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Palintest ®
Test Cells/Reagents For use with Palintest Molybdate LR Blank/Zero Setting Optionally held in memory or reset for Internal Calibration Factory set. Recalibration through SERIES B6 OPTICAL SYSTEM
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Tel: 0191 491 0808 Fax: 0191 482 5372 E.Mail: palintest@palintest.com Palintest is a registered trademark of Palintest Ltd ERROR MESSAGES
Replace the battery when the 'B' symbol remains on the To Take Test Reading
display. To remove the battery compartment cover press The Palintest 1000 Molybdate-Duo Meter displays error 1 Insert the SAMPLE tube into the test chamber. gently on the sides of the cover and pull downwards. Use 2 x messages to assist the operator in the event of any 1.5v alkaline 'AA' batteries, MN 1500, LR6, E9f, AM3 or 2 Press the ON key until the test range indication appears on equivalent. Remove batteries from instrument if it is to be the display (1 second). Release the key and the test result stored or left unused for a long period of time. will be displayed. (Do not hold the key down or the instrument wil attempt to blank on the sample and cause Coloured, dirty or scratched Re-zero instrument on a correct The Palintest 1000 Molybdate-Duo Meter is guaranteed for a period of two years from the date of purchase excluding accidental damage or damage caused by unauthorised 3 The display will show ‘–Hi’ if the reading exceeds the
repair or misuse. Should repair be necessary, contact our maximum limit of the test range. In this case, move to the Technical Services Department quoting the instrument serial higher test range or repeat the test on a diluted sample. number. This guarantee does not affect statutory rights. An instrument failure, due to test cell contamination,
is not covered by the Palintest instrument warranty.
Reagents and Equipment
Blank and Sample Tubes
The Palintest 1000 Molybdate-Duo meter uses a BLANK tube Palintest Photometer Round Test Tubes, 10 ml glass (PT 515) to set the instrument to zero and a SAMPLE tube to take the CALIBRATION CHECK
Test Procedure
Instrument calibration should not change in use. A BLANK tube is a test tube fil ed with untreated water sample. Certified colour standards are available for checking 1 Fill test tube with sample to the 10 ml mark. A SAMPLE tube is a test tube containing the sample to which instrument optical system. Use only Series B6 Standards. 2 Add one Molybdate No 1 LR tablet, crush and mix to dissolve. reagents have been added in accordance with the test Standards may differ in colour to actual test colours. 3 Add one Molybdate No 2 LR tablet, crush and mix to dissolve. CARE AND MAINTENANCE
The zero setting is held in memory. It is not necessary to reset 4 Stand for two minutes to al ow ful colour development. Take the zero each time a reading is taken or between different test Molybdate-Duo meter reading. The reading represents the Here are five hints on keeping the photometer clean, free ranges provided the conditions of use are the same. The zero molybdate concentration as parts per mil ion (mil igrams per from contamination and in good working order :- setting can be confirmed if necessary by taking a reading on 1 Prepare you workplace before use. Make sure you have sufficient space to work in and all the necessary reagent systems. To Select Test Ranges
MOLYBATE HR TEST 0 – 100 mg/l MoO4
2 Wipe test tubes on a clean tissue to remove drips or 1 Press the MENU key. The currently selected test range wil Reagents and Equipment
condensation before placing in the photometer. Remember appear on the display: Molybdate 0 – 20 mg/l Lr or to cap the tube before reading in the instrument. 3 Immediately wipe up any drips or spillages onto the 2 To change the range, press the MENU key again. Palintest Photometer Round Test Tubes, 10 ml glass (PT 515) instrument or into the test chamber with a clean tissue. 4 Keep the instrument in a clean, dry place when it is not Test Procedure
To Set Zero
in use. Keep it on a clean, dry bench away from 1 Fill test tube with sample to the 10 ml mark. chemicals, place it in a storage cupboard or keep it in a 1 Insert the BLANK tube into the test chamber. 2 Add one Molybdate No 1 HR tablet, crush and mix to dissolve. 2 Press and hold down the ON key until the ‘---‘ symbol 5 Keep the carrying case in a clean, dry condition. Make sure 3 Add one Molybdate No 2 HR tablet, crush and mix to dissolve. any solutions that have spil ed or drained into the carrying 3 Release the ON key when the display shows ‘0.0’. This 4 Take Molybdate-Duo meter reading. The reading represents case are dry before the case is closed up and the instrument the molybdate concentration as parts per mil ion (mil igrams

Source: http://thermomed.com.tr/files/Molibdat-Metre-Manueli.pdf

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HEALTH POLICY The DAY NURSERIES ACT recommends that prior to a child starting in a Day Nursery should have a complete medical. The parent must fill out the medical and immunization forms from the Parent Package and affix signatures where applicable. Illness Please go over this section very carefully. Because children get sick without warning, parents are well advised to have a back-up child


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