MESOTHERAPY Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive method. Conventional or not drugs, vitamins, metals , aminoacids and other substances relevant with the problem of the skin are injected. It is widespread in Europe and USA.We use it for: cellulitis, lipolysis, chaps, wrinkles for rejuvenation and hydration of the face and hair loss. CELLULITIS - It consists of the excessive production of the fatty cells in the adipose tissue and vascular and lymphatic abnormalities which cause edemas in connective tissues. - It starts at the age of 20 – 35 years and causes worry, loss of self – confidence and decrease of social activities. - Coctails of caffeine and hyalouronic acid are used. - Caffein stimulates lipolysis, decreases the fat deposits because it stops the process of accumulation of glucose in fatty cells.It also decreases the inflammation and increases the microcirculation of the skin. - Hyalouronic acid facilitates the hydrolysis of the fatty cells and decreases the edemas because it keeps up water over than 300 times its weight and it holds the water which is trapped in adipose tissues. - The treatment is completed in 10 sessions every 1-2 weeks. Consequently it - Adverse reactions are minimal and consist of small bruises, a slight sence of burning that passes in 15 – 20 minutes, a slight sence of pain and/or edema for 1- 5 days. - The treatment has to be avoided in heart patients and especially in - They are caused by the dilatation of the collagen fibers - Coctails of DMAE, hyalouronic acid, vitamins and trace elements are used - DMAE stimulates the myoepithelial cells, tightens the collagen fibers, - 10 therapeutical sessions every 1-2 weeks are needed.The whole therapy is - A mixture of hyalouronic acid, vitamins, metals and aminoacids is used. - It enhances the nutrition and rejuvenation of the skin, the production of collagen,the stimulation of metabolism and the reduction of toxins. - Hyalouronic acid fillers are injected under the nasolabial folds and the lip contour but also under every fine wrinkle according to the density of the product.Thus a ‘’pillow’’ of hyalouronic acid is created under the wrinkle and the wrinkle is disappeared. - The treatment is repeated every 6 months and it has no adverse reactions except a slight edema and redness on the area that lasts a few hours or days - The treatment is absolutely safe because the hyalouronic acid is a natural - Hydration and rejuvenation of the whole face is done by multiple injections with a very small needle on cheeks, forehead and neck. - The treatment is completed in 5 – 7 sessions every 1-2 weeks - Injections of phosphatidylcholine are used. Phosphatidylcholine is a phospholipid .Cell membranes have plenty of it. - Phosphatidylcholine can change cholesterol and triglycerides metabolism and can increase the solubility of cholesterol and can change the contents of the fatty deposits. - In Dermatology is used for decreasing the topical fatty deposits of abdomen, - The treatment is completed in 1- 5 sessions every 15 days.The distance - Patients with diabetes, liver and renal diseases and diseases of the thyroid - Adverse reactions happen in the first 1- 2 days and include topical edema, redness, increase of the topical temperature,slight pain and perhaps itch.They are treated with compression, analgetics and anti – inflammatory agents. MESOTHERAPY FOR CELLULITIS MESOTHERAPY FOR FACE WRINKLES MESOTHERAPY FOR CELLULITIS BEFORE AND AFTER

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