in heart and vascular disease – it seems more apparent than ever that circulating cholesterol is normal, and that the deterioration of the vessel walls from constant irritation and abrasion from sugar and gluten actually gives the cholesterol a place to cling onto. So, not only are people in danger of taking a drug with glass particles in it, but that drug may not be truly necessary in the first place, if they adopted certain dietary habits. If you detect a note of bitterness about this topic, you are astute – it’s outrageous that this company can still sell to the US, and further, it galls me that profiteers are raping and pillaging our citizens, when ultimately it will become obvious that Lipitor and other drugs like it are nothing more than a feeble patch on people’s health, when an overhaul is called for. It is up to those of us who see the landscape clearly to inspire those around us to live differently – then and only then will stories like these become footnotes in history, because at that point their scope will affect so many fewer people. It’s not like the preferred path is any secret – most reasonably well-informed people recognize the need for sane lifestyle decisions – but someone has to direct them toward the best choices, and help them stay on the road toward health and wellness. No one is in a better position to lead on these matters than we are – let’s step up to the plate and inspire our sphere of influence to look twice before they take what seems like the easy way out, and we’ll be adjusting not only the spine, but also the mind, for the betterment of all concerned. Dennis Perman DC, for The Masters Circle PS - Want to learn more about social media marketing? Go to the Apple or Android app stores, search “Masters Circle” and download this free app – click the “Teleseries” button, and select “The Social Media Check List” with industry expert Dr. Anna Saylor. See how she attracts 50 new patients/month!


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