Including deductible and copayment expenses Some examples:
Hospital admissions for procedures that benefit patients
Hospital readmissions because patients chose hospitals
Medications that benefit patients less than 10%
of the time.
Each unnecessary medication can cost $300 annually inco-payments alone! We’ll teach your employees to:1. Identify excessive and unnecessary care; • Unnecessary absenteeism: Employees miss work for 3. Get better medical outcomes as a result unnecessary medical tests and procedures.
• Up to 1/3 of your medical absenteeism costs may 1. Lower healthcare costs;2. Less time off work; and Presenteeism: employees come to work pre-occupied with
medical issues. Productivity and morale may suffer.
• Presenteeism productivity losses may cost employers $2
for every $1 of direct medical costs.
Up to 1/3 of your presenteeism costs may be unnecessary!
Spinal fusion surgery to reduce
back pain
(compared to less
would need PSA screening
shows that spinal-fusion surgery issuperior to other surgical procedures to save 1 life
for common spine problems, and such Statins to avoid death in patients
48 would be treated
surgery leads to more complications, MEDICATIONS
with risk factors but without
heart disease. ‘In clinical trials, there
unnecessarily; half
hospital charges than other types of ZETIA, a cholesterol lowering
was no significant reduction in deaths’ would become
back surgery. Scientific American, medication, to prevent heart
disease or heart attacks. ‘ZETIA
lowering medications, BusinessWeek impotent or
has not been shown to prevent heart Angioplasty to avoid a heart
disease or heart attacks’ per their print incontinent
attack in stable patients
‘Angioplasties and stents do not SCREENING TESTS
prolong life or even prevent heartattacks in stable patients (i.e., 95% PSA tests to prevent prostate
MRI in addition to X-ray for
of those who receive them).’ Chopra, cancer mortality
chronic back pain ‘Patients with low
Wall Street Journal, 1/9/09 referring ‘1410 men would need to be screened back pain without pathologic features to study in the New England Journal and 48 additional cases of prostate a cholesterol lowering
cancer would need to be treated to This strategy results in increased cost, medication has not been
prevent one death from prostate cancer.’ shown to prevent heart
disability, or functional status’. disease or heart attacks.
Arthroscopic knee surgery
$2.3 billion sold
does not cure or
arrest osteoarthritis
Mammograms to prevent breast
Arthroscopic knee surgery to
We annually perform
cancer mortality Annual
reduce pain from knee
Beta-Carotene supplements to
osteoarthritis ‘There is no evidence
reduce cancer risk ‘Beta-carotene
7/100ths of 1% of women screened in that arthroscopy cures or arrests the knee arthroscopies
supplementation provides no benefit their 50s. Many more will have false osteoarthritis.’ New England Journal in the prevention of cancer or cardio- positive test results requiring biopsies at an average cost of
vascular disease in middle-aged and older adults… and might cause harm mastectomies, lumpectomies, radiation Medical Association, Jan 13, 2010, US National Cancer Institute, and easy-to-read chart, USA Today, 10/10/11.


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Nurseries, 2012 – 2013 Citrus List Our list is comprised of varieties our favorite growers provide. The probability that we have all of them at the same time is slim. We book citrus 6 months in advance of their shipment and then bring in several loads. Once the growers are out of a variety, it may be a year before it becomes available again. Please remember that patience is a virtu

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Medicine's Dirty Little Secret Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; Time Magazine; Dr. Joseph Mercola There's one medical statistic doctors don't much talk about despite its importance. It's called the NUMBER NEEDED TO TREAT, or NNT and it’s one of the best-kept statistical secrets in medicine. When the NNT statistic was first developed in 1988, it was intended to help you make a decision abou

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