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• Instruct patient to wear loose fitting clothing for treatment. Consider using modesty garments to prevent soaking/staining
• Discuss post-treatment expectations – specifical y that swel ing and bruising lasting as much as several weeks may occur. Severity of bruising wil depend on the patient, but is typical y classified as mild.
PAIN MANAGEMENT• While Solta Medical cannot recommend any specific pain mitigation techniques, previous clinical studies and physician offices have used a variety of pain relief means ranging from vibratory massage and cold water spray distraction to Extra Strength Tylenol® or Toradol IM to narcotic analgesics and anxiolytics.
• If using Toradol IM, administer prior to taking photos and measurements to give medication time to take effect.
MEASUREMENTS AND PHOTOS• Take measurements at the same time of day under as similar conditions as possible.
• Patient should void prior to each measurement.
• Schedule women after their menses to avoid bloating. This also minimizes discomfort during treatment. MARKING THE TREATMENT AREA• Clean treatment area with alcohol before marking to remove body oils.
• Use “dots” (vs. circles) to mark the treatment area while patient is standing, as the area may shift when patient lies down. Re- evaluate treatment area when patient is lying down and adjust as needed to avoid bony areas or areas with inadequate adipose tissue thickness. Typical y the areas surrounding the obliques have less adipose tissue and are excluded. • Surgical or medical grade marking pen is recommended. Do not use washable marker or wax pencil/liner (wax material is incompatible with HIFU and can interfere with treatment). • Number sites while patient is lying down. Always number sequential y and vertical y (from head to toe, superiorly to inferiorly).
• After marking is complete, spray purified water over entire treatment area. Use paper towels to blot excess ink.
• Patients often feel soreness similar to a workout or a set of crunches.
• Superficial tenderness of the treated area may last up to several weeks.
• Use of seamless compression garments may provide comfort and help heal possible bruising.
Exercise your medical judgment and careful y consider the individual patient’s condition and lifestyle when choosing treatment
settings. Each patient may react differently to treatment.
The total fluence needed for a full treatment is 140 - 180 J/cm2. Use proper number of passes to achieve total fluence range.
Fluence per Pass (J/cm2)
Site Time (secs)
# of Passes
Based on using grid repeat, meaning that site #1 is treated, then site #2, and so on for the entire grid.
The treatment begins again at site #1 to begin the second pass. TREATMENT PEARLS:
• Remind patient of expectations for pain and sensations before and during treatment. • Uncertainty of treatment sensations can increase anxiety and pain perception. • Understanding the expectations and safety of the treatment wil help al eviate anxiety.
• Start at a lower setting (e.g., 40 J/cm2) for the first pass. In most cases, patients can tolerate a higher level on the next pass, which may al ow for 3 pass technique and a shorter treatment time. • Fluence can be reduced during treatment to accommodate patient comfort.
• Use the built-in sprayer or a spray bottle to apply purified water as coupling fluid.
• Do not use ultrasound gels or oils.
• Rest the handpiece on the surface of the skin with just enough pressure to complete contact. Too light of pressure can cause incomplete contact and system errors, and too much pressure can compress the fat tissue and increase patient discomfort.
• Raise the head of the bed to “settle” the treatment area and keep it from being overly • Mechanical y manipulate tissue as needed to complete treatment site (push fat tissue inward toward treatment site for complete site contact).
• To avoid system failure, do not hold the treatment head upside down. The handpiece cannot be inverted more than 90°.
• Spray cold water on the patient near treatment area during an uncomfortable pulse.
• Hold an ice pack on another part of the body during an uncomfortable pulse.
• Use a Zimmer or cooling device adjacent to the treatment area (be careful to not dry out the water at the treatment site).
Consult the User Manual for information on the Liposonix procedure. MK 3213A 2012 Solta Medical, Inc. Al rights reserved. Liposonix and 1 Treatment 1 Hour 1 Size Smal er are trademarks or registered trademarks of Solta Medical, Inc. or its subsidiaries.

Source: http://whatsnew.soltadigital.com/content/media/MK3213A_Liposonix_Treatment_Pearls.pdf

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