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Low Melting GlassEnamels for DecorativeGlass and HollowGlasswareProduct range 30lithium free Low melting glass enamels are mainly used for the decoration of thin glassware which would deform athigher temperatures; such as lamps, fancy and hollow glassware.
This product range is lithium free with the exception of product 19 166, satin matt. For lithium free
satin matt glass enamel, we recommend product 19 961, satin matt.
Edition 10/2002
Hollow Ware 1
Product number
Pantone Reference ® *
- li free -
12 602 Cd free
12 1517 Cd free
14 171 Cd free
16 444 Cd free
19 172 Cd free
77 495 Cd free
77 496 Cd free
- li-containing -
*) The above mentioned Pantone Reference® numbers only represent an indication for the respective colour shade. Actual
results may depend on production conditions.
All colours of group I and group II are lead and cadmium containing
Exceptions: 12 602 dark blue, 14 171 black, 12 1517 cyanblue, 16 444 dark brown, 19 172 white, 77
495 and 77 496 pink are cadmium free.
Hollow Ware 2
Hollow Ware 3
Hollow Ware 4
The colours of Product range 30 are completely intermixable. With the glass enamels of this range,
almost all common shades can be achieved by mixing. The mixing chart shows the corresponding
formulations. Intermixing of Cd free and Cd containing glass enamels is possible, but not
4-Colour Process
An interesting combination is the 4-Colour Process which provides a large spectrum of colour shades
with only five basic enamels. The three primary colours Cyan 12 1517, Yellow 13 440 and Magenta
red 17 417
together with Black 14 171 and White 19 172 (Underlayer) are well suited for the process.
Note: Ceramic colours are less intense and less bright than organic colours.
Order of printing
Recommended flux
Printing media
Mixing ratio
Dots / Lines
Hollow Ware 5
Thermoplastic glass enamels (TH) for the 4-Colour Process are ready for use.
No additional flux is required.
Order of printing
12 1519 TH
steel or Metalen350 - 400 mesh/inch VA 120 - 140 Dots / Lines
For the 4-Colour Process and half tone printing it is recommended to use our thixotropic thermoplastic
glass enamels pasted in medium 80 1025.
The colour shade is mainly influenced by the surface of the glass. In comparison with non-treated
glasses the colour shade might vary on different surface treatment systems like titanium or tin which
are used for holloware glasses. With regard to floatglass, the Sn-side (bath side) causes a different
colour shade than the air side (firing side) of the glass.
The colours have been developed and tested for the following application processes: direct screen printing, thermoplastic paste Hollow Ware 6
For screen printing the following mesh-sizes are recommended: indirect screen printing61 - 90 threads/cm polyester (155 - 230 mesh/inch)(decals) or VA 70 - 100 steel (180 - 270 mesh/inch) Screen printing pastes
Colour : medium = 100 : 25 - 50 (direct screen printing)Colour : medium = 100 : 50 - 60 (indirect screen printing) Suspension for spraying
Enamels can be suitable dispersed in appropriate media using a high speed stirrer or in a ball mill.
The colour paste can be modified with a suitable diluent to spraying consistency.
(See “Decorating Auxiliaries”).
Under normal conditions, the Range 30 enamels fire glossy. If reduced gloss or matter films are
required, matting agent 29 610 can be added. Depending on the firing conditions and the desired
degree of matting, the addition of 20 - 40 % is recommended.
Good opacitiy is obtained with average to thick layers; thin layers provide adequate light transmission,as required for lighting fixtures.
Hollow Ware 7
Suitable Ferro media are available for all standard machine and manual processes such as screenprinting, spraying, banding, curtain and roller coating. For the production of decals, a broad range ofsuitable media and covercoats are also available.
Specific examples of suitable media types are listed in the “Decoration Auxiliaries”.
520 - 580 °C (conventional firing). A temperature of approximately 540 °C is recommended.
Thermal expansion
The thermal expansion is suitable for glasses with a linear thermal expansion coefficient range of85 - 100 x 10-7/K, (50 - 300 °C).
Chemical resistance
Range 30 glass enamels for decorative glass and hollow glassware are naturally much less durable
than range 38 colours (normal firing of 580 - 630 °C). For this reason Product range 30 glass enamels
they should only be used in cases where chemical resistance is of low importance.
- Colour pastes (oil based and water soluble)- Thermoplastic colour, ready for use Minimum order quantity per colour:
Hollow Ware 8
The colour powder must be stored in dry conditions. Partly used tins must be tightly sealed after use.
It is recommended that colour powders are dried at 130 °C before pasting into oil based media.
Media should not be stored below 5 °C or above 35 °C. The ideal storage temperature is between 8 °C
and 15 °C. Partly used tins must be tightly sealed after use. If stored as recommended, a minimum
shelf life of 6 months after production date is guaranteed.
Colour pastes must be stored in dry and cool conditions. The storage temperatures should not be
below 5 °C or exceed 35 °C. Before printing, pastes must be stirred thoroughly. Partly used tins must
be tightly sealed after use. If stored as recommended, a minimum shelf life of 6 months after the
production date is guaranteed.
Any indications given in this brochure are based on the actual information stand on the date of issue.
Technical investigations on our products are carried out continuously. This brochure is not subjected toan alteration service and will therefore not be updated automatically.
Our safety data sheets which are available for every product, will give you advice on health and safetyaspects for working with Ferro products.
The information and statements contained herein are provided free of charge. They are believed to be accurate at the timeof publication, but Ferro makes no warranty with respect thereto, including but not limited to any results to be obtained orthe infringement of any proprietary rights. Use or application of such information or statements is at user´s sole discretion,without any liability on the part of Ferro. Nothing herein shall be construed as a licence of our recommendation for usewhich infringes upon any proprietary rights. All sales are subject to Ferro’s General Conditions of Sale and Delivery.
Hollow Ware 9
Decoration AuxiliariesStandard Range for the Decoration with Glass Enamels Decoration aids are special media developed for specific decoration techniques.
These media are devided into two main classes: 1. water soluble:
- contains only components which can be thinned with water- equipment can be cleaned with water 2. oil based:
- can neither be diluted nor thinned with water Screen transfer printing

Product number
Product designation
oil based, low thixotropy
** EGA free – in combination
with 80 820 recommended for
heat release application
Hollow Ware 10
Direct screen printing
Product number
Product designation
oil based
oil based
water soluble
water soluble
for thermoplastic colours
for thermoplastic colours /
Machine banding
(brush or roller system)

Product number
Product designation
water soluble
sieved and adjusted onviscosity with water Hollow Ware 11
Product number
Product designation
water soluble
15 pts medium ) for15 pts Industrial 100 pts methylated colour spirits (IMS) ) powder20 pts water ) Sieve the suspension and thinwith water to achieve thespraying viscosity.
water soluble
+ water + ethanol
This paste has to be adjustedto spraying viscosity by usingasolution of 50 % water and 50% ethanol.
Depending on the colour shade30 - 40 % of the a.m. mixturehas to be added to the paste.
Hollow Ware 12
Mixing Chart for basic mixing range
Range 30
Basic colours
Mixed shades
white green
pastel green
yellow green
dark green
russian green
blue green
turquoise green
light blue
light blue
pastel blue
lemon yellow
honey yellow
jasmine yellow
cherry red
light red
clared red
Hollow Ware 13
Mixed shades
pastel blue
gras green
reed green
yellow brown
lime green
dark blue green
blue violet
prussian blue
old lavender
light ivory
orange red
orange yellow
beige red
dark rose
light rose
grey rose
*) The above mentioned Pantone Reference® numbers only represent an indication for the respective colour shade. Actual
results may depend on production conditions.
Hollow Ware 14


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