There is no service needed for the smoke detector. When battery warning signal, the detector should be replaced. Don’t dispose the smoke
detector in the garbage. Return it to the supplier or an electronic vast
The ICAS Model 400-SL is a self – contained battery operated If work is been done in the area where a smoke detector is placed that smoke detector operating on the scattered light principle with false alarm gives rise to dust, smoke or paint spray, the detector must be removed or control (FAC). It is intended for household or similar residential covered up tightly. Never paint the smoke detector!
applications as single unit with non-replaceable lithium cells. The lithium If the smoke detector for any reason should fail to work as intended, cells have an operating lifetime of 10 years under normal conditions. contact the manufacturer or your local supplier. It is the best detector for slow smoldering fires with large
Technical explanation

Model 400-SL is non-latching – the buzzer will sound only An integrated circuit with special features is used to incorporate the test when smoke particles are present in the smoke chamber. There are two function of the smoke detector. This device was designed to comply with combined push buttons / LED indicators and a sound outlet on top of the smoke detector. The LED marked “MAINS” is not relevant for
The test is initiated by the pressing the push-button named “TEST detectors equipped with lithium cells.
MONTHLY”. This test includes test of the IC circuit as well as the The smoke detector is built in two parts. One full covered “Detection part 400-SL” with optical chamber and sounder, and one When pressing the push button the gain of the photo amplifier is “Power part 4x0-SL”. The “Power part 4x0-SL” is designed as a socket increased. This allows the background reflections in the smoke chamber and contains the non-replaceable lithium batteries and contacts for the to simulate a smoke condition. After three infrared pulses, a successful connection to the detection part.This solution allows the detector to be powered immediately after its installation in the socket. When the push-button is released, the amplifier gain returns to normal and after three additional infrared pulses (less than one second), the Installation
device exits test mode and returns to standby. 1. Place the smoke detector it in the middle of the ceiling in living The release of the push button also starts the 10-minute alarm silence rooms, dining rooms, halls and landings, max. 1.5m from the door Red LED on the position “TEST MONTHLY” pulses every 10s during Distance from any wall should be at least 0.5m. alarm silence period and the detector is not sensitive to the smoke. Fix socket to the ceiling by two screws. After this period the sensitivity of the smoke alarm recovers to normal Place the Detector into the socket and slide it horizontally to attach status. This is indicated by a red flashing “TEST MONTHLY” LED it. The detector will be energized at the same time. To avoid EMC-disturbance, which can create false alarm, a distance The sensitivity of the chamber is monitored automatically every 43s and. of at least 1 meter from lighting fixture or any other electrical The degraded sensitivity is indicated by short chirps sounds. No LED household equipment is required. Smoke alarm is not suitable for use in moisty or dusty rooms. This can cause disturbance in the Battery fault warning is indicated with chirp sounds and flashing LED. detector chamber and make the detector create false alarm. Product label can be found on the backside of the smoke detector.
6. Always keep a clear space around the smoke detector to achieve Technical specification
Type: 400-SL
Testing the smoke alarm
The smoke detector should be tested frequently. Press the pushbutton batteries only. Not tested with mains powered. Special precaution relevant to lithium batteries It is recommended to test the smoke detector monthly!
Optical chamber operating on scattered light Always check the smoke detector after you have bee away for a longer Power supply: Socket part 4x0-SL fit with non replaceable lithium cells period of time, or if you are moving in to a new building. with operating life of 10 years in the smoke alarm under If an alarm sounds
Find and check the area where the alarming detector is located. In case of a real fire, alert everyone in the building, evacuate the building and call the fire department. If there is any question as to the cause of an alarm it Testing or FAC Press push button (TEST MONTHLY) should be assumed that the alarm is due to en actual fire and emergency FAC activated Red LED flashing every 10s during alarm silence period evacuation plan should be followed immediately Alarm silence period: 10 min from pressing the hush button. (Automatic If false alarm
If for some reason the detector is giving false alarm, it can be stopped by Low Battery warning -Audible fault signal plus red LED pressing the “TEST MONTHLY” push button on the front of the Hush function
CHAMBER ERROR -Audible fault signal without red The detector is equipped with a hush function allowing the detector to ignore smoke for a period of 10 minutes. To start the hush function, push and release the “TEST MONTHLY”

Source: http://www.vinkelhaken.se/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Brandvarnare_DataSheet_400-SL.pdf

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